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Michael L Gardner 07-30-2012 11:55 PM

GoRuck Challenge
So I noticed that not much has been written on the GoRuck challenge on this board. I figured I would describe my experience with the event. To give a little background, GoRuck is a company that sells rucks. Plain and simple. They are very nice and very well made. The founder started the event to “test” the rucks and prove their quality. The event has evolved into a mental challenge and team building event. Former special operators run all the challenges. A portion of the proceeds is donated to the Green Beret Foundation.

Ok so training. I did not do much to specifically train for this. I ran twice with my ruck before the event. Once about two miles with pt events mixed in all on the beach with 25 lbs. Then I ran one mile with my ruck with 45 lbs. Other than that, I did not do much running. In the months of May and June I did one wod in the 3 work – 1 rest cycle that had running as a component. Always a couple rounds of say for example 400m. I constantly changed the distance. Other than that, I ran 3 miles three weeks before the challenge and 6 miles two weeks before the challenge. My programming is currently strength focused and I think this helped me the most.

During the challenge, you will be carrying heavy weight for long distances. Buddy carries are also important in the GoRuck challenge. The first two hours was just with the ruck, all sorts of PT. After that, it was all heavy weight until the last hour. I think if you are going to train for this strength training is extremely important. As for training by running with a ruck, I have not decided yet if this is important. I have read many opinions on this subject. Some say that’s an easy way to get hurt others say the opposite. I will let you form your own opinion. Overall, it’s a great experience. I think CrossFit prepared me well.

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