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Victor J McQuaide 04-22-2016 12:57 PM

Re: 2014 45-49 Fittest on the Planet goal
Will be a true test for me. Back injury two times in two years has made it hard to go heavy DL for that time. Will do the best I can. Max is 455 at the 2014 games. Anything north of 430 would take right now.

21/15/9- will just go as fast as possible.

55 burpees
34 ohs
21 pull ups..
Will do that one on Saturday. Economy burpees, break up the time under tension on the ohs.. maybe 14/10/10 then take some time to settle down and hit a big set on the mu. High rep mu fatigued are not my wheel house so far. This further sets me into the fact that I need to sort our my mu. I am great at burpee mu but workouts that involve many reps will tough. I believe that I will be ready to give a solid effort on this one. Just have to breathe and believe that I am weightless and keep the body tight.

55 dubs- like this
15 c2b- break up 6/5/4
5 hang cleans like those also.. for 15 min.. wonder what a good amount of rounds will be. I will have to go in the top 5 for this one.

8 rounds might be a good effort? Will have to see some people post some scores. The community is cool like that.. they called and asked me if they could help. Thank you Kyle F.. we have some similar times on workouts like these. Metcons.. sure wouid like him to give me some of that 550+ dl strength.

When I saw these workouts after my meditation.. though to myself if I make it I will be super happy because of where I have been and I know what it took this year. So many family, work, children, injury dealing with life opportunities.

Lets just say that I get the opportunity to see where I am at with some workouts that don't necessarily suit me. But then again last year I thought that the heavy c2b Jackie was not going to be that good and I got 3 in the workout.

I have a one and done strategy and after Sunday will see about any possible re do's on Monday. Will be ready to do that if needed.

Wish me some confidence and luck.. everyone needs to do the workouts and they all have some weaknesses just like me.

Victor J McQuaide 04-25-2016 08:59 AM

Goats r us over here. Doing my best. Bad back for the last two years.. well do my best. Going in for another test this afternoon. Rower/Thrusters.. just at this point can't empty the tank. Did fine and think I will get an average score. 21 MU are a big ask at the end of a workout. Doing that one again today.

The only good score is the long met con grind. I think that I did very well on that one. Kept on moving and broke up the sets of c2b from the start.

Mental state has been a little low. I have to thank HQ for showcasing my weakness and three of them at that. Wonder how they did that. Much to work on. If I somehow get past the MQ then have my hands busy. Speaking of hands they are in bad shape. Rest of the body is fine.

Its not like I am not going hard its just some goats.

Not to complain.. where are the hs walks, hs push ups, pistols…. snatch..

Guess HQ wanted to put some power numbers out.

Alex Burden 04-25-2016 11:10 AM

Re: 2014 45-49 Fittest on the Planet goal
Waiting with anticipation for you results.

Put your game head on and beat the crap out of what you have left to do.

Good luck :D

Alex Burden 04-26-2016 12:31 AM

Re: 2014 45-49 Fittest on the Planet goal
when i checked the results early this morning you were placed nr 21!!! and i thought ****..........then 3hours later you were placed joint 20th place :)

Hope the results stick and you make it.

Victor J McQuaide 04-26-2016 09:46 AM

Re: 2014 45-49 Fittest on the Planet goal
Thank you Alex. Its what it is. Gotta focus on the positives.

Alex Burden 04-26-2016 10:30 AM

Re: 2014 45-49 Fittest on the Planet goal
Does joint 21st go through making it 21 Masters?

Any Idea what the rules say?

Victor J McQuaide 04-26-2016 10:46 AM

Re: 2014 45-49 Fittest on the Planet goal
Master Qual recap-
Thursday was well rested and meditated about the workouts and was in the mind set of being fine with all of the workouts no matter what they are. History says I should move up.

Thursday good warm up- hitting the deadlift. I have not gone much over 400 in years because of the two back injuries. My previous dead lift pr was at the 2014 games with the sun on my back and the fans in my face. 10# pr 455#.
Warm up bunch of singles 95,135,185,225,275,315,365,395,410 started to film them, 425,432 and got 440# off the floor but took the slack out of my knees to early and was fighting for the reps too long with straight legs.. what a bad position to be in. So I was happy with doing the 432# but knew it was going to be a avalanche of points. Old dudes are strong.

Warmed up rowing and thrusters. Was glad that the thrusters felt light because of the heavy dead lifts. Minor tactical error. I did this workout in training in I thought 4:38: to be quite honest I was not sure. Was thinking that sub 4:30 might be a good effort. I even had the row watts for the different rounds but did not check the data. Anyway went as hard as I could go. 1550 ish, 1450 ish, and 1350 or 1400 ish each rounds. Fast transitions, un broken reps.. but they are slow. Bugger 95# is not enough weight to slow down the speed demons. 135# would have been great. I have new flexibility in the shoulders Like Rich F being able to do a micro rest at the top. 4:10 both me and my coach thought that was a good time. Well it turned out to be ok. I did not empty the tank out 100% more like 90%. This is what I am working on. I checked the data the next day and my time was 4:24 with a sub effort. Def might have left some on the table.. going to say that is one of my problems.

Took off Friday to rest.. maybe not a good idea.

Saturday was the mu workout. I was in very good spirits. Had on all Purple in honor of Prince's passing. Playing Purple Rain and putting on the fire stick like at the concerts.

