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Diane Dennis 04-24-2009 02:17 PM

Re: Over 50 CrossFitters Sign In
[B]Charlie and John[/B]: Bulgarians are Bulgarian split squats. Although I think they are more like a lunge with your back leg up in the air and stationary. The higher you place your back leg, the harder they are. My back leg was at park bench height. I don't particularly enjoy them but they're better than those darned PAIN FILLED SOUL SUCKERS!

[B]Mark[/B]: When I read of your determination on the burpees I thought back tho the hundred-day burpee challenge. That seems like million years (or at least a million burpees) ago, doesn't it?

Charles Pyke 04-24-2009 02:32 PM

Re: Over 50 CrossFitters Sign In

Excellent on the burpee battle. :super:

Robert Grande 04-24-2009 05:29 PM

Re: Over 50 CrossFitters Sign In
Hi Everyone,

My apprieciation to Mark for starting a page for the active-acients. It's comforting to know that there folks out there who understand the demands of family, career, and a rebellous "body", but yet are still in-the-game! I look forward to seeing everyones' progress as we make it through these workouts.

WOD: 3 Rnds
800/m run (880/yds)
50 Back Ext (45 degree)
50 Sit ups
Time: 22:22

John Burch 04-24-2009 07:08 PM

Re: Over 50 CrossFitters Sign In
3 rounds
row 1000m@4:47
50 back extensions
50 situps
50 back extensions
50 situps
50 back extensions
50 situps
total time33:50
all situps & back extensions mixed and broken

welcome young man :welcome:


Charles Pyke 04-24-2009 07:09 PM

Re: Over 50 CrossFitters Sign In
Diane and Scott,

Did a search on the "Bulgarians". As the kids would say, "Sick". Here's one improvement. Either hold dumbbells overhead in the active shoulder mode or even a loaded barbell ala overhead squat style (snatch grip). :rofl:

On another subject...thinking about adding PFSS's to my warm up. Hmmm. :holysheep:


Beautiful work. How did rowing feel after the BE's and SU's? Running felt terrible. Thought my legs had turned to lead.


Welcome!! Aggie?

Terry Dickman 04-24-2009 10:07 PM

Re: Over 50 CrossFitters Sign In
[B]WOD 4-24-09[/B]
"Filthy Fifty"
For time:
50 Box Jumps, 24 inches
50 Jumping Pull-ups
50 Kettlebell Swings, 35lbs.
50 Lunge Steps
50 Knees to Elbows
50 Push Press, 45lbs.
50 Back Extensions
50 Wall Ball Shots, 20lbs.
50 Burpees
50 Double-unders

My Time: 33:18 RX'd

Sorry no time to chat I will do that later, this one felt good but burpees do really suck.

Delita Wright 04-25-2009 10:01 AM

Re: Over 50 CrossFitters Sign In
Terry - great job on the 50-50! WOW. Know what you mean about no time to chat. I was wondering if I should even try to keep with this thread because time to keep up is such a challenge for me. But, I sure do enjoy you guys!

Charlie - right you are on the BSS, yikes! Think I will leave that one on my *maybe somewhere down the road* list. More power to youse guys who power through these kinds of things! lol

John B - WOW to you, too, on the 50-50! You guys make this stuff look easy! Inspiring!

Welcome, Robert! Great job on the WOD. Your body must not be too far gone in rebellion. :highfive:

Diane, what?? Better than BURPEES?? I am so determined to *heart* burpees. Except I call mine *grannie burpees* !! LOL Maybe I should take a shot at the split squats before crossing them off my list.

JSR - I agree with your friend. Sometimes hanging in to the end IS the greater victory. Interesting segue into my WO from yesterday...


WOD 090424, WO Failure

I had planned to do the backsquat WOD (opportunity to use weights) but when I got to the squat portion of my WU, just gave it up. My legs (and I) just felt wobbly and such. Had not noticed anything prior to trying to squat, wasn't sore, etc.

After 30 minutes of stretches, sit-ups, etc., I just quit and took a rest day.

My thinking on factors is: Somehow, I switched from 2 on/1 off to 3 on/1 off AND increased myself to PACK scaling, AND at the same time my eating decreased very significantly (like heavy IF). Now that I'm writing this, what was I thinking?

I need more protein and veggies, for sure. I probably am ready for 3 on, 1 off, but probably should have stayed at *puppy* scale for a while and pushed on intensity. My increase in scale has resulted in some really LSD type workouts, taking enough breaks to keep slogging through to the end.

That might be okay some days but probably isn't good every day. I had a *heavy* day yesterday anyway and sitting out a couple hours (instead of working out) may have been the right choice.

For now, not sure about anything except MORE FOOD, and better. And, don't get discouraged or quit.

All comments gratefully appreciated!

Robert Grande 04-25-2009 11:45 AM

Re: Over 50 CrossFitters Sign In

Yeah, I guess you could call me an Aggie! It help explains my spelling!


Thanks so much for the welcome.


Diane Dennis 04-25-2009 12:23 PM

Re: Over 50 CrossFitters Sign In

Went out at the crack of dawn and [B]ran the “444”[/B]:

6 laps up the 74 city steps (in Pittsburgh our topography is so hilly that many neighborhoods have what are known as “city steps” – a steep set of steps that acts as a short-cut from a lower street to an upper street), with each lap followed by a nice 200m downhill run around the block to the bottom of the steps again
1st and 4th lap run up every step
2nd and 5th lap run up every other step
3rd and 6th lap both feet hit each step (a quick step-tap, step-tap sort of thing)

Then ran down the street to the crummy little body-builder gym and did a LEISURELY 3K row.

[B]Garden WOD[/B]:

AMRAP in 4 hours
DL 40lb bags of mulch and carry up steps and around side of house (22 bags)
Clean (sort of) 12 lb rectangular blocks and carry down hill into garden (40)
Real-not-virtual shoveling of dirt from holes for new shrubs (7 shrubs-worth)
DL shrubs and carry up steps and around side of house (7)
Farmers-carry 2-gal watering can (filled) in each hand up steps and to each shrub (3 ½ - 1 can last trip)
Left-arm plank while spreading mulch with right arm
Squat – pull out weeds – move – Squat – pull out weeds – move (too many times to count)

Post WOD nutrition: grilled Boca-burger and frosty Corona

John Burch 04-25-2009 04:48 PM

Re: Over 50 CrossFitters Sign In
No I did not have any leg trouble , but I felt I put some work in this past week. I see you hit it pretty hard yourself. that was funny the thing about box jumping on the desk

thank you but if you saw me in action I know you would not say I make it look easy.

great time very impressive

Today is my first day of week ten of recon ron


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