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Alex Burden 03-09-2015 01:04 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Well it was nice to have the weekend off and do other things but this morning it was time for [B]15.2 again[/B].

[B]Previous score 38reps[/B]

[B]Todays score 56reps[/B]

I am really pleased with todays result as it is an improvement of 50% but OMG I was totally out of it after the 6min. The C2B worked allot better but I definitely need to work on the kipping. I broke them up into 5s from the start which helped but this is still a weak point. But that means there is room for improvement.

The OHS are not that easy when I have only ever lifted 60kgs for 7 reps before so 43kgs took a little out of me too, but same thing here, room for improvement is allot.

Alex Burden 03-09-2015 08:59 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Forgot the wife today.

As I was trying 15.2 again she did her own thing K2C, assisted pull ups, wall balls, single unders, strait legged dead lifts, C2 rower and som cleans.

She was happy today and helped during 15.2 with constructive information when I needed it to help me get through it.

Alex Burden 03-10-2015 12:33 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Today was a [B]work on the lungs day[/B].

[B]6km row [/B]- this took 24min 11 seconds (nice easy pace 22 strokes/min)

[B]KB ladder (Swing & Sumo) [/B] using 3 KBs - 12kg, 16kg and 20kg: 1 rep on each then 2 reps and so on, up to 5 reps.
(1 rep = 1 KB swing + then strait into a KB sumo)

[B]WB + T2B ladder[/B]
(1 rep = 1 WB + 1 T2B)
5 reps on each then 4 reps and so on to 1 rep. then strait into 1 rep, 2 reps 3 reps up to 5 reps.

[B]Double unders[/B]
Sets of 10 x 15 sets

Stretch and cool down for 20min

No wife today she decided to have an extra rest day this week.

Alex Burden 03-11-2015 01:52 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Set the alarm clock 1 hour later today,

Took it easy, had breakfast and then went to work....

Rests days are great sometimes :rofl:

Alex Burden 03-12-2015 12:55 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Well today was [B]Superset Day[/B] pick your own weight, no time limits or max weights, just make if comfortable and have a steady sweat.

[B]Warm up[/B] with the C2 - 60 calories
Du's 10 sets of 10 reps

[B]6 sets of 8 reps[/B] (1 set WB and then 1 set Shoulder press, 1 set WB and then 1 set Shoulder press and so on until all sets are completed)
Shoulder press (from behind neck)

[B]6 sets of 8 reps[/B] (1 set bench press and then 1 set front squat and so on until all sets are completed)
Bench Press
Front squat

[B]6 sets of 8 reps[/B] (1 set T2B and then 1 set deadlift and so on until all sets are completed)

Oh and just to tip the balance, [B]every 5 minutes [/B]no matter if you are in the middle of something you drop whatever you are doing and [B]complete 5 burpees[/B] and then continue.

Was a good workout and the wife enjoyed it.

Alex Burden 03-13-2015 01:22 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Well today is [B]15.3[/B]

[B]Can I do a muscle up? [/B]- not a chance in hell! so today is scaled :)

What do I think about that - I think this is perfect not giving people the chance to do 1 rep just to be a part of the Rx. So you either choose no score or go scaled which is fair.

[B](Scaled Men and Women 18-54)[/B]
Complete as many rounds and repetitions as possible in 14 minutes of:
50 wall-ball shots
200 single-unders

Men use 20-lb. ball to 9 feet, Women use 10-lb. ball to 9 feet

[B]Score for today = 624[/B]

This was a burner and you can feel it in the thighs. I did not mess up the SU's at all and broke them up in the second set. WB are not so much of a problem. Goal for Monday is to break 700 and I think it is possible as the final part of my 14 was SU's. so being smart I think I can do it. Have a good rest over the weekend first.

[B]The wife[/B] - she is not in the open and did her own thing today but scored me in between her workout.

Alex Burden 03-15-2015 11:34 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Rest day yesterday and today :)

Needed the break..

15.2 tomorrow - second chance

Alex Burden 03-16-2015 12:41 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Well then it was is [B]15.3 [/B]for the second time.

Based on Fridays result my [B]goal was 700reps[/B].

Strategy was to break up the WBs early and never go under 5 reps in a row, also take it easier on the SUs so as not to miss the jump.

(Scaled Men and Women 18-54)
Complete as many rounds and repetitions as possible in 14 minutes of:
50 wall-ball shots
200 single-unders

Men use 20-lb. ball to 9 feet

[B]Score for today = 690[/B]

So how id it go - well I broke things up as planned and tried to break up the SUs into 50's with a 2-3 second break in between.. So everything was going to plan and I was on the final set of SU's when I missed the jump 2 times missing those few vital seconds which would have been enough time to get those 10 reps I wanted for 700.

Was I pleased - of course..... anything better than Fridays score I have to be pleased with.

[B]Wife did her own thing today -
[/B]WB's KB swings, KB sumo, SUs and front squat.. and she also kept count for me for 14min :) love her for that.

Alex Burden 03-17-2015 01:06 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
All alone at the gym today as wife had planned not to workout today :(

So this is how it went: 06.00 to 07.30 today

[B]Warm up[/B]
C2 rower - 10min medium pace level 6 - 2600meters
1km run - 5min 20 seconds

Shoulder mobility/flexibility stretches and hip flexibility for 10min

[B]Then I moved on to:[/B]
Power cleans
Squat cleans
Clean and jerks

Progressively increasing the weight but not going heavy at all. Max weight today was 55kgs or 120lbs.

3 reps on each movement taking good time in between with the emphasis on technique and not the weight.

Continued like this increasing the weight in small amounts but still got a good sweat going.

How many sets or reps did I do? no idea what so ever :)

Alex Burden 03-19-2015 01:31 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Well yesterday was rest day and well deserved :)

Today it was back to business and the [B]wife was on her game today[/B].

[B]So the warm up was:[/B]
1 min C2 row while the other did KB swings, rotate after 1 minute and continue this for 10 sets. (1 set = 1min row and 1 min KB)
Took it easy to start with and low KB weight, increasing when we wanted too. Hit on average 25-30 KB per minute.

Then we moved over to some simple dumbbell rows on a raised bench, laying flat on the bench so that you are not able to kipp 8-10reps for 5 sets. After every set we did Box jump over with a burpee 24/18inch for 10 reps for5 sets.

Then over to some light WBs and T2B - 5 reps for 5 sets

Then to shoulder press from behind the neck, 8-10 reps for 5 sets and then over to push press for 8-10 reps for 5 sets and to finish it off 8 sets of push jerk 5 reps per set.

Stretch and warm down after that...

Was a good day that got the pulse going and no major weights. With 15.4 knocking on my door tomorrow morning I did not want to hit my max in anything.

The wife was on the ball today and gave me a good run for my money :)
She's a cracker and knows when to try and wind me up and try to get into my brain to win... never works but I don't tell her that... :D

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