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Eugene R. Allen 06-08-2006 09:22 PM

Took Angie apart a bit and added some runs so that we ran 400 and did 25 pullups, 25 pushups, 25 situps and 25 squats. We repeated that for a mile of running and 100 reps of each of the exercises. Interestingly my 21:29 was a bit faster than the last time I did regular Angie. I'd love to hear some of you give it a try and compare it to your regular Angie.

Scott Kustes 06-10-2006 12:56 PM

I'll try to find somewhere to give this one a try Eugene. It makes sense that it could come in faster. Instead of having to do 100 pullups straight, then 100 pushups straight, etc., you get to do them in sets of 25, so you only have to get through 1/4 of the total before resting that muscle group. I bet this one is a killer metcon-wise.

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