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Peter Caddy 07-10-2007 07:12 PM

Clean & Jerk 70kg

View my Clean & Jerk Video[url=][/url]

I'm still pretty new to the C&J but I'm looking for any useful advice.

As far as I know this is what I'm doing wrong:
- I'm jumping slightly forward under the bar (this doesn't happen when I lift lighter weights)
- Elbows are bending too early, not *quite* coming to full extension (any tips on this?)
- Hips raise slightly early? (I think I'm doing this to keep shoulders over the bar longer)
- Feet land slightly before the rack
- Am I squatting too deep?
- My jerk wasn't quite right, I pushed out the bar at the top while recovering

Thanks in advance :-)

Peter Terry Haas 07-11-2007 02:00 PM

I had a hard time viewing it b/c the video was so dark, but from what I could see, your hips come up way to soon and your back rounds out a little. Your chest drops all the way down, almost parallel with the floor. Number one thing is work on keeping that back arched really hard and your chest stays up the whole time.

Get proficient at cleaning with a bare bar (better yet, PVC) from the hang position before your start pulling it off of the floor.

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