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Andreas Nordlander 08-16-2008 11:08 PM

New to CF, Dubai and Iraq
Fellow Crossfitters,

I am a security consultant based in Dubai who travels frequently to high risk environments such as Iraq and Nigeria. A few years ago I was in good shape but now i am overweight and in horrible shape. The past years i havent felt motivated and the gym was boring, so time and time again I quit working out within a few days. I have done CF for two weeks and starting today, its week three!!
I feel physically and mentally energized and its absolutely amazing. Sure my body is hurting everywhere and eventhough I have scaled down the WOD's I sometimes almost pass out at the end of each WOD. GET SOME!!

I would like to thank my friends at Sweden's affiliate CrossFit Stockholm for great support EVERY day! Of course a lot of praise for and the people behind it for a great resource of information! You are all amazing people and a true inspiration


David Meverden 08-21-2008 07:42 PM

Re: New to CF, Dubai and Iraq
Great to have you join the community, Andreas!

I hope you stick with it and find what you need. Sounds like you really enjoy the way these workouts test your limits pretty much every time. I've certainly enjoyed seeing what my body is capable of.

Just remember to scale appropriately (hard when you have that initial enthusiasm, I know) so you don't get yourself knocked out of the game and also remember to keep us posted on your progress!



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