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Jason A Smith 10-05-2010 08:51 PM

Re: Jason's Workout Log

Deadlift 1X5 330

5 rounds for time:
1 press @ 90% 1RM (121.5)
1 strict pull up
1 press
3 pull ups
1 press
5 pull ups


Last time was 11:54 so I am pretty happy about the fact I was faster and that I know my press has gone up which is a minor miracle. Day off work tomorrow and then off to Vegas for the Canadian Turkey weekend with my wife and parents. Should be a fun time, oh and I matched a PR again tonight on the deadlift next stop a set of 340 for 5 !

Jason A Smith 10-12-2010 01:17 PM

Re: Jason's Workout Log
I am back.

I didn't do any WODs for a couple reasons.

1. I was in Vegas over the weekend.
2. I was quite under the weather. Had a cold on vacation, which sucks but I am feeling much better today.

Got back at my WODs

4 rounds:
500m row
15 push ups
1:1 work/rest

6 rounds
10 BB walking lunges @ 115
2 max distance broad jumps
sprint 10 yards out and 10 yards back
rest 90s


Pretty happy with my effort today. I am feeling about 75%, hoping to be back to 100% by the end of the week.

Jason A Smith 10-14-2010 09:30 PM

Re: Jason's Workout Log
Took a day off yesterday as I am still feeling a little dragged out. Got a good rest last night and came back pretty strong today.

DL 1X5 350 PR
3 X max pull ups 12/11/8

EMOM for 12 minutes
2 power snatch @ 105
4 burpees
no fouls, did 17 burpees last minute, could've and should've gone a little heavier. The last 3/4 sets felt really good, fast and sharp. The DL's were not my best effort form wise and a couple reps my back rounded a little which wasn't great but I got em done. Glutes still sore today from the walking lunges. Get back at it tomorrow !

Jason A Smith 10-16-2010 11:17 AM

Re: Jason's Workout Log
Day off again yesterday, spent all day to Regina and back to get our 5 year old geared up for hockey, pick up my wife's new Iphone and hit up Costco for some yummy good Paleo type food. Bear in mind it's 2hours each way. Long day and my back is still feeling my crappy DL's from the other night.

Press 3X5 117.5

10 rounds for time
3 BS @ 65% 1RM (215)
6 ring dips

As usual slowed by dips and Leah smoked my time, but only by round 5, up until then I was motoring right along quite nicely. Squats felt really easy. Looking forward to resting for the rest of the day. Today is the first day of hockey for our 5 year old, needless to say she is excited.

Jason A Smith 10-17-2010 01:41 PM

Re: Jason's Workout Log

Power Clean 5X3 180 PR

5 rounds:
Max BP @ BW (160)
sprint 1/2 gasser

Got to run outside today as it was a beautiful day outside. Happy to set a PR with my PC's. I know my BP is a weak link but it is going up nicely. I'll take it today. Rest day tomorrow.

Jason A Smith 10-19-2010 08:37 PM

Re: Jason's Workout Log
Rested yesterday, today:

BS 3X5 285 3/5/4
Press 3X5 120

5 rounds:
4 cone drill right and left @ 20X10 yards untimed

Well....I am back where I stalled the last time and the weights didn't feel heavy I just got out of position.....twice. I will repeat and complete this next week or be damned ! The press matches a PR and I felt like I could've gotten more out of it so I am happy about that. I think I will get back to drinking some whole milk to aid recovery a bit. The sprints felt good tonight. It was a little crisp outside as well. We'll see how I sleep and recover tomorrow whether I'll be up for DL's or not.

Jason A Smith 10-20-2010 07:44 PM

Re: Jason's Workout Log

Deadlift 1X5 350 got to 3 and called it

5 rounds for time:
5 power snatches 105
10 box jumps

I know last week I posted that I pulled 350, but it wasn't true. I actually did 340, which is still a PR and so is this. I was a little wrecked today after heavy squats yesterday. My reps all felt really good and I was hesitant to carry on and damage my back. I will do the same weight again next week and get my 5 reps. I feel pretty good about my effort as I am only 20 lbs away form my 1 RM from not very long ago, which tells me I have more there as well. I went a little light on the snatches as well and next time will do 115-120 for sure. Time to rest and recover !

Jason A Smith 10-22-2010 11:44 AM

Re: Jason's Workout Log
Rest day yesterday as Rx'd ! Today:

"10,000 lbs"
Power Clean

1 rep per rounds until total reaches 10,000 done in order for time.

I used 225, 135, 140 for 20 rounds


Was going to try for around 10 min, was doing well and my lower back started to cramp up a little. Never got tired anywhere else at all. Really like this and my set up was really good. I have three bars and a place to squat and bench at the same time. I could've gone 40 lbs heavier per round but would have run out of weights at that point. I would like another crack at this again.

Jason A Smith 10-23-2010 04:48 PM

Re: Jason's Workout Log

ASWOD: 3X10 chin ups 10/10/7+3

ring dips
25 lb plate sit ups
20 yard farmers walk in between each round @ 75.5 lbs

All reps unbroken. Felt really good today, even though my eating was garbage today. May or may not do WOD tomorrow. Original plan was to double up today, but I doubt that now.

Jason A Smith 10-25-2010 07:18 PM

Re: Jason's Workout Log
Took a rest day yesterday, today:

Squat: 3X5 285
Press: 3X5 122.5
HS holds 1:11, 1:15, 1:02

6 rnds (supposed to be 10)
5 lateral hops 20" box
Sprint 20 yards
No times, felt good.

Set 2 PRs today, bought a belt found an awesome lifting gym in Saskatoon as I'm travelling for work. Nuf said.

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