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Jim Cordes 01-27-2011 01:32 PM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
1/26 Workout

Small Group Training with Becky at SBAC. After warmup, did "The Guantlet."

10-9-8-7-6-5 Reps for Time of:

Kettlebell sweeps from side to side over head (0.5 pood)
Kettlebell swings (Russian style, 1 pood)
4 bicycle crunches plus full extension plus tuck up
Cobra burpees (no pushup; instead dip and raise hips quickly)
TRX (ring) rows from 45 degree angle
TRX (ring) pushups from 45 degree angle
Heels in TRX, then curl legs in, extend legs, arch up, lower arch
Wall squat jumps.

Target time was 19-20 minutes, I managed it in 17 minutes and change.

The Claw

Jim Colby 01-27-2011 04:46 PM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
[B][U]January 27[/U][/B]
Last night and this morning
2 hours of shoveling last night and another hour this morning
[U]After work[/U]
10 minutes of jump rope practice (rope replacements are here)
3 sets of DH pull-ups (5,3,3), push-ups (10,5,5), squats (15, 10, 10)
Dynamic stretching and mobility work
Shoulder pass-throughs
OHS: 5x45, 3x60#, 3x70#, 5x80# (12" depth)
MUs with green woody band assist 3x5 (slow, working on false grip)
5 MU negatives without band but let toes touch the ground on the way down

Doing my "chores" today. Back holding up well.

Deb Weber 01-27-2011 06:17 PM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
Warmup: Row 500, squat, lunge, shoulder mobility & stretch w/balls, snatch grip backsquat to OHS warmup

Complete as many reps as possible in 10:00 of:
bodyweight deadlifts
perform 5 pull-ups every minute on the minute, starting at minute zero!
cash-out: 3:00 max effort burpees
WOD score= total deads+total burpees
[B]54 DL + 40 Burpees = 94 (150#)[/B] Totally disappointed with this one. The pullups were for s**t after the first half I'd say, screwed me up, definitely a lot of shoulder and low back fatigue from the squatting/snatching/pullups lately. The tear in my palm was a very minor irritation, the problem was my left shoulder was killing me after the first 4 rounds or so, couldn't make it off the bar after that, I was getting 5 DLS in the last 10 or so secs, and my coach was VERY generous with the deadlift time (he let me get a rep in before calling switch) round was only 1 deadlift!!! Embarrassing, & 150's a nothing weight for me - when I got there, I started repping 200 accidentally. I said, gee this is HEAVY - my coach said, that's Rich's bar (duh!)

And he said my plank burpees need to be lower. Gotta work on that one. I just can't get up from laying on the floor in a burpee!! I relax at the bottom.

Afterwards, about 50 SLDL 135# & 125#
Dropped wt. after the first few sets, trouble keeping form, low back fatigue.

I think I might just be out of shape, maybe start doing the morning burpees again....seems like the WODs get harder and harder and Im not recover very quickly.

Jim Cordes 01-28-2011 09:56 AM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
1/28 WOD

"The Bear"
5 Rounds for Load (25 minute cap): (No Rx weight on this, you are trying to see how much weight you can complete it with)

One Round is 7 reps of:
Power Clean to
Front Squat to
Push Press to
Back Squat to
Push Press.


The Bear is always tough. Stepped 95# to 100# on fourth round because I could not find two 5# weights to go straight to 105#. Fail at 105# because I had to let go of the bar a couple of times, and in fact I dropped it two or three times. Big crowd this morning, made it real fun!

The Claw

Michael Stiles 01-28-2011 11:17 AM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
Row 500m, 5 tire flips - jump in/out, Run 400m, 5 tire flips - jump in and out.

[U]Strength training[/U]
3 reps x 7 rounds at 70% of 1RM
Dead lift: 235lbs
Back squat: 165lbs

Pat Quigley 01-28-2011 05:14 PM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
Did the Arizona Regional Senior Olympics Powerlifting competition today. This was a mixed bag of a competition: raw and assisted (power suites and power wraps). Results:

Back Squat (done on Smith machine:shrug:) 400, 440, passed on third lift as the exercise just seemed strange on this machine.

Bench Press: 270, 290, 305 (f).

Deadlift: 425, 465, 485.

