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Nick Maisonet 10-29-2008 12:00 AM

CrossFit Ventura
I see that CF Thousand Oaks isn't updating their site and wanted to let those aspiring Crossfitters who used to go there know that CF Ventura is up and running. Check them out. An awesome place with great trainers. It is worth the drive.

Justin Rovtar 10-30-2008 12:01 PM

Re: CrossFit Ventura
Warrior Crossfit is operating in Thousand Oaks Area. We offer Crossfit in the park 3 x per day until we can locate a box.

[url][/url] (WFS)

Nick Maisonet 11-20-2008 12:10 AM

Re: CrossFit Ventura
By no means is this an attempt to steal away your clientele. It seems to me that you may have taken it that way. I can very possibly be mistaken.

I think that it is great that you offer classes in the park. I am sure that the people that attend benefit from it. I simply wanted let any one know that was a former member of CF Thousand Oaks that there is a fully operational CF Affiliate right down the 101 in Ventura. I was looking through your website and see that you are limited in some of your CF capabilities by being in the park. I know that when you open your own box you will be fully equipped to provide the proper environment to fully accommodate any CF WOD. I was just concerned with anyone who is dedicated to making CF a lifestyle that they should have the opportunity to train all of the movements that CF involves so that they can maximize the fitness that CF has to offer. For example, Olympic lifts, power lifts, and gymnastics movements. These are critical to becoming a complete CrossFitter.

I was also disappointed to hear that you will not be participating in the affiliate FGB Fundraiser at CF Westlake this weekend. It is a great opportunity to get together for some health competition for a great cause and unify as a CF Community here in the Ventura County Area.

I wish you all the best in your future as an affiliate.

Tom Woodside 11-20-2008 07:59 AM

Re: CrossFit Ventura
Nick, are you stationed with a VAW sqadron at Pt. Mugu? Best kept secret in the Navy, Pt. Mugu. I loved it there.

Justin Rovtar 11-20-2008 12:40 PM

Re: CrossFit Ventura

Please tell me what capabilities I am limited in again?

First, I can tell that you have spent no time researching my program based on the nonsense you posted. Don't speak unless you have hard facts.

My program is well rounded and DOES include Strength Training, Power Development, Gymnastics training, Endurance, Sprinting, Plyometrics, etc., all of which address the 10 General Physical Skills as outlined in the "What is Fitness" article. These skills are (cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy).

My goal is not offer Main Page WOD's to my clients. I program my workouts based on my environment and the principal of constantly varied, functional movements, done at a high intensity.

I do not adhere to every little thing Crossfit, nor do I ever intend to do that. I add to and remove things from my program based on what I feel will get the best results, in the least amount of time. There are many aspects of athleticism that I feel Crossfit neglects (Lack of unilateral loading and lack of Multiplanar movements, lack of lifting odd size and shaped objects, all of which are part of athletics, combat, physical jobs, and plain old everyday life) . I address those issues in my class as well.

The only thing that may lead you to believe that you cannot achieve this in an outdoor environment is your lack of creativity.

I know that you are not one of the operators of Crossfit Ventura and I would be more careful what you say when you appear to be representing someone else company.

For anyone looking for a great outdoor workout in Thousand Oaks come check out my program [URL=""]Warrior Fitness Program[/URL] (WFS). If you are in Ventura I encourage you to visit [URL=""]Crossfit Ventura[/URL] as I am sure they run a great program as well.

Colin Jenkins 11-20-2008 04:01 PM

Re: CrossFit Ventura
First off, let me start by saying I know of no one more committed and excited about CrossFit than Nick (Mase). I'm sure he would even sleep and eat in a CrossFit facility if you allowed him!! He has also been an extremely valuable and cherished member of the CrossFit community here in Ventura.

BUT...As one of the Co-Owners and trainers at CrossFit Ventura, I would just like inform Justin and everyone else to know that Mase's views and opinions are his and his alone. They do not reflect my, Bill Huffman's views in anyway. In fact, I completely agree with Justin on this. I believe that elite fitness can be (and should be) forged anywhere. In fact, with a pair of dumbbells alone, matched with good programming, training, creativity, and hard work, tremendous amounts of fitness can be gained.

