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James Reynolds 08-30-2007 11:24 AM

In just weeks of doing CF...
For a long time, I had a "sore shoulder." I thought maybe it was from falling off my motocross bike once too many times, so I saw Doctors, spent money on 'scripts, and generally got nowhere. Meanwhile, I was busy doing my workout routine that was, basically, chest/tri, back/shoulder/bi, legs/abs twice each every week with various cardio every day, resting on Sundays.

I was pointed to CF and started a couple weeks ago. While I am no "beast" by CF standards, I am definitely one to not leave anything on the table when I go work out. With all the pullups, dips, HSPU, and evil thrusters :) I've done in that time, I am shocked that I don't have shoulder pain anymore!

Just a few weeks ago, unassisted dips were not possible b/c they hurt so much. Yesterday I did over 60 doing the WOD (pullups and dips subbed for MU)!

I can't thank CF enough for the improvement this has made in my quality of life - my shoulder was affecting everything, even trying to fall asleep at night!


Zach Wright 08-30-2007 11:37 PM

Re: In just weeks of doing CF...
Congrats man, I've had a similar experience, but with my knees. I'm a pretty big dude, so heavy squats used to hurt my knees really bad. But with the way I train through CF thats stopped being an issue.

James Reynolds 08-31-2007 07:22 AM

Re: In just weeks of doing CF...
Thanks! I think I had to have been doing some BB type exercise that was causing the issue, thankfully I have a whole different type of pain to deal with now - the good kind! :D

Patrick Haskell 09-01-2007 04:26 AM

Re: In just weeks of doing CF...
I've had similar success at shoulder rehab with Crossfit. I've dislocated and/or sublexed both shoulders numerous times, including while doing a 95# seated military press 10 years ago. (Hello, Mr. Spotter, please stop talking to the pretty lady.) I'd resigned myself to dangerously loose shoulders and eventual arthritis, but in the 3 months of CF training, the joints have strenghtened and tightened up remarkably. (I used to be able to feel the head of the humerous floating around the joint when I lay on it at night.)

The combination of daily pullups and OHS and the use of compound movements, instead of isolation movements, has really allowed me to build strength in ways I had long ago ruled out. I certainly never thought I'd be able to lift heavy weights overhead, but I'm setting PRs on the overhead lifts. The shoulders still aren't my strongest joints, but I've finally found a program that I can follow to keep them from being the obvious weakest link.

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