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Gabriel desGarennes 12-12-2008 10:45 PM

Horrible day just need to vent somewhere
My jobs dead, and worried about it closing (its tied to the horrible residential building industry)

I lost my mp3 player (80g zune)
dropped and broke my camera ( Nikon D40)
And sucked a$$ on the wod.


Natalie Dent 12-13-2008 12:14 AM

Re: Horrible day just need to vent somewhere
Im sorry:(

Darrell E. White 12-13-2008 07:10 AM

Re: Horrible day just need to vent somewhere

Bummer of a day, eh?

Anything go well? Anybody make you happy yesterday? Did you do anything that, out of the corner of your eye, you saw made someone else happy?

I had a day kinda like yours on Thursday. Plus, I'm in year four of what people just outside my life would (and have) describe as an incredible cluster f^*k. 80% pay cut. Child who almost died. Beloved older dog had a stroke in her spine. Very uncertain business/job situation going forward. Chronic shoulder injury that I can't afford to get fixed so no more golf or a couple of other physical activities I love. Stomach problem that prevents me from enjoying wine.

And yet, I'm the luckiest SOB you'll ever meet. Seriously. My child is thriving; my dog is here at my side as I type. Most of my days are good days. The ones that aren't are GREAT days. What turned my Thursday around? I found a reason to chuckle and out of the corner of my eye saw three of my staff members breath for the first time all day.

Your day was hard. Some crappy stuff happened. All true. But if you run the tape back I'm bettin' that there was more good stuff than bad, right?

Keep your chin up, Brother. Only two kinds of days, good days and great days. Best of luck.


Jason David 12-13-2008 09:04 AM

Re: Horrible day just need to vent somewhere
Here's my week...

Decided to retile kitchen floor...began working on that on thursday. Decided on the following monday to buy new kitchen appliances. Did that. Floor took WAY longer than expected. Worked on it all day Saturday through just this past thursday. Person installing tile said "hey, call gas company just to have them check your furnace". Did that. Turns out - 100 Parts per million carbon minoxide in the air. 50 is safe - wife is pregnant.

Laid off on Tuesday ( huge tech company...)- After we decided we would get new appliances and a kitchen floor but BEFORE we were in a position where we needed to buy a new furnace.

Sure...all bad. But i'm looking at it as if we didn't do the kitchen floor...we might've died in our sleep due to carbon monoxide emmissions.

Jill Zimmerman 12-13-2008 10:09 AM

Re: Horrible day just need to vent somewhere
10 years ago, husband walked out, simultaneously to both parents dying then over a 1.5 year period 10 other family members and one friend (only 35 years old) died. Almost lost my mind. Had to work four jobs to pay for my house ex stuck me with and the U took my PhD funding away so I had to quit 6 months shy of finishing the degree after 5 plus years of working on it.
I had to tell myself stuff like at least you didn't get in a horribly crippling car wreck today. Kids are healthy even if everyone else is dead. Your body parts are intact, you can go to work, to try to cheer myself up during that time period.

Now that house is paid for, **** the U for screwing me, have a great job that will go no where as long as I do not do something stupid to get fired. Alas can't bring dead people back but I am crossfitting (sort of) to keep my kids from experiencing what I did - death of love ones who did not take care of themselves.

What ever doesn't kill you makes you stronger and do I appreciate everything I have now, very much so. In the grand scheme of things just that fact that we have clean water, food on the table, a roof over our heads, FREEDOM afforded to us by our guys/gals in the military, puts us head a shoulders above a lot of the world's population.

Things will get better. OP, hope you keep your job or find another if you need to. Things like iPODs and cameras - just a thing can be replaced. Even by sucking at a WOD you are doing more for yourself than most people and health is so much more important than the "things" in our life are.

Poster with now healthy kid, how wonderful for you and I hope they stay that way. I am not sure I could make it if something happened to one of my kids.