I am very sorry that this post was created. I has done nothing to accomplish anything but create bad vibes. We as a CrossFit Community need to stick together, help each other out, and strengthen our communities together! Thanks for understanding!

-Colin Jenkins

Nick Maisonet 11-20-2008 07:10 PM

Re: CrossFit Ventura
Tom- You got that right! I am station at VR-55 on Mugu.

CJ- I thank you for your kind words.


I thought that I did but, I forgot to mention that these opinions are my own and do not/should not reflect upon CF Ventura. This was simply a reply to your post in reply to mine. I apologize to CJ and Huff if I in any way tarnished your personal and affiliate reputation.

I will do my best not to turn this into some kind of ****ing contest and derail the purpose of this thread.

I felt that I clearly respected what you do and just intended to clarify why this post was created. Never once did I question what you are doing with War-Fit. You do what you want with your affiliate tag. You are the one that posted in my thread and laid your claim to the Thousand Oaks area. Last time I checked this was a community, not a competition. There are times and places for those things, just like this weekend at CF Westlake and the CF Games. I am very disappointed that you felt the need to personally attack me.

Yes, I agree with Colin and you that you are more than capable of performing CF type WOD's on a daily basis in any environment using whatever you have access to, hence the beauty of CrossFit. The first WOD I did with CJ and Bill was at the track at UCSB. You make the best with what you have. However, you cannot deny that there are differences to training in an adequately outfitted CF Affiliate. An example is how limited I was trying to do CF WOD's at the gyms on the base which are handsomely stocked with various equipment. Shoot, even CF Ventura is limited in some facets for now. I felt that due to the recent opening and limited advertising that the word could be spread to anyone interested in coming down, if only purely for curiosity. I truly would hate to have someone discouraged or stop doing CF simply because someone closed their affiliates. It would crush me.

Wherever you go in this great thing we call CrossFit, you will find various opinions, programming, and training styles to mention a few. You do with it what you want. You posted on my thread and then visibly became upset that I clarified the purpose. This thread was to spread knowledge and promote growth in individuals and the community. Not to start a debate on Training Methodologies. There are other Forums for that.

Justin Rovtar 11-20-2008 09:15 PM

Re: CrossFit Ventura
All I am saying is do your homework before making statements about my business.

Enough said.

Justin Rovtar 11-20-2008 10:05 PM

Re: CrossFit Ventura
Bill & Colin,

Next time I am in Ventura I will stop by and introduce myself. Can't wait to check out your place.


James lee 11-21-2008 01:29 AM

Re: CrossFit Ventura
i think everyone should just drive pass both and go to my crossfit in Tarzana! muhaaaaaaaaaaa!


I think we should settle this over 200 burpees.

Nick Maisonet 11-21-2008 01:49 AM

Re: CrossFit Ventura
James- Way to add some levity to the situation. Good Call.

Justin- Out of respect for Bill, Colin, and anyone who may come accross this, I am biting my tounge. You felt the need to invite yourself into the thread. Once again, I never denied your existance or knocked your training. I simply was using this forum as an avenue to spread the word about a fine affiliate. As well as possibly help some people that may have been members at CFTO prior to whatever happened to them. Now they have a choice.

I did my research. I based my "opinion" on your posted WOD's. There is a distinct difference between your approach to CF and mine. I failed to mention this earlier, I have attended the Crossfit Level 1 Certification as well as had the privelige of training with some of Crossfit's finest trainers, in my opinion. Hopefully this will add some credibility to my opinion. We can leave it at that or if you feel the need to continue this, feel free to contact me via PM and we can continue off line.

Justin Rovtar 11-21-2008 09:32 AM

Re: CrossFit Ventura
Ok. 200 Burpees it is. Let me know when you start and I will time you.

Nick Maisonet 11-21-2008 06:28 PM

Re: CrossFit Ventura
I slept on it and I wanted to say that I think that we are two passionate people about Fitness. Being mature and agreeing to disagree is a heathly resolution to situation that has arised. I look forward to possibly meeting you and going head-to-head if you get the chance to visit CF Ventura for a WOD. Being a former Marine I am sure it will be quite a battle. I am sure you are used to fighting on foreign soil.

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