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Nick Maisonet 11-21-2008 01:49 AM

Re: CrossFit Ventura
James- Way to add some levity to the situation. Good Call.

Justin- Out of respect for Bill, Colin, and anyone who may come accross this, I am biting my tounge. You felt the need to invite yourself into the thread. Once again, I never denied your existance or knocked your training. I simply was using this forum as an avenue to spread the word about a fine affiliate. As well as possibly help some people that may have been members at CFTO prior to whatever happened to them. Now they have a choice.

I did my research. I based my "opinion" on your posted WOD's. There is a distinct difference between your approach to CF and mine. I failed to mention this earlier, I have attended the Crossfit Level 1 Certification as well as had the privelige of training with some of Crossfit's finest trainers, in my opinion. Hopefully this will add some credibility to my opinion. We can leave it at that or if you feel the need to continue this, feel free to contact me via PM and we can continue off line.

Justin Rovtar 11-21-2008 09:32 AM

Re: CrossFit Ventura
Ok. 200 Burpees it is. Let me know when you start and I will time you.

Nick Maisonet 11-21-2008 06:28 PM

Re: CrossFit Ventura
I slept on it and I wanted to say that I think that we are two passionate people about Fitness. Being mature and agreeing to disagree is a heathly resolution to situation that has arised. I look forward to possibly meeting you and going head-to-head if you get the chance to visit CF Ventura for a WOD. Being a former Marine I am sure it will be quite a battle. I am sure you are used to fighting on foreign soil.

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