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Victor J McQuaide 04-10-2016 04:58 PM

Re: 2014 45-49 Fittest on the Planet goal
Friday- scheduled day off. Did some stretching then visited my Niece Elyse. She just got some bone marrow from Germany. Sweet.

Then on Saturday morning I heard from my mother that my father was 911 rushed to the hospital. Chest pains.. 72 years old not. Still in great shape.

Went to the hospital two times on the day to check on him. Then to a book signing by my friend Dr. T. Great time.

Sunday was two times at the hospital. My dad had a 4 hour stress test. He completed and seems just fine.

Was a scare this weekend. My father and I are very competitive with each other. We both love and respect each other but we like to one up each other.

I cried a few times thinking of losing him.. but now he is fine. On Saturday he said that I was a great man, then hugged me and told me that I was a beautiful man. Was hard to see him in a wheel chair.. but he was outfitted with one of my McQuaide HAM shirts and some McQuaide Games shorts.

He is getting out of the hospital today.

Went in today for my stress test. My lady showed up to motivate me and count my reps. She even no repped me on a bar muscle up.

Warm up-
RDL- 135-225
Bar muscle
HS walk

Deficit Diane- 2"
21/15/9 25# plates deficit, 225 dl- All hspu were un broken- dl was 21/ 9/6 and 6/3
3:10 the dl and the deficit ate my lunch.

Rest 5 min..
I was wrecked after a tough Diane.

3 rounds for time
400 meter run
10 cleans 155#

took 9 min.. I thought I could do it in 7 min.. my back was in trouble after the dl. Mostly singles and just ran as fast as I could.

Rest 5 min-
150 double under- hard to do- had some issues- 50/25/30/25/20
15 bar muscle ups- 3/1/1/1/1/1/1/1/1/f/1/1/1/1
100' hs walks.. this took 7 + min. - bunch of 10' sections.

Was a very hard workout for me.

Headed back later to do snatch balance, max snatch, reverse sled drags..

Victor J McQuaide 04-11-2016 12:24 PM

Re: 2014 45-49 Fittest on the Planet goal
Sunday session 2
Warm up good. Hip circle, floss, stretch, sot presses-
Snatch balance- 45-215#

Enter the snatch max attempts-
75,105,135,155,175 everything so easy.. 195 f,f,f,f,f,f,f,f,f,f, 196f,f,f just did not have it.

5 rounds of sled pull 180# 50 meters with 1 min rest in between- 8:30 time.

Victor J McQuaide 04-12-2016 08:46 AM

Re: 2014 45-49 Fittest on the Planet goal
Monday- stretch, hip circle and some mobile.

A) Back squat- 45x5, 95x5,135x5, 185x5,215x5, 245x3,275x3, 295x3,300x3, 305x3

Reverse lunges front rack- 135x10, 155x10, 165x10

B) 16 EMOM
odd min row 20 cal
even min 10 dumbbell thrusters 35#
Completed was a hard mental workout. Average row pace 1400 cal. Had to move to make that each time. Dumbbell thrusters were hard but just wanted to be energy saving.

C) 3 sets of 5 strict toes to bar with rag in between my feet then followed by 5 kipping keeping my feet together. Total of 30 reps

20 hip ext on the ghd.

50 ghd sit ups- 10,10,10,20

Did some stretching later.

Victor J McQuaide 04-13-2016 09:17 AM

Re: 2014 45-49 Fittest on the Planet goal
Tuesday- warm up, hip circle, stretch.. get warmed up for pistols, hs walk, dubs and mu.

2 min max pistols- 48 in tennis shoes- picked a steady pace and went to work
2 min rest
2 min max hs walks skill so un broken in 30' segments- 5 times or 150'
2 min rest
2 min max dubs- 194 broke up the effort basically 4x50 or so
2 min rest
2 min max muscle ups- wheels kind of fell off 4/1/1 in the first min. 1/1/1/F/F for a total of 9 reps :

My body felt heavy this day. Even the first mu was like oh.. this is going to be hard.

Warm up close grip bench, box jump and pull ups

Close grip bench press 135#
Box jumps 24"
pull ups-
Everything un broken. 4:12

5x200 meter sprints- 2 min rest
The course had two tight turns followed by a long straight- first round was 30.7 and got faster each time ended with 29.1

4x6 sumo deadlift holding pause at top with a butt clinch- 135-315# was super heavy.

In between sets :60 plank weighted 45#

Took about 2.5 hours with warm up and cool down. Good volume to finish out the week.

