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Nick Greer 07-17-2007 11:06 PM

Sorry if this requires a bit of a story but...

I had never had any trouble with my neck, spine, or back until I was tackled onto my head playing rugby in early April. My neck was sore for a little while and shrugged the whole thing off. Upon coming home for the summer I started sleeping on my side a lot and would awake with a massively sore back, just left of the spine, right between my shoulder blades. Recently on a final rep during a front squat set the bar slipped a bit from my shoulder on the way up and I finished the last rep with the bar sideways and my back started to hurt in the same spot. That was two days ago. I feel a lot better now but I could hardly move in the morning. Is this something interrelated to the original neck tweak? I'm sort of stubborn and will only go to the doctor if this is a serious problem. So far it hasn't effected my training (worked out fine today, avoiding the back however) so I'm reluctant to go. Will I one day be doing cleans and just snap my spine in two pieces? I'm careful but very reluctant to seek medical help unless it's imperative. I'd like to hear advice from anybody.

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