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Michael A. Jones 07-18-2016 08:59 AM

Re: Mike's Mad Log

[B]Conditioning[/B] 40 minutes of interval training

Partner For Time
300 Squats
300 Push Ups
300 Toe Touches
*One partner runs b-ball court while other works AMRAP :smiley_ev


[B]REST DAY[/B] :yawn:
Did not sleep well last night...:( Too tired to even stretch; may go to chiro later.

Michael A. Jones 07-19-2016 08:11 PM

Re: Mike's Mad Log


Celebrated a friend's birthday with this WOD:
Not Your Average Joe
Squat Thrust
Goblet Squats
Butterfly Sit Up
Single Leg Deadlifts
*20 Renegade Rows per round
I finished in 19:30

Happy Birthday, Joe!!

Well, I went to physical therapy and discovered that I may have a labral tear in my shoulder...:( I suspected that or a SLAP tear. PT requested an MRI and then we'll work with some therapy.

Michael A. Jones 07-21-2016 07:42 PM

Re: Mike's Mad Log

[B]Active Rest Day[/B]:yawn:

Took the day to rest up a bit; totally unplanned, so I just did a few shoulder mobility drills and hydrated.

This torn labrum is really affecting my sleep....:snore::yawn:


Was planning to drive out to the park and run the trails, but had a huge screw in my tire. Instead, I changed it out and decided that it was to hot to run...:p

Our Mayor declared today as Tim Duncan Day, so I formulated a WOD to honor him.

21 minute AMRAP
3 Deadlifts 250# (Tim's weight)
5 Burpees
15 Ball Slams 15#
19 Squats
40 Jackknifes

21 for Tim Duncan's jersey number, 3 for the Big Three (Tim, Manu & Tony), 5 for the 5 Championships, 15 for All Star selection, 19 for the 19 seasons Tim Duncan played and 40 for the age at retirement.

Completed 7 rds plus 3 deadlifts and 5 burpees.

Michael A. Jones 07-22-2016 08:57 AM

Re: Mike's Mad Log

[B]Endurance[/B] :run:

I beat the sun up this morning....:D I didn't want to get roasted since today was going to be a scorcher.

A quick 2 miler in 17:12 on the track. My second mile was faster by nearly 10 seconds. Funniest thing is that I felt like I had slowed a bit :shrug:

Michael A. Jones 07-23-2016 12:35 PM

Re: Mike's Mad Log

Hero WOD Scooter
On a 35 Minute Clock
30 minute AMRAP
30 Double Unders
15 Modified Pull Ups
15 Push Ups
100m Sprint
Then, 5 minutes to find max Single Leg Deadlift (Scaled for park use)

Sgt. Scott Lunger, of Brentwood, California, died July 22, 2015,
after being gunned down during a traffic stop.

Completed 10 rds and lost count of deadlifts.....Rest easy, Sergeant!

[B]Conditioning[/B] 35 minutes of interval training

Michael A. Jones 07-24-2016 09:12 PM

Re: Mike's Mad Log

I had planned to do some floor presses since the physical therapist cleared me. I went to use my pulling blocks with 135# and found that that was way too heavy.
I wound up just using a 25# dumbbell....That proved to be a labor.


Over thirty days post injury, and I can see a noticeable strength reduction...:(

Michael A. Jones 07-26-2016 07:33 PM

Re: Mike's Mad Log

[B]REST DAY[/B] :yawn:
Restless night trying to stay in an ideal position to not hurt my shoulder....


10 Minute EMOM
13 Unbroken KBS 70#

It was not as brutal as advertised on a blog....


[B]Conditioning[/B]30 Minutes of interval training

Michael A. Jones 07-28-2016 04:41 AM

Re: Mike's Mad Log

Spartan WOD Bodyweight Circuit
Do one minute of each:
Mountain Climbers
Push-ups subbed with Band Flyes
Pull Ups subbed with Ring Rows
Sit Ups
Squat Jumps
Then, recover for 3 minutes

Completed three rounds.

