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Jeff Belyeu 06-04-2012 11:08 PM

Donating Blood
I gave a double red blood cell donation yesterday. Today's WOD was 30-20-10 of dead lift (75kg), KB swings (70#), and mountain climbers. My 1RM on dead lifts is only 140kg, but this WOD really knocked me for a loop. The deads and kb swings were almost all in sets of 5 not long into it. Olympic lifting and heavy lifting can get the heart rate up, and take something out of me, but this seemed out of the ordinary. Curious if yesterday's double donation might have been a factor or not. Several other factors were changed from my regular routine. Hotter 6pm class as opposed to 5am class. Pre-WOD was 800m run for time. Short break and then push press 5x8. Those each took something out of me too. Hopefully back to normal tomorrow, but thought I would check notes with everyone else.

Miqueila Montgomery 06-05-2012 08:57 AM

Re: Donating Blood
Well it makes sense that losing RBC's would make you feel weaker if people "blood dope (inject RBC's)" to increase their athletic stamina.

Katherine Derbyshire 06-05-2012 09:03 AM

Re: Donating Blood
A quick search found that this is a pretty common problem/observation around running forums.

Which, as Miquella said, makes sense. Red blood cells transport oxygen. You've effectively given yourself (temporary) anemia.


Joshua Ruwet 06-05-2012 10:27 AM

Re: Donating Blood
Did the same thing about 2 months ago. Double red is a much different experience than a regular whole blood donation. On the upside, you don't have to give as often.

I give whole blood regularly and was asked to give double red due to a shortage/need for A+. I had no idea what it would do for my recovery.

I'm sure everyone's different, but it took me a week+ to get back to "feeling normal". Every time I went in to WOD, I felt fine initially, but not even half way in, weights felt heavier and I was tired (not necessarily winded). Also didn't get that nice little endorphine kick/energy boost I'm used to post-workout. It felt exactly like I remember when I left KY in college to work out in Buena Vista, CO (200 ft to 8,000 ft in elevation). Would make sense as both account for fewer red blood cells than needed to be efficient.

Just realize your body is working to recover the lost blood cells. It isn't you and you'll be back to normal in a week or two.

And good on ya for donating!!!:thanx:

Jeff Belyeu 06-05-2012 01:20 PM

Re: Donating Blood
Thanks for the responses. I guess this is the first time I have done a double donation, and then a high intensity WOD the next day. There were other factors that changed, so I wasn't sure if I was just being a wuss, or there was something to this. Today is OLY lifting, should not be too taxing (hopefully). Wednesday is a rest day, then Thursday should be heavy/high intensity again. We'll see how it goes.

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