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Aaron Markovich 11-12-2005 06:31 PM

The title might be a little misleading but I was in the middle of Linda today at my university's gym and I was told to stop DLing because I was bleeding from the shins. It took the wind right out of my sails because I actually felt like I was going to be able to complete Linda for the first time. One girl even brought over a first aid kit.

To begin with I'm not new to DLing and I think it's an exercise in which form can always be improved. I usually take a shoulder width stance (shins just inside the knurling), focus on keeping the back arched and trying to bend the knees as much as possible. When I perform the movement I focus on keeping the bar close to my body and try to lift through the heels. No matter what I always tear up my shins. I mean, I bleed a river of blood. Skin always comes off in the same place so it never heals. I just want to make it clear that this is a chronic problem and that I have come to accept it as part of the territory of lifting.

I'm not going to bash the gym or argue with them. Obviously, they have to be concerned about the health and safety of other patrons. Also, I have always cleaned up after myself during any WOD where I have bled.

A trap bar is not an option right now but any advice on products or pointers on tweaking form so that I stop the bleeding would help.

Joe Hasse 11-12-2005 06:38 PM

You could try wearing shin guards, or wrapping your shins with an ace bandage while doing DeadLifting.

Aaron Markovich 11-12-2005 06:44 PM

I was going to look for shinguards made specifically for DLing. I know that ace bandages would get shredded immediately. Sharp knurling+the pressure of heavy weight has shredded some of my pants in the past. I tried soccer shinguards once... total disaster, they're too short. The bar catches them on the way down.

John Velandra 11-12-2005 07:12 PM

Aaron, assuming there are no back injuries, have you tried angling forward slightly? You can do this even as you keep shoulders behind the bar.

Another question is what stance do you use? The conventional stance can hit the shins whereas the sumo stance dl would allow you to sit through the movement without any damage to the shins.

I know when I started dling years ago, I always tore up my shins (occassionally still do), but on the whole, as I got more comfortable with the move, it got a lot easier. Even when pulling past 500.

Give it a try, the only thing that'll be a problem is no more cool scars on the shins!:proud:

Matt Gagliardi 11-12-2005 07:58 PM

I've got banged-up shins as well. As far as I'm concerned, it comes with the territory. IMO, your gym is overreacting provided you're cleaning up afterwards.

Regardless...I'd probably just use a healthy amount of prewrap and then just wind some tape around the area.

Either that or duct tape pillows to your shins :wink:

Scott Shafer 11-12-2005 10:15 PM

Put athletic tape on your shins or soccer shin-guards. Whenever I used to powerlift, and get near a max, just bumping even the smooth part of the bar into my legs would result in a bleeder. Which was every time...

Scott Shafer 11-12-2005 10:19 PM

<sorry, network error double-posting>

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Tony Young 11-13-2005 05:00 AM

Try wide athletic tape vertically on the shins. Its stays put, doesn't catch and provides some comfort. It can pull the hair off but its better than scars. Just sweat a little and it should peel right off.

Ian Holmes 11-13-2005 08:03 AM

You could always do straight leg deadlifts. You have to make sure not to round your back, but once that is taken care of they are grand. I personally prefer them...

Larry Lindenman 11-13-2005 10:27 AM

Duct tape...shave your shins first!

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