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Steve 11-06-2003 01:30 PM

Hello Members,

Regarding my post yesterday on an upcoming workshop, I realize in retrospect that it was done in poor taste. More important to me than selling my service is people and their feelings.

It has been made clear to me that my post was not well received and was in violation of chat room and Crossfit etiquette. Rather than run from that, I wish to recognize my fault and apologize to each of you that I have offended.

It was not my intent to come across as a shameless self-promoter. Rather in my enthusiasm I went overboard an ended up reading like some cheap spam. I am learning. Obviously, I have a lot to learn about marketing.

Again I apologize and look forward to healthier interactions in the future.


Steve Cotter

Edward D. Friedman 11-06-2003 02:11 PM

Hello CrossFit Folks:

I just logged on and clicked to check recent postings. I was surprised to see Steve Cotter's post, above. I did not see, nor could I find, the original post he refers to, ( was it deleted ?) so I can't say I know the full scope of what he's referring to.

I can, however, say the following with complete confidence. If you are interested in developing your kettlebell technique and have occasion to train with Steve Cotter, you should, IMHO, seize the opportunity.

I have no business affiliation with Mr. Cotter whatsoever. I am simply passing this information on in the same spirit of sharing that training information is routinely offered on this board.

I believe Mr. Cotter lives in California and I reside in New York. Last month though, when I heard that he would be giving a KB seminar in New Jersey, I and two of my friends got together and made the trip. It was a day of excellent instruction. I am confident that he offered some (bad habit) technique corrections that will make me stronger and will protect me from injury. That alone made the time and cost worthwhile, but there was much more. I received instruction on techniques that I've been reluctant (for a variety of reasons,) to work, and now feel that I can confidently work them into my routine. My ONLY regret about training with Mr. Cotter is that I am geographically unable to do it as often as I'd like.

I hope my current post is consistent with CrossFit posting policy and good etiquette. I believe it is, as I am giving my opinion of a service I have no business interest in. Additionally, I respectfully offer the following for your consideration.

In my dealings with Mr. Cotter, ( exchange of e-mail to confirm attendance at the seminar, observing his demeanor as an instructor at the workshop, etc...) I found him to be a humble (especially in light of his extraordinary ability) expert and caring teacher. Whatever silly faux pas he may have committed with an enthusiastic post, it would be a shame for a trainee to miss the special opportunity to train with him for such a reason.

BTW. I am 43 y.o. a husband, father and partner in a law firm. I've trained with numerous Sensei's and coaches over the years. Although the internet is a murky place, FWIW, I would not be offering this praise unless it was sincere.

Eddie Friedman
Glen Cove, New York

Lincoln Brigham 11-06-2003 03:44 PM

Steve, you are in El Cajon, yes? Do you ever get up to Mike Burgener's gym in Bonsall?

Steve 11-06-2003 04:09 PM

Yes, I am.
No I don't get up to his place. I have met him 3 times and know that he is exceptional, as are his pupils. Frankly, the drive up north is not feasible for me on any consistent basis. An occasional session would certainly benefit me, but I have no current setup for practicing the OL techniques and I refuse to waste anyone's time with a half-assed commitment, especially a coach of Mike's stature. Some sessions w/ him is something I will pursue once I have Oly equipment and a place to practice it. For now I still have much refinement to do with KB training and it fits my purpose as a MA. Part of the allure of KB trainiing is that it is so low tech and only requires a patch of dirt. I don't get out to train with others too much, other than my student and my clients. With 3 very young children at home, I got to get my workouts when I can.

How about yourself Lincoln. Have you trained with him?

David Werner 11-06-2003 04:47 PM


Thanks, please stick around. You have much to offer and there are some very knowledgable people and high level athletes here. Even with what you've already accomplished it's likely the conversation here can benefit you.

David Werner
CrossFit North

Steve 11-06-2003 04:54 PM

Thank you David. I am eager to learn from those more knowlegeable than myself, and do not view myself in terms of accomplishments. The present and future is much more important to me and I think it great that there is such a strong base here.

Roger Harrell 11-06-2003 05:03 PM

I must say I am again impressed by the folks around this forum. Had there been a post like Steve's on most other forums the "corrections" would not have been so gentle nor understanding, also I certainly wouldn't expect to see the original poster come back with the level of humility that Steve has.

I continue to be impressed by the caliber of folks surrounding the crossfit model (fitness and character). Maybe because it simply attracts those that are looking for optimization, not shortcuts? My hat off to you all (not that I ever wear hats, but it's the thought that counts).

Lincoln Brigham 11-06-2003 05:21 PM

I train with Burgener as often as I can, which amounts to about 2-3 times per month. I'm in Scripps Ranch off Pomerado road (!!!), about halfway between you and Mike. Mike's kids are doing a lot of KB stuff, including his Olympic lifters. I don't use the KBs because I don't own a set myself. KBs are great because Mike's Gym doesn't have enough room for all the lifters to be using the platforms! Just stick the KB users out in the driveway! heheh. Seriously, they seem to be doing great things for the guys. (and girls)Even Casey Burgener out at the Olympic Training Center got a set to supplement his Olympic weightlifting training. Let's hope he does well at the Worlds in a few days.

Rick Worthington 11-06-2003 09:59 PM

Steve- I hope you're able to stick around the site and check back with input to us all.

I assume from your current post at the top of the thread that you have offered up a kb seminar. The wrestling team I coach (Vista High in north county)for has been using kettle bells for the past year with good success. I would be quite interested in learning more if you if have seminars available. You can contact me off the forum @

Lincoln - what's your take on Burgener's training programs - meaning his certification course and so on? I've considered going over to his gym at RBV high school to see if I could get some olympic lifting instruction as my technique has degraded since college. Any feedback on him would be great.

Coach 11-09-2003 07:19 PM

Steve, we forgive you, and I give you ex post facto permission to post and promote your seminar, so now all is O.K. I hope it goes well. We pride ourselves around here on civility.

Now that we've made introduction, I'd like to invite you to check out "What is Fitness?"
It fairly well encapsulates the conceptual framework of this crew's take on fitness.

Welcome to CrossFit.


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