[B]Conditioning[/B] I did about 30 minutes of HIIT with my class.

Michael A. Jones 07-28-2016 07:53 AM

Re: Mike's Mad Log

[B]Endurance[/B] :run:
3 miles in 26:28

Michael A. Jones 07-28-2016 06:53 PM

Re: Mike's Mad Log
[B][COLOR="Red"]20160628 supplemental[/COLOR][/B]


Every 2 minutes for 6
20 Mountain Climbers
5 Burpees
20 Squats


Every 2 Minutes for 6
60 Jumping Jacks
20 Lunges
5 Burpees

Michael A. Jones 07-30-2016 01:59 PM

Re: Mike's Mad Log

[B]Active Rest Day[/B]

I did some shoulder strengthening exercises, and worked mobility. I think my ROM has improved but my strength still sucks....:(

Baby steps.....I am "wise" enough to know not to rush things. I just want to get back to lifting more. It'll be a while but I have some patience :D


Christmas in July
For Time
100m Run
4 Dips
6 Goblet Lunges #25
6 KB Presses
6 Push Ups
6 Goblet Squats
6 Box Jumps 20"
10 KBS
40 Jumping Jacks
10 KB Deadlifts
6 Burpees
Based of 12 Days of Christmas. I finished in 20:15.

[B]Conditioning[/B] Same interval session as Thursday evening

[B]Endurance[/B] Continued my sweat with 20 minutes of Zumba with the wifey :pepper:

[B]Weightlifting[/B] :weight_l:
Front Squats
Ascending/Descending Ladder
5x 205#
5x 255#
5x 305

Michael A. Jones 07-31-2016 02:12 PM

Re: Mike's Mad Log

20 Minute AMRAP
40m Farmers Walk 40# per hand
20 DUs
20 G2S 20#
10 Ring Rows
10 KTE
7 rds plus FW, DUs and 12 G2S

[B]Mobility[/B] I did some stretching, strengthening and mobility drills with Theraband. I also iced my shoulder for about 20 minutes.

Michael A. Jones 08-02-2016 07:00 PM

Re: Mike's Mad Log

[B]REST DAY[/B]:snore:


[B]Hero WOD[/B]
With a 20# vest
Run 1k
10 Ring Rows+20 Dips for MUs
100 Squats


Michael A. Jones 08-03-2016 08:28 PM

Re: Mike's Mad Log


3 rds
4 Deadlifts 245#
10 50# Box Jumps 20"

Hero Luke
For Time
Run 400 meters
15 C&P per side 20# DB
Run 400 meters
30 Jackknifes
Run 400 meters
45 Wall Ball 10#
Run 400 meters
45 KBS 40#
Run 400 meters
30 Dips
Run 400 meters
15 '2 for 1' Lunges
Run 400 meters


Rest easy, Marine!!

Michael A. Jones 08-06-2016 03:28 PM

Re: Mike's Mad Log



5 miles in 47:00

Not a bad outting since I haven't been able to bust over 4 in months.


[B]Hero WOD[/B]
31 Heroes
AMRAP 31 minutes
8 Thrusters 24#
6 Burpees
11 Box Jumps 20"

Partner 1 performs the workout listed above. Partner 2 runs 400m with a sandbag (Scaled = 200m). When Partner 2 returns from the run, Partner 1 will grab the sandbag, and begin their run, while Partner 2 continues the workout where Partner 1 left off.

Scaled version for the park. We had no access for rope climbs, so went with burpees and thrusters were done with dumbbells. Additionally, sandbag weight was 20#.
My partner and I completed an astounding 19 rounds!!!:eek: She scaled run to 200m while I went Rx.
Everyone, especially the newblood, enjoyed this tribute.

