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Joe Birch 09-25-2008 04:46 PM

The Zone and optimum performance
I've watched and read a lot of the articles about the zone and crossfit, and I have gone on to have great results on a zone+paleo diet due to that great info.

However, just coming off the back of a sport science degree i really would like a more in depth explanation of how the zone optimise's recovery and performance. For example, physiologically, why is that one individual on the zone can get better improvements in Fran time compared to someone on a garbage diet in a given time? i.e. what has facilitated that individuals neuromuscular system to improve on the zone more than that of someone slurping up the sugar with 75% carb diet?

Thanks, Joe.

PS. I don't mind sifting through other reading if anyone can recommend anything!

Joe Bernard 09-25-2008 05:27 PM

Re: The Zone and optimum performance
Have you really read alot of articles the zone, because it seems to me that you haven't. It's basic info why someone on the zone improves in all aspect of fitnes vs. downing donuts: energy level. Zone is named as such because it keeps your energy levels at a constant state all day, none of the roller coaster rides that the donut and rice cake people experience everyday. Also, not many people on here are familiar with physiology. As long as the zone works for people in achieving the results they want, they don't question it. Questions come when a certain method doesn't work.

General advice before posting is searching for it on the forums here, then googling it, the asking a question. I am pretty sure that you can find what you want googling rather than posting here and waiting for people to respond.

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