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Ben Cully 11-25-2009 09:10 PM

Am I in "The Zone" Korny I know!
I am recoverying from a ACL replacement so I have been off CrossFit and doing alot of Globo gym machines and stationary bike. I am 200 lbs, 69", 7 1/4 wrist, and 26" across the bellybutton. I figured that at 17%. I am getting 18 blocks figuring I would out 5 to 6 times a week, typical lifts with 20 to 40 min of cardio afterwards 140bpm or so. Does this sound correct. I am using paleo foods and a post workout protein meal packet after my workout. One calculator says I should be at 22 blocks and two other at 17 to 18.... thats a big range. I am of course wanting to lean down and keep myself near the 200 lb mark. Should I keep with the 18 blocks of protein, carbs and fat? I know how to judge the fat with my energy but what do I need to look for with adjusting the proteins and carbs..? I know this is alot but I greatly appreciate whatever advice is offered up. Ben

CJ Ryan Harris 11-26-2009 07:30 AM

Re: Am I in "The Zone" Korny I know!
Ok so if at 200 pounds your at 17% body fat.

200x.17 = 34 pounds of fat.


200 - 34 = 166 lean body mass.

If you take

166 x .7 (activity level)
------------- ===== 16.6 blocks a day

17 blocks, if you use an activity level of .8 its 19 blocks a day.

The calculations are just an estimate to get your in the right spot, you need to add/remove depending on how it is working for you. Everyone is different.

With the formula above, you will burn off the fat, if you want to stay at 200, then just recalculate the formula at a weight of 200 instead of LBM.


------- = 20 blocks.

CJ Ryan Harris 11-26-2009 07:41 AM

Re: Am I in "The Zone" Korny I know!
Just to add

Protein is required is that is calculated in the formula when you divide by 7, that is the required protein to support your LBM.

As for carbs some people work better with less, other work better with more. According to Robb Wolf, most people he has seen work better with half the carbs the zone recommends.

So if you are using 20 blocks, it would be 20 blocks P, 10 carbs,

You add 3 blocks of fat for everyone one block of carbs you remove, so you would add 30 blocks of fat. Ontop of your already 20 blocks of fat.

So it would look like

20Pro,10 carbs, 50 fat.

Adding in the 3 blocks of fat to replace 1 block of carbs keeps the calorie intake about the same.

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