Michael A. Jones 08-14-2016 07:01 PM

Re: Mike's Mad Log

[B]REST[/B] Relaxed and enjoyed vacation in the Gulf and Caribbean!!!:D



Ran 2 miles on the cruise; 5 laps around the ship was better than the treadmill in the fitness area.....;) I didn't keep time but it was a comfortable run.


[B]Active Rest[/B]

Did a whole bunch of stretches prior to driving back from Galveston in addition to the rest stop. I cannot wait to see my chiropractor tomorrow!!! Our cabin was great but sleeping away from my bed was horrible....

Michael A. Jones 08-16-2016 07:19 PM

Re: Mike's Mad Log

CFFB 16.15.08
10 KBS 70#
15 T2B
30 DUs



28 Minute AMRAP
1 Burpee
1 Squat
1 Dips
* Add 1 rep every round

Completed 20 rds.....:evilsmile

[B]Conditioning[/B] 30 minutes of interval training

Michael A. Jones 08-18-2016 07:41 PM

Re: Mike's Mad Log

[B]REST DAY[/B] :snore:


Well, I found out that I have a tears in my supraspinatus and infraspinatus tendons....:( Another week before I go in to ortho to determine a course of action.

8 rds
8 Deadlifts 185#
10 Ring Rows

[B]Conditioning[/B]20 minutes of EMOM intervals

Michael A. Jones 08-19-2016 07:35 PM

Re: Mike's Mad Log

[B]Active Rest Day and Recovery[/B]

I was sort of sore today, and wanted to just relax and recup. Iced my shoulder after doing some mobility drills to loosen up.

Michael A. Jones 08-20-2016 05:30 PM

Re: Mike's Mad Log

[B][COLOR="Blue"]WOD to End Veteran Suicide [/COLOR][/B]
22 Thrusters
22 Push Ups
22 Snatch
22 Squats
22 Dips
22 Box Jumps
22 Split Jerks
22 High Knee Pull Downs
22 Single Leg Deadlifts
220m Run
22 Loaded Lunges
22 Burpees
22 Squat Cleans
22 Tuck Jumps
22 OHS
22 Press each side
22 Goblet Squats
22 Squat Thrusts
22 Guard Pass
22 DB High Swings
22 Jumping Jacks

About half of my class was unaware of the Veteran suicide epidemic. I am glad that they came to show support, and now understand some of the issues that we Veterans face daily.
Hopefully, it will ignite a fire to help spread the word and end the tragedies...

Michael A. Jones 08-22-2016 08:17 PM

Re: Mike's Mad Log

[B]REST DAY[/B] :snore:


Front Squats
4x3 225#

Been a while, so I went easy....

[B][COLOR="Blue"]Jenna 077[/COLOR][/B]
20:07 Minute AMRAP
8 Burpees
22 Squat Cleans
14 Otis Sit Ups
77 Single Unders

7 rds

On 22 August 2007, in Multaka Iraq the Jenna 077 went down. On board was the 10-man Scout Platoon from 2-35 Infantry and her 4-member Crew.
This workout is done in honor of the 14 heroes who were lost that day.
In Loving Memory
Capt. Corry Tyler
Capt. Derek Dobogai
CW2 Paul Flynn
Staff Sgt. Jason Paton
Sgt. Matthew Tallman
Sgt. Garrett McLead
Cpl. Jeremy Bouffard
Cpl. Philip Brodnick
Cpl. Joshua Harmon
Cpl.Nathan Hubbard
Cpl. Jessy Pollard
Cpl. Rickey Bell
Spc. Michael Hook
Spc. Tyler Seideman

Gone, But Never Forgotten!

Michael A. Jones 08-23-2016 08:18 PM

Re: Mike's Mad Log


6 rds
10 Ring Rows
10 Evil Wheels
10 DUs

Michael A. Jones 08-24-2016 08:35 PM

Re: Mike's Mad Log

[B]Endurance[/B] :run:
4x400m at 85%

I desperately need to increase speedwork into my running; it may have just been a lack of running the last few weeks though....