Gabriel desGarennes 12-13-2008 10:33 AM

Re: Horrible day just need to vent somewhere
Oh you guys make me feel silly! i've had plenty of tragic things, i know yesterday wasn't even near a bad day in the big picture. just a chain of events that sucked. Thanks for the replies.

Jill Zimmerman 12-13-2008 12:02 PM

Re: Horrible day just need to vent somewhere

Originally Posted by Gabriel desGarennes (Post 469886)
Oh you guys make me feel silly! i've had plenty of tragic things, i know yesterday wasn't even near a bad day in the big picture. just a chain of events that sucked. Thanks for the replies.

Yeah for chain of events - Last week, I lost my most favorite scarf of all time dashing to a public meeting related to work that I had to take vacation to attend and also later that day a pair of real prescription glasses (300 bucks worth of stuff) on the same freakin' day. Not the end of the world but I still keep thinking about it.

I can make another scarf if I could find similar material and needed a new prescription anyhow but still... As my kid says QUIT FREAKING LOSING STUFF!

Job thing for you and tiler guy, is the most scary. That is some serious **** losing your job or at least it is for me anyway. Nobody left to back me up, so down in a ball of flames I go - should I lose my job. We are loosely affected but the building industry and several major builders here in town have closed up shop, muliple earth moving companies laid everyone off but one skeleton crew. Glad I have nothing to do with automobile industry... Sorry for those folks.

Best of luck staying in work.

Barry Cooper 12-13-2008 03:30 PM

Re: Horrible day just need to vent somewhere
I used to listen to a lot of motivational tapes. On balance, I think it was worth the time, but when you really get knocked over, there's just not a lot that cheers you up. Except time.

The one thing everyone needs to remember, to imprint on their brains, tattoo on their hands, is that things change. No matter how much misery you get hit with, if you just keep going, keep trying to think clearly (which can be hard), and keep trying things that could work, your life improves.

Persistence prevails when all else fails. You can't control your mood. You can't sing "The sun will come out tomorrow", and pull yourself out of a funk every time. Sometimes you can. Sometimes you can be so miserable it's freaking funny. Some days I just laugh how many things go wrong. But other days it isn't funny, and I swear constantly.

But always, always, at some point I get a good night's sleep. I get the chance to eat a nice meal, have some drinks with friends, take out some frustration on some heavy weights, pet my dogs, and listen to some happy music. Then I wonder what the problem was.

Watch this in yourself Watch how upset, uptight, angry, miserable you get, then get yourself a really good night's sleep. Take a day off. And somehow you can recover.

All of us as a nation need to get ready for what I think we at some point will be able to term a growing experience. We have lost sight of the simple things, and I think many of us are going to have little choice but to recover them to keep our sanity.

I personally just finished a project that has been absolutely exhausting me. I have been so tired most Fridays I have had trouble speaking clearly. I ran into the head guy this week unexpectedly, and it was literally like I was mute at points I was so tired. He would ask me a question, and by the time I was able to answer the topic had changed. He probably thought I was on drugs. I'll follow up with him next week to smooth things over, but I have been so happy that thing is done.

One story I read a while back that stuck with me was a Mullah Nasrudin story. He is a joker/wise man in many Islamic cultures, and Idries Shah has written at least one book filled with these stores.

He is walking along and meets a man who is utterly despondant and miserable. Suddenly, he steals his purse with all his possessions, and runs off. Down the road a ways, he leaves them out. The man, finding them, is overjoyed. The (hidden) mullah mutters something like "well, that's one way to do it."

I've always liked that story. There is a lot of truth there.

Robert D Taylor Jr 12-13-2008 03:42 PM

Re: Horrible day just need to vent somewhere
In the other "cult" I belong to, I was taught early on that when I feel that way to make a "Gratitude List" right away, and if possible to help someone else. Other than that +1 for Barry's post.

I hope things go better for you Gabe, Bingo, et al.

Darrell E. White 12-13-2008 04:02 PM

Re: Horrible day just need to vent somewhere
Not to worry is grand, if somewhat austere, Chez Bingo!

Nice post, Barry. I'll be stealing that story liberally this month.

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