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Ryan Whipple 11-28-2008 05:49 PM

How often to MEBB?
If I am looking to emphasize strength gains as a priority alongside the WOD, is squatting and benching once a week, aiming for linear gains each week, an effective way to go? I was thinking about a 3x5 scheme like SS.

I want to squat because my technique needs work (as revealed by Rip's article), and the bench is the best upper body compound movement which isn't frequently part of the WOD. I think combining these two gives me the most efficient combo for strength gains.

Gavin Harrison 11-28-2008 11:04 PM

Re: How often to MEBB?
You've read the articles? I haven't read them, but I'm sure programming is in there somewhere..

Jason Ackerman 11-29-2008 03:38 PM

Re: How often to MEBB?
If you want to stick with CF WODs, I've seen a few people hit a heavy day before the first WOD of each cycle. So Day 1 - Squat and WOD, then day 2 and 3 WOD, day 4 rest, Day 5 - Bench and WOD, so on and so on.

Of course if day 2 is 5x5 Back Squat you may have to mix it up a bit.

Frank E Morel 11-30-2008 04:14 PM

Re: How often to MEBB?
actually ryan... just pick one stream of training and STAY WITH it... you are on your way to flipping and flopping again. Remembered what happened when you started bouncing around different diets.. ???? you crashed and burned and got all depressed and bummed out.

So again.... continue to do SS cycle ..again. or stay with the wods? Do a oly lift cycle.. Failing those... buy a zumba dvd and do that for a while.

JUST pick one and ride it for a stretch of time. Otherwise I am going to start sending you ritalin to take

Ryan Whipple 11-30-2008 05:07 PM

Re: How often to MEBB?
Frank: You know me so well! I'd never thought of myself as needing Ritalin, though I tend to always need SOMETHING to obsess over. I know I can't be good at everything right away, but the better I get the more I realize how much is left to do. (I thought I was pretty fit as a marathoner, CF changed that opinion and I've been scrambling to catch up ever since!)

I do appreciate the simplicity of your advice though. My SS cycle was my first experience of deliberately doing a program with certain goals in mind. The WOD is great GPP but in contrast to SS it now feels a little aimless (which, you might have noticed, kills me mentally!) However, I did sit down and write out my goals for the month. In my log (linked below) I posted my goals for December. I did well I think, setting out exactly what I want and how to get there. It's nice, because I get a lot of the things I want. I can do the extra ab and glute work (I think) I need, enjoy the fun of the WOD, and mix it up over Christmas when I'll be out of town.

I guess what I'm learning is that maybe moreso than other people, I need concrete goals to work towards or I start panicking. I am going to make a habit of monthly goals. Maybe in the future I will start setting longer-term goals, like 2-3 months.

Again, thanks for the advice. I need common sense pounded into me every once in a while! :thanx:

Wade Smith 11-30-2008 05:34 PM

Re: How often to MEBB?
Go straight to the horse's mouth, so to speak.
Coach Rut is working his crew through another winter MEBB as we speak. Check out the post for today on his Blog: (wf/s) and follow the methodology and planning for his upcoming daily WODs. Maybe some help there.

Damon Stewart 11-30-2008 08:38 PM

Re: How often to MEBB?
I do what Jason recommended and have been steadily progressing. I workout M, T, Th, Fr, some Saturdays. On Monday I Squat & Press before the WOD. On Thursday I Squat & Deadlift before the WOD. I usually program O-lifts once a week either on their own or as part of a WOD so I get at least one day of those if not two as well. I'm currently squatting 330# and Deadlifting 420#. My goals are to progress to 350# & 450# by year's end. If I get stuck I switch to front squats or rack pulls until I get unstuck.

Richard Doughty 11-30-2008 08:51 PM

Re: How often to MEBB?
at this point crossfit programing is there a reason to do the MEBB cause i think when it was devloped there was less heavy lifting in cf and more metcons
mebb calls for doing one heavy lifting session per 3-1 block
yet this week we did
heavy deads
max effort press

so techincally this week has even more heavy lifting then MEBB would have

personally strength is my main goal (of many ) i will make sure i do at least one day of heavy lifting per 3-1 block

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