I ran a 9:15 miles afterwards.:D

Michael A. Jones 08-25-2016 07:44 PM

Re: Mike's Mad Log

[B]REST DAY[/B]:yawn:

Michael A. Jones 08-26-2016 05:24 AM

Re: Mike's Mad Log

Kettlebell Ladder Challenge [url][/url] (WSF)

Challenge accepted;)

For Time
1-10 Burpee
2-20 Goblet Squat
3-30 KBS

I used a 40# bell and completed the challenge in 16:39.

Michael A. Jones 08-27-2016 07:49 PM

Re: Mike's Mad Log

16 RFT
10 Squats
*Alternate every round

*Run 150m, 40 High Knees, 20 DUs, 40 Mountain Climbers


Michael A. Jones 08-29-2016 08:05 PM

Re: Mike's Mad Log

[B]REST DAY[/B] :yawn:

Michael A. Jones 08-30-2016 07:28 PM

Re: Mike's Mad Log


[B][COLOR="Blue"]Mr. Joshua Hero WOD[/COLOR][/B]
400m Run
30 Butterfly Sit Ups
15 Deadlifts


[B]Conditioning[/B] 30 Minutes of interval training

Michael A. Jones 08-31-2016 08:19 PM

Re: Mike's Mad Log

5k in 28:46

I definite don't have the endurance of last year same time....:o


[B][COLOR="Blue"]Hero WOD Becky[/COLOR][/B]

800m Run
30 Snatches per side 25# dumbbell
400m Run
30 Hang Cleans per side
200m Run
30 Goblet Squats
400m Run
30 Push Ups
800m Run
30 Modified Pull Ups


It meant a lot to do this WOD. I have been diagnosed with PTSD, and Crossfit has help me immensely with battling back "the demons..." This young lady lost her fight, so I fight on for her and all of the other Veterans with this disorder while trying to raise awareness.

Rest in peace, Becky!!

Michael A. Jones 09-02-2016 10:13 AM

Re: Mike's Mad Log

[B]REST DAY[/B]:snore:

Went to chiro and slept......



15 Minute EMOM
1st- 15 KBS 60#
2nd- 10 KBS 80#
3rd- 40' Farmers Walk 160#

Rested 2 Minutes

4 Box Jumps 24"
4 KBS 45#
4 KB Rows
4 Goblet Squats

Rested 5 Minutes

CF Mainsite
1 Mile Bike

I used a stationary bike

I tried to minimize rest and averaged about 2 minutes between rounds.

Michael A. Jones 09-03-2016 03:41 PM

Re: Mike's Mad Log


[COLOR="Blue"][B]Hero WOD Nickman[/B][/COLOR]

With a 55-lb. and 35-lb. dumbbell, 10 rounds for time of:
200-meter farmers carry with both dumbbells
35-lb. weighted pull-ups, 10 reps
55-lb. dumbbell power snatches, 20 reps, alternating arms

Subbed from jump with 2 x 40# KB. My grip was failing after five rounds, so dropped weight to two 30# DBs. I did ring rows, and did 10 snatches with my right and rows/band pulls with left.

This WOD ranked in the top five hardest that I've ever done. Looked moderate on paper, but execution was another story....Finished in 49:00.

Rest easy, Specialist Burley!!!

Michael A. Jones 09-04-2016 12:05 PM

Re: Mike's Mad Log


Did 75 minutes of interval training/ AMRAP training.

Our trainer had us do Tabata style work at 40:20, rested, then 5 Minute Partner AMRAPs.

Michael A. Jones 09-06-2016 07:57 PM

Re: Mike's Mad Log



[B]Weightlifting[/B] :weight_l:
Began the 21 Day Kettlebell Squat Challenge with 20 Goblet Squats 40#. I'll use 40# throughout and will add 5 reps per day for the week.

24 Minute AMRAP
4 Burpees
4 G2O
4 Push Ups
4 Jackknifes

20ish rounds...Lost track while coaching.

