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Grace Patenaude 03-01-2008 04:48 PM

Re: Grace's Log
Hi Greg,

Thanks for checking in on your fellow crossfitter.

Actually, I just had a few seconds breather for my quads between each partition of 50, 25 & 25. The air squats had good depths with full extensions at the in a grove and just attacked it! But my quads were frying a little from the isometric contraction on the sit ups previously. I was flying on the first 50 situps, took a few breaths, then 50 again. That's probably why the coaches prescribed it before the squat to induce a prior fatigue.

Your heavy back squats yesterday may have hampered your air squats today. Glad you replied here because that just tells me that I didn't go heavy enough yesterday on the back squats. :thanx:

What's your WOL thread name?

Later, gotta go watch my 13 year old son play baseball.

Best Regards.

Tim Barcelon 03-01-2008 06:27 PM

Re: Grace's Log
Hey Grace!

I just finished doing Angie and she whooped my butt! :whip0000: It looks like you whooped hers during your squats and situps... Good job!!

Good luck at the CrossFit Challenge! I'm sure you'll do real well!

Erin Davidson 03-01-2008 08:34 PM

Re: Grace's Log

Originally Posted by Grace Patenaude (Post 266374)

Originally set up Rings to practice more dips but after Angie I'm calling it quits. Have to walk home and cook lunch for family :stir:

My thoughts exactly. :eek: I brought my rings too. Comical really...

And I cooked a dinner for my rents afterward too. Oh man, my dad had no idea how hungry I was the whole time I was cooking...

Sub 25 is a great time tho. I hear you on the kipping. I can't even imagine what being able to kip would do for my times/performance. I was shooting for that and came no where close.

About the 115#. How tall are you, Grace? And what's this about bulking?

Greg Privitera 03-02-2008 07:18 PM

Re: Grace's Log
Thanks. I think it was maybe not so much the heavy squats as the light ones for that 25 rep set....but still, yeah.

Grace Patenaude 03-02-2008 07:30 PM

Re: Grace's Log
Tim - BTW, me likey your avatar. :) I grew up in the 80's and was a big fan of Incredible Hulk, among many other hero tv shows (i.e. Wonder Woman, Bionic Woman, Six Million Dollar Man,..Mork & Mindy- hey, they were heroes, too! LOL!) Angie whooped my a$$, too..on the Pull Ups - the worst part about it is they weren't even KIPs. How are your kips? Your strength #'s are IMPRESSIVE, dude! :notworth:

Erin - Just read your WOL thread. You are funny! I am 5'3 and I use to say I'm tall for a Filipino but not anymore. The old country has been importing hormone engineered beef, pork and chicken in the last 2 decades. Those folks over there are taller than ever...talking about evolution. --"Bulking" - yeah, I prefer that my muscle tone sticks out so that you can see the peak from afar -- just kidding! :rofl: I am active in my community as a trainer and group fitness instructor and being muscular is my only loudest promotion of the anti-anorexia cause. I see a lot of skinny women around and within the Houston area; I feel really so sorry for them.

Veronica Davis 03-03-2008 05:51 AM

Re: Grace's Log

Originally Posted by Grace Patenaude (Post 266936)
I am active in my community as a trainer and group fitness instructor and being muscular is my only loudest promotion of the anti-anorexia cause. I see a lot of skinny women around and within the Houston area; I feel really so sorry for them.

:highfive: Well said. There are a few TRUE anorexics in my gym. I know it's workout at your own risk, but I don't see how the trainers in my gym can let these girls workout. They just look like death.

Grace Patenaude 03-03-2008 07:40 AM

Re: Grace's Log
Hi Veronica,

One of life's idiosyncracies for sure! It's a very peculiar sight. Some (BUT not all) trainers look like they should be the ones working out/sweating and the client should be the ones standing around to freeze their body's catabolic state.

We have a hefty task to pass around the big barrel of Kool-Aid! I'll keep doing my WOD's and hope to convert even just a few.

Later; gotta go give some clients a little sip of the kool-aid. :D

Grace Patenaude 03-03-2008 12:18 PM

Re: Grace's Log
WOD 080303 LINDA 10 sets with countdown reps (10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1)
DL 1.5 BW

CFWU x3 (20 reps each on jumping pullups for practice)

WOD: LINDA = 44:56

DL 155# (all sets broken except for 4,3,2,1)
BP 85# (all sets unbroken)
Clean SQ 60# (all sets broken except for 5,4,3,2,1)

Lots o' gentlemen today at globo. Perhaps, they were a little concerned with my bench press form. Dug the heel mighty hard and arched my back, that helped a lot. Reps on bench press were continuous 10 reps, move to clean, DL then to the bench and continuous BP 9 reps again, etc..etc. Enjoyed hogging a big space. :D and nobody seemed to mind.

Back muscles are definitely fired up in a good way, no sharp pain whatsoever. :pepper:

Grace Patenaude 03-04-2008 01:16 PM

Re: Grace's Log

CFWU x2 (shoulder flexibility, air squats, SS, dips, sit ups and back ext)

Filthy Fifty
All as Rx'd (I like writing the Rx word for a change) :)
except for the following:
20" Bench Jumps (challenging small and foamy landing surface but managed a full extension at the top and hop back down)
35# DB Swing (somebody else started doing this excercise,too - not the newbie I met)
15# Ball wall shots
300 Singles Jump Rope


*Side note: At Burpee Rep #26, I thought Pukie was going to say Hi to me. :puke0000: BUT he didn't. :pepper:

__________________________________________________ ______________
! CONVERT ALERT ! - Sugarland/Missouri City, TX

Saw and met a newbie doing modified Filthy 50. He started this past Sunday! I'm stoked :) He will start posting soon. If you're checking out this thread - Hi there - J. T.! Welcome aboard.

Grace Patenaude 03-04-2008 05:31 PM

Re: Grace's Log
Massage Envy visit was very nice this afternoon since my client cancelled. My longissimus and spinalis were still pretty fired up from LINDA's wrath. Today's Filthy Fifty worked a few kinks out but the massage really helped quite a bit. Looking forward to some sort of a lite WOD tomorrow. If not, every cell of my body will scream out these Girl WOD names again. :ranting2:

Can't wait to cook Greg Privitera's pancake recipe.

Plan is to take Thursday and Friday as mandatory REST days (subbed out my indoor cycling class, too). Gonna get rested up for CF TOTAL on Saturday here in Houston. Husband and teen-ager son might show up at the challenge if they can between baseball games. It should be a lot of fun! Looking forward to meeting many crossfitters, a nice thought! Hardworking fitness people!

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