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Kannon Smith 02-06-2008 02:45 PM

Just to make sure (zone diet start)
Okay so I bought the Enter the Zone book, because the book store I went to didn't have Mastering the Zone. I just want to make sure that things are the same...

I weight 170#. +/-11% BF. Which leaves me with just about 150lbm. Correct?

I would say I'm somewhere between .8 and 1.0 for my activity level... That is my second question. Is this enough movement for a 1.0?

I'm a dancer so I dance at least 5 days/week for about 2-4 hours.
I also do yoga about 5 days a week. Hour to an hour and a half.
I also try to do all wods.

And so then based on my activity level I multiply that by my lbm and end up with my protein needs? And then divide that by 7 to get my blocks?

Thank you in advance,

Kannon Smith 02-07-2008 12:28 AM

Re: Just to make sure (zone diet start)
Ok I would really like some feedback if possible...

And I have another question...

Should I use my body weight and body fat percentage from scale to find LBM or should I use the waist/wrist measurements from the book to find my LBM? If they are in fact different.

I want to get started with this but I want to make sure I'm understanding this right.

Thank you


Jonathan Greene 02-07-2008 03:20 PM

Re: Just to make sure (zone diet start)
Your math is correct. If you weigh 170lbs and you have 11% body fat your LBM is approx 151lbs.

I would use the methods described in the book to establish and track your bodyfat %. The number it gives you may or may not be 100% accurate but it works for many people and will give you a good starting point. Beyond that, the method in the book is much better for tracking progress of body fat lost - which is really what we care about.

I am not an expert in the activity factor department but I would put you at or near a 1.0 since you are working out for over an hour multiple times a day, one of those workouts often being a very intense WOD.

Perhaps someone more experienced can give you a stronger recommendation on activity factor.

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