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Nick Cummings 08-26-2007 06:45 PM

"Performance Drop" for dietary tweaking
I adopted the advice to go baseline Zone diet with the idea of maintaining it until I am very lean and then increasing my fat blocks. The other often discussed factor is performance drop indicating increased fat blocks. Well my metcons have been doing fine. My strength has started to drop. My front squat is down about 10%, my press is down about 5%, and my deadlift is down 14%. Now the only standards by which I am strong is those of people who don't exercise regularly so I take these drops seriously. I view this as the sign that I need to up the calories. Anyone have a different opinion? I should also add that I went on a weeklong service trip that required me to eat what was provided and between that week, and a weekend of violent vommiting afterwards, I had dropped 10 pounds that did not rebound within the next couple of weeks like I had hoped. So I sit at around lets say 12% bodyfat. Should I follow the advice to lean out to below 8% or should I follow my instincts that say eat more already your skinny enough as it is?

Craig Van De Walker 08-26-2007 07:33 PM

Re: "Performance Drop" for dietary tweaking
I am of the opinion that your performance drop may not be zone related but your other "issue". I would stay the course and see if you recover some from the sickness and forced bad food.

Those are some serious drops including the bw drop. i would not think 12% is too lean. If your blocks are correct and you are getting enough protien I would give it more time. How long since your "episode".

I still think the performance drop up fat advice is correct, but in this case the performance drop was not the zone.

I got a mean case of food poisoning years ago and dropped about 15 lbs in 48 hours, I could barely walk. It was about two weeks before I was recovered. How long ago did you have your weight drop?

Nick Cummings 08-27-2007 06:34 AM

Re: "Performance Drop" for dietary tweaking
My weight dropping episode ended exactly three weeks ago. I think you may be correct that my drop comes more from that incident than from following the Zone. The weeklong trip involved me being able to eat ~60% of what prescribed Zone is for me. There were also days with less than 30 grams of protein. When I returned home I suffered from something like food poisining, maybe my body being suprised that I was feeding it again. Who knows?

I think I am going to bump up the calories to try to get back to my previous weight where I was at the same bodyfat percentage (well plus or minus 2% which I believe to be the accuracy of my measurement anyways). I think after that I will evaluate going back to baseline Zone to lean out further.

Sound reasonable?

Craig Van De Walker 08-28-2007 05:38 AM

Re: "Performance Drop" for dietary tweaking
Sure, but bump your calories up by following your block prescription and upping fat blocks.

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