[B]Conditioning[/B] 30 minutes of interval training

Michael A. Jones 09-08-2016 07:53 PM

Re: Mike's Mad Log

Challenge Day 2
25 Goblet Squats 40#


I was long overdue for a long run, so today was the day. Bonus was that I ran on a new stretch of trail that I missed out on a few weeks back.

Bad was that my wife texted me while running, and it paused my app...:( I knew something was screwy when the audio coach didn't announce my second mile.

Trucked on until I hit two miles, and turned back. It wound up being nearly 5.5 miles; 4.8 miles in 46:04 by the app.

Challenge Day 3
30 Goblet Squats 40#

Michael A. Jones 09-10-2016 06:59 PM

Re: Mike's Mad Log

[B]REST DAY[/B]:yawn:


38 Minute AMRAP
8 Snatch
8 Figure 8
8 Burpees
8 Push Press
8 Loaded Russian Twists
8 Goblet Cossack Squats
8 Rows
8 Skaters
16 rds.....:eek:

[B]Weightlifting[/B] :weight_l:
Challenge Day 4 & 5
35 Goblet Squats, rest, then 40 Goblet Squats

That'll teach me to skip a day for rest....:devil:

[B]Conditioning[/B] 20 minutes of interval training

Michael A. Jones 09-11-2016 07:54 PM

Re: Mike's Mad Log


[B][COLOR="Blue"]San Antonio 110 9/11 Memorial Climb[/COLOR][/B]

My daughter, some friends and I participated in the 4th annual climb at the Tower of the Americas. It's always been an honor to sweat and honor the sacrifices of the brave who lost their lives on 9/11.

1904 steps over two ascents in 1:16:00.

Challenge Day 6
45 Goblet Squats

My knee feels like it's gonna be nagging me for a day or two....:crutch00: I've iced it and currently using a compression sleeve. We'll see how it feels in the a.m.

Michael A. Jones 09-12-2016 08:15 PM

Re: Mike's Mad Log

[B]Active Rest Day[/B] :snore:

Wisdom dictated that I lay low today....My knee felt much better but I don't want to jeopardize my legs for the sake of a workout. So, ended the 21 day challenge until further notice:(

Did some shoulder mobility work at PT, and iced my knee. Compression sleeve will go back on until bed.

Michael A. Jones 09-13-2016 07:50 PM

Re: Mike's Mad Log

For Time
60 Snatch 30#
60 Single Unders
60 Step Ups 20"
60 Jackknifes
60 Push Ups
60 C&P
60 Goblet Squats
60 Burpees
Complete 20 seconds work, then 10 seconds rest until all reps are completed.


Michael A. Jones 09-15-2016 07:57 PM

Re: Mike's Mad Log

[B]Weightlifting[/B] :weight_l:
10x 135#
10x 205#
6x 275#
3x 325#

I was really surprised that I was able to pull over 300....It's been a while since I have done any deads.


[B]Active Rest Day[/B]
Stretching, check
Shoulder strengthening and mobility, check
Stretching, check
Hydration, check

Michael A. Jones 09-17-2016 03:42 PM

Re: Mike's Mad Log

Lateral Box Jump Overs 16" [url][/url] (WSF)
DBall G2S 40#
Straddle Box Jumps 16" [url][/url] (WSF)
Ring Rows


[B]Weightlifting[/B] :weight_l:
Front Squats
5x10 135#

50 DUs
20 Step Ups 80#
50 DUs
20 Goblet Squats 70#
50 DUs
20 Lunges 80#
50 DUs
20 Single Leg Deadlifts 80#
12:00 :evilsmile

Playing around with the Little Method of interval training....60:75
Single Unders: KBS 25#
Single Unders: Squats
Skaters [url][/url] (WSF): Flyes
Skaters: Standing Russian Twists
Power Knees, right [url][/url] Jabs 10#
Power Knees, left: Curls 10#

Only did 6 rds for 13.5 minutes.

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