Pros- hs walks and pistols were a good effort
Running sprints were good and all faster than the previous on a slow course
Finished the workouts as RX
Good time on the 21/15/9 with motivation. Pull ups were super sweet.

Con's- MU were not tight when fatigues basically the worst thing I could have done. Gotta stay tight and in form. Rushed the rest and failing to finish the 2 min.

Overall I am ready to take the day off rest day.

Victor J McQuaide 04-15-2016 09:32 AM

Re: 2014 45-49 Fittest on the Planet goal
Took Wed off much needed from the long gym sessions.

Thursday- Reese came over to cheer and count my reps.. glad to not get no repped last night.

20 min warm up- hip circle, ohs with db, stretching, floss.. etc.

Behind the neck press, ohs with the bar then warm up to a 80% or 165#.

Had some issues with this weight. Def felt off in the pull, and the catch.. might have been lifting in tennis shoes?

5 EMOM- 2 reps of squat snatch - 165# did the first min.. then got off track with up to 4 attempts.. turned it into just finish 10 reps.

Moving on:
8 un broken reps of cluster with 2 pause position points- squat clean with thruster. Huffing and puffing. 4x8 reps.. 115-145#

Warm up ohs, t2b, hang clean and ring dip-

21/15/9 ohs 115# and t2b
Made a deal with myself if I did not go un broken on the ohs squats I would start the workout over again. Did it un broken 1st time.
T2b were fine on the 21/15 but 9 gave me problems.. kept the toes and legs together.
4:09 time.

Rest 5 min..
Hang cleans 155# and Ring dips

This took 1 min longer than I thought would take- grip gave out a little and the bar flew out of my hands one time.


3 min worth of Hollow rocks- this position puts my back in a bad spot. Did about 50 reps of them.

Stretch, drink plenty of water, rest and watch Strong a new show about training people.

Pros- went un broken on the ohs
145# 8 rep complex involving :60 seconds of time under tension ending with a thruster each rep.
Not giving up on the workout after a seriously tough start to the session with snatch
Kept on working on the part A of the met con
Ring dips were solid and well paced. No real big sets just steady work
Did plenty of dancing

Cons- snatch was off
Walked around to much on the hang cleans
Had a really tough day having to deal with the mother of my sonů she is evil.

Today my dad goes in to get his heart scoped and maybe a stint put in. Sending peace, love, prayers and good spirits his way. Headed up in a bit to visit him. Scary stuff.

Alex Burden 04-15-2016 11:56 AM

Re: 2014 45-49 Fittest on the Planet goal
Vic - I like it when you give us your pro's and cons, it's interesting to find out what's going on in that head of yours and the way you analyze your day. Interesting reading.

Hope things work out for your dad, I can expect he is on your mind 24/7 which also drains you of energy and makes things just that bit harder.

Fingers crossed :):)

Victor J McQuaide 04-18-2016 09:58 AM

Re: 2014 45-49 Fittest on the Planet goal
Update on Family. Dad is fine and home from two stints from 95% blockages in two places. Dodged a bullet on that one. My niece is in week 2 of bone marrow transplant. Everything is going well with them.

Friday went to see them at the hospital.. they were within walking distance.

Got to the gym 6:30 and not that motivated to work.

Warm up short one.
85% split jerk from boxes-
every :30 seconds for 8 min. My split jerk has been better. 225x16 times.
Then 4 rounds of 8 reps bb cycling- un broken each min.

Did 3 min of row 860 meters. Was feeling really good until min two.

Decided to call it a day.

Good warm up- floss, hip circle, shoulders etc.

5x3 front squat every 2 min- :03 pause at the bottom. 215# to 235# felt good.

Enter hero workout Donnie- 21,15,9,9,15,21 225# dead lifts and burpees
Did sets 1-4 un broken then 6/5/4 and 8/7/6 dead lifts. Burpees were paced and unbroken. Last round of burpees I pushed the pace to max.
1st half of workout under 5 min. Second half near 6 min.

Stretching. Went to a fund raiser at Orange Theeory Fitness- its a heart rate monitored, full body training, lots of cardio on treadmill and water rower. 90 min was a long time. But was for fallen soldiers. Seems like a gold mine full classes 11 of them each day. Sure the out lay would be expensive but people sure loved it.

Bunch of rowing maybe 20 min, 20 min tread mill 7 to 12 mph. They had some really good ones that flexed when you ran. The rowers were the water type. Who knows how they transfer over to a Concept 2.