Got a gold medal in my age group (65-69) against experienced powerlifters.

This was fun. Next competition is Arizona State Senior Olympics will be raw and includes regular back squats.

Jim Cordes 01-28-2011 06:00 PM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
[QUOTE=Pat Quigley;897288]Got a gold medal in my age group (65-69) against experienced powerlifters.[/QUOTE]

Congratulations! Huge numbers!

The Claw

John Burch 01-28-2011 07:22 PM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
Thats good stuff Pat Good Job and ConGrats
wu 3x10 air squat 3x10 walking lunge
3x20 GHD back ext
Reverse Hyper

12x2 box Squat
4x2@115/ w Chains
4x2@135/ w chains

Ultra Wide Sumo DL

Good Mornings
AB Mat Situps 100

WOD 3 Rounds
30 Racked Lunges @75
15 Box Jump 24"
12 Pullup


Deb Weber 01-29-2011 01:06 PM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
Wow a Gold Medalist among us! Nice work [B]Pat[/B], glad you had fun. [B]John B.[/B] 12 mins after all that strength stuff? :yikes: I will never catch up with you guys....

Warmup: cold medicine, squats, lunges, shoulder mobility, DH pullups etc. I felt a tweak down the back of my i dont know shoulder & trap?? Its weird because only when I hang a certain way from the bar can I feel it, I dont know if its a pull or strain, Ive had it a while but its hard to get it to hurt, I know doesn't make sense. I wish I could name the muscle, meant to ask the coach b/c he's also a physical therapist but I forgot!! so much to learn.

[B]FDU Weightlifting w/Nick[/B]
Everything is in kg. ? So i have to guess weights. They were very LIGHT, I know that i guess the highest was 45 kg?? worked up to that weight and it stayed till squats & press.

[B]Power Cleans[/B]
4x3xbar this was from the floor, no clue what I was doing.
4x3x35kg? These got better as he was cueing me.

He was teaching me my setup & lift off... and explaining to keep my back angle, & pull the bar IN after the lift off, and even tho its a power clean STILL DROP UNDER IT (this is classic me, Ill stand straight up on a powerclean). Don't bend backward, dont move my back backwards, dont jump backwards, dont reverse curl it, its UP and A$$ DOWN. He also said my levers are long? whatever that means, and so I have to use that... told me STAY OVER THE BAR!!!!! I move my back backwards; apparently my clean really needs work (and I knew that!!;) )

[B]Hang Power Cleans[/B]
4x3x45kg? Might have done more of these; Gotta start journaling as I go along - the whole workout was 1.5 hrs.
Clean Liftoff[/B]
5x5 45kg? - this was just to teach me the back thing, just to below knees. Told me don't rush. He was saying almost all the misses I saw were b/c the setup wasn't great.
Clean Liftoff + Clean Pull[/B]
4x3 45kg?
Front Squat[/B]
4x4 at 35kg?? pretty easy
Press[/B] these were prehab he said (?)
5x5 at 20 or 25kg?? pretty easy

Kind of intimidating, everybody there is so strong - and so FAST!

Jim Colby 01-29-2011 06:04 PM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
Congratulations on the gold Pat! Everyone's looking good! :highfive:

[B][U]January 28[/U][/B]
Worked late so a rest day.

[B][U]January 29[/U][/B]
[U]Early Afternoon[/U]
3x50 yds (43-45 secs)
2x100 (1.30 PR by 2 secs, 1.34)
1x200 (3.25)
1x400 (7.05 PR by 13 secs)
1x200 (3.20 tied PR)
2x100 (1.34x2)
3x50 (41 secs each)

Jump rope practice for 10 mins
3x 5 DH pull-ups, 10 squats
dynamic stretching and mobility work for 10 mins
[B]Ski Circuit[/B]
3 Rounds of:
25 x 24" box jumps with full hip extension at top
50 squats
50 walking lunges
48 x 12" slalom pattern hurdles
1 minute wall sit @ 90 degree angle
3 minute rest between rounds
round 1 - 6:03, round 2 - 5:47 (PR by 8 secs), round 3 - 5:44 (PR by 3 secs), 17:44 total time (PR by 23 secs)

Felt great today, except my jump roping was a bit off.

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