Good warm up, burpees felt good, ohs solid because of the new flexibility and first two mu were the easiest ever. Thinking this will be a good one. If they throw out 5,7 or 3 bar muscle ups or even a clock that saves me I am fine with them. Heck even Amanda Mu are fine. But when you stick me at the end of a workout with fatigue setting in.. in for some trouble. But I just kept on telling myself I can and will do this. Plan was to do the burpees paced and under 4 min.. mission accomplished. Not even working yet.. 3 sets of ohs with short rest.. 16/10/8 no problem not even started the workout yet. goal is to finish 5:45 and then rest to 6:00… was feeling fresh and did a quick set of 4. Feeling good only rested about 5-7 seconds and the plan was to do 4. Did 3 and came down. Not enough rest on set 3 so did 2 and a fail. Shook this fail off. Did a 2, then singles from that point on. Total of 3 misses. At 6:30 I had 7 mu done.. thinking that I was going to jam this workout. Ending time 11:43.. ohh will be a bad one. Thinking that now I have two re do's.

After these three workouts was feeling very low and thinking do I even do Crossfit. With the tools and training I was able to keep it together. Not blaming anyone including myself. Just thanking Crossfit in a way for pointing out these three points either I need to fix or continue to work on in a different manor.

Deadlift, MU at the end of a workout 20+ and all out sprints.

Sunday was just a little down. My coach was keen to this. She knows where I stand. But it was a just go to work type of workout. I did not feel like punishing it. Was just a Vic McQuaide pace type of workout with two really good movements and a medium movement. My goal was to do 8 rounds and have a few seconds left over for some dubs. So 600 plus. I wanted to go out med and hang on as long as I could. My coach is cool before the workout said this is a type of workout that I could do 20-25 min worth. A few weeks ago my hands were beat up with a 30 burpee mu, rest 10 min then 30 burpee bar mu.. I can even keep up with many if you make everyone come down and work in between mu. So I had to use the JAW hand savers. Turned out that the C2b were eating right thru the thin material by round 3. Anyway back the workout.

Got a little wiggle and dance in the 10 seconds count down and the coached Yeah Baby yell then away you go.
R1- 55 un broken, 6,5,4 c2b as per plan and 5 fast hang clean.
R2- 3 break.. well that was strange.. then did the 52 un broken, 6,5,4 and unbroken on the hc.
R3- 4 break.. guess that this is going to be a trend… then 51, 6,5,4 and ub on the hc.
R4- 2 break.. 53 then 5/4/3/3, ub on hc
R5- 3 break.. 52 then 3/3/3/3/3 then ub on hc
R6- 5 break 50, bunch of 3's and 2's but short rest then ub on the hang clean.
R7- 1/2/52, bunch controlled 4/3/2/2/2/1/1/1 then ub on hang.
R8 with maybe 1:45 to go..Enter the closing round.. took a short break thinking that would help.. 2 break.. then got to 35 and took a break.. not schedule just a clearing break.. Pus#y break to say the least. Went over to the pull up bars and did a about 12 C2b.. 592 reps. Happy with the score but was quite capable of the 600 reps plus.

Make way for the Monday re do- we decided that the two worst scores were the dl and the mu workouts.

Tried to get my mind around what I needed to do. Was a sad dead lift day. 415# was super heavy.. abort. Enter the mu workout. I call it that because everything prior is just the warm up. Got a good warm up. Plan was to pace the burpees and the ohs and hit first set of 2 at the 6:00 min mark. Then do 2 every :30 seconds till its was done. The warm up mu was not that promising and the hands were banged up. I had to put the large hand protectors on. Coach said put some chalk into the wounds to make them better. She told me to put a chunk in and rub it around. Everything was going well until after 10. Workout got away from me then.

No improvements on the re do's but I tried to improve. Sure looking back at it I did my best but I left a little on the table. I am fine with that. Good news is that I don't know my limits. But they found some of them with the workouts. Good that I have a full year to train them. Gotta get myself in position to get on that podium and set up a win for when I turn 50. I can see myself growing both as a person and a cross fitter. On with a short CF vacation.

Kyle Feliberty 04-26-2016 11:11 AM

Re: 2014 45-49 Fittest on the Planet goal
Hey stud, won't comment too much on the WODs cause we know where you're at... but wanted to put this in your journal for looking back:

Steph, almost immediately after leaving Santee on Saturday, said "Wow, Vic really looks good and seems really positive." Your drive for the sport is incredible, but your hunger for life and all that happens around you is really showing through. Dawn is working wonders. It's a pleasure calling you a friend and teammate!


Victor J McQuaide 04-26-2016 11:53 AM

Re: 2014 45-49 Fittest on the Planet goal
Thank you Kyle F, my zoomie, Friend and teammate. Glad you got to see me suffer a bit. The redo was producing the same effect. So with that one I am exactly where I am. Love you bro and your beautiful family. I remember seeing you at the Left Coast Team tossing around 315# and swing the 70kb like it was a baby weight and saying to myself gotta hang around that guy. To see you grow, your community you are building, another baby in the mix.. you are really doing great and winning in life. Maybe we can hit that comp and punish some people soon.

Scott Jenkins 04-27-2016 07:02 AM

Re: 2014 45-49 Fittest on the Planet goal
Great effort over the weekend Vic, unless you've done these masters weekends you have no idea how exhausting it all is. I'm still holding out some hope of seeing you there this July, it could still change and people could decide not to go, your on the cusp. But otherwise get the weaknesses plugged, I have big holes too, this time I was lucky.

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