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Wil Li 06-02-2009 08:23 PM

Earth 2100
I have just seen Earth 2100. All I have to say I am totally speechless. I just have no comments right now. But the end part about another solution was good. I know were not allowed to talk about religion but I felt like if people really work together and come together and work to stop the global disasters and stop trying to kill ourselves maybe we can create the paradise I see Jesus talked about one day. And it looked a lot like a paradise. No more fighting. All the nations are working together in peace for advancements of technology for the betterment of humanity. And fossil fuels is non-existent. There you see green everywhere and electrical cars. Here's the site if any of you missed it. (wfs)

I see hope and strength. In near the end one of the guys said that in order for this to happen we need a commitment. At won't be easy but we have done it before. When JFK ordered tanks to be made and made NOW, it literally happened overnight. We need that same kind of focus. Anyway I am rambling here. I am just so overwhelmed by this. I hope this is something we can build and grow upon.

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