Bunch of squats with many different variation, presses, push ups.. 90 min worth.

My pulse was an average of 140 up to 170 per the wrist style. Kept on going on and off. They had plenty of tv screens so you could watch which zone you were in.

Stretching afterwards.

Sunday was the day off from the gym. I have to mix it up a bit. 2.5 hours in the same gym got old.. Going in tonight for a session with Coach Dawn Fletcher. Then going to go to another gym on Tuesday for a wheel house workout to feel good about the training. Mentally get ready for the pain that comes with Master's Qual.

Had some major drama with the mother of my son. Typically we have drama because she has a interesting way of being a mother.. well lack of a mother. Long story.

Also had some drama with my GF daughter that turned into drama between me and my GF.

So lets just say this was not a calm, cool, relaxing weekend. This stuff usually happens during Open time. I am the common thread. So I will have to clean my side of the street.

Switched to alternating grip on the Deads and was able to get thru the sets better. Clean grip was a back saver.
Did 90 dead lifts with imploding my back.

Cons- did not get the work completed
walked around too much between dead lifts
Zen, Karma were not my friend this weekend

Scott Jenkins 04-19-2016 12:49 AM

Re: 2014 45-49 Fittest on the Planet goal
The update show. Well maybe we should watch that before we start the masters qualifiers. Light a torch under our asses.

Victor J McQuaide 04-19-2016 09:20 AM

Re: 2014 45-49 Fittest on the Planet goal
Monday training-
Warm up hip circle, ohs 5-25#, open hips.. ghd's 30 of them.
Sets of 4 unbroken bar muscle ups- trying to get the right grips because my hands are healing from rips.
6 sets of 4 for a total of 24 no fails.

Warm up thrusters-
12 115# thrusters
16 ghd
1st round- 1:11
2nd round- 1:15
3rd round- time to fly bunch of grunts and grones.. faster thrusters. Drop the bar off the top and look someone is on the ghd machine… 20 seconds waiting.. got on the machine and went as fast as I could pushing off the top of the foot handles.

Est time with the * 3:50.

Bunch of one arm dumbbell squat snatches. 25-70#. With the 70# my right is money.. left one needs some work. When I power snatch with the 70# same is true. Got to get the left arm in the program. I am left handed also. Weird.

Had some fun. Coffee perks me up for sure. I was dancing, yeah buddies all around. At that time I was wishing on the MQ.

When I got home I was also hoping that the MQ came early.

Tonight going in and doing a coach met con- snatch, pull ups, dubs, cash out hspu and kb lunges.

attacked the met con
unbroken on the bar mu
had fun

someone jumped on the ghd machine
left arm needs some work

Victor J McQuaide 04-20-2016 12:07 PM

Re: 2014 45-49 Fittest on the Planet goal
Tuesday - Session with Guru Dawn Fletcher from Mentality Wod and Fletcher Fitness.

Long warm up, hip circle, ohs, Coffee drink, getting hyped up and amped for sure. Warm up pull ups, hspu, dubs, front rack lunges with kb, snatch power.

Dani Sidell joined me for the grudge match. I can beat her in some workouts but her motor and strength are off the chart.

3 rounds for time.
10 power snatch 95#
20 pull ups
30 dubs

Cash out 30 hspu open style standards
60' worth of front rack lunges with the 53# kb in each hand.

Goal was to blitz the workout and go as unbroken as possible. Uncharacteristically broke on the second set of dubs.. 3 times.. was trying to rush it. Then broke on the 3rd set of pull ups.. my grip was failing. 10/5/5 then walked over to the hspu.. almost forgot to do the last set of dubs.. cost me 20 seconds. 30 hspu- 17/13 then over to the lunges.. well that was super hard. I was 1/2 way done and my coach said she is coming.. Dani caught up at the turn around. Held the kb's in her hand and counted me down.. I had to drop them to rest. Picked them up and she was gone. Took about 7 min or so. 5 or so min to do the met con. The exercises were pretty far apart because the class takes priority over the open gym ers.

Was happy with the effort. Was a good way to end a long training cycle. I think that Dani is going to come in and push me for the MQ. If I can keep up with her I will have a good time overall.

Long and good warm up
Pushed hard
Attacked the workout
Did my best

Got lost on the last set of dubs
Broke on the 2nd set of dubs
Was not able to go un broken on the lunges

Today is stretching and resting. Day off from work tomorrow. Pray and meditate prior to the MQ workouts being released, warm up, hit 1 or 2 of them.

I feel really good and ready.

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