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Scott Joyce 04-29-2006 06:57 AM


I have seena lot of posts about bicep and elbow tendinitis so i'm sorry for posting a similar question. Most of what I have been reading in the forums is about pain to elbow area.

i have a deep bicep pain (throbbing)not sharp but more of tendinitis type i think. it started on the heavy pull days a couple weeks ago but the pain source is on the inside of the elbow and also in the area deep inside the bicep.

any ideas if this is tendinitis. its not to bothersome but would prefer it not to be there. i find when it really acts up, i lose some strength in my arm and grip for example. any ideas? all feedback appreciated.


Christian Lemburg 05-02-2006 12:35 AM

Have you tried any massage? Search around for hard lumps in the muscle, and massage them with the knuckles of the other side arm, with short, slow strokes, in one direction, for about a minute or so, several times each day. Massage should hurt on pressing, but immediately afterwards you should feel relief.

If the pain comes and goes, and gets better with warming up, it is most likely a muscular issue (cramping). If it is always there, and gets much worse when loading the arm, structural damage might be more likely.

Most "tendinitis" things are just muscular cramping due to overuse in the beginning. If you then continue without relief, you will get real tendinitis (with swelling and inflammation of tendon structures).

Good luck, and fast recovery,


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