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Irene Tosetti 05-04-2007 02:38 PM

in today's wod we had to do thrusters and jumping pullups.

My wrists hurt during the thrusters part... is this normal?

I don't think I understand how to change the grip and wrip position when you go to the low squatting part to the overhead part of the movement.

any help is greatly appreciated.

(VERY beginner!! 28yo F)

Luke Hope 05-04-2007 02:48 PM

As far as I understand, you don't actually change the grip. I grip with the bar in the "heel" of the hand the whole way. If you're changing grip, you can't really do the whole squat-to-press thing in one dynamic movement. It's not the same as a front squat or a clean.. it also doesn't need to be because the weight is comparatively light.

However, I'm a bit of a beginner too, so I might have it wrong.


Paul Findley 05-04-2007 02:51 PM

This seems normal.

Inflexible wrists. If you keep your elbows pointed forward in a good "rack" position a lot of the acceleration will be done with the bar on the front of your shoulders, not supported by your hands alone. The act of pointing your elbows forward for this good position will hurt if your wrists are inflexible.

So basically, if your new, your wrist will hurt due to bad position or due to correct position.

Rene Renteria 05-04-2007 05:53 PM

This thread has good info:

Thomas Covington 05-04-2007 06:02 PM

A bit off key here but I have noticed that when I do thrusters with the barbell my elbows face forward however when I do thrusters with dumbells my elbows face outward in line with my shoulders. Has anyone else noticed this?

With either method my grip remains constant throughout the exercise - bar in the heel of the hand as Luke said.

Irene Tosetti 05-07-2007 03:40 AM

thanks! it was probably due to my changing grip during the movement instead of keeping the bar at all times in the heel of the hand.
feeling better now!


Brandon Oto 05-08-2007 02:16 AM

Mine get sore in thrusters, push press, etc. and I believe it's from when I catch the weight in the rack. I don't actually do a good rack on my shoulders, so when the bar comes down for another rep it jams into my wrists, folding them back pretty good with high weights. No fun.

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