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Russell Biser 11-10-2005 04:38 PM

This afternoon I accomplished what I thought was still a month or two off, I did a muscleup! It was as ugly as sin with me shaking and incredibly unstable on the rings but I got to full extension at the top. And when I did get to the top I don't think I stopped screaming for a good 30 seconds.

I started doing crossfit in august and I still am not doing the workouts as prescribed having to substitute and down the weights (also I am not 3 on 1 off yet I plan to start in january) but every mon wed and fri I give whatever I have and the results like this are awesome.

To anyone who reads these boards but doesn't know if they have it start today, even with cutting reps in half and downing the weights and distances the benefits come faster than with anything else I have done, and I feel great.

Sorry for the rambling post the adreneline is still clouding my mind. Crossfit Rocks! I am off to try another one.


Matt Laney 11-10-2005 05:15 PM

The prequal to this is that both russ and I attempted a muscleup yesterday and we both got about 3/4's the way up on the dip and then lost it. was much different! After russ called and exclamed his triumph, I headed over after work.

+1 muscleup for Matt (also first one)!!! woo hoooo!

Eric Cimrhanzel 11-10-2005 09:37 PM

Hell yeah!

I just got my first Muscle-Up this week, too. Feels pretty sweet, doesn't it?

Anyone else reading who hasn't "jumped in" to CrossFit, stop wasting your time and just do it.

Then do it for time.

Craig Van De Walker 11-14-2005 07:57 AM

Got my first straight bar muscle up! I have managed a few on some playground equip. in the past that had a circular shape but could never get one on a regular bar. I did two jumping ones first then just hung and with some swing, no false grip, yanked up to the transition. Really, really ugly but I got it, then repeated. I quit while I was ahead

Rob McBee 11-20-2005 05:49 PM

Cheers on the MU's guys. I'll post when I get mine and the beer's on me.

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