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Robert Olajos 04-19-2010 07:10 AM

Re: Write this name on your hand
Love his name. He's going places with that!

Emily Maisannes 04-25-2010 06:00 PM

Re: Write this name on your hand
Amanda Miller passed away on Friday. She was one of the athletes who competed at the CrossFit Games last year. She had every intent to compete again this year, not as an individual athlete, but representing her affiliate in the affiliate cup. She just ran out of time. She lost an 8 month battle against melanoma.

I had the incredible fortune of being her roommate for a good chunk of 2009, taking her from her post-Games prep through her surgery to remove the first tumor. We became close and I got to see up close and in person just what it takes to build a beast. That determination and mental hardness is what allowed her to fight so long. The odds were against her from the start, and she never wanted to be classified as "terminal", even when she was battling hepatic failure for months on end.

She had a heart of gold and always wanted to do the right thing in everything she did. She motivated so many people both in her good times and after she became symptomatic, to push harder, lift harder, run faster. I know she lit a fire under my rump when we met. I remember it was the first time I was swinging a 24 kg KB, and she just yelled at me to make it my b****.

I ran in a 200 mile relay this weekend. I could pretty much hear her telling me she thought I was crazy, and then asking if she could run it with me next year. Well, she ran it with me this year, yelling at me to get up that hill, chew up those miles, and blow it all out in the last 800 m of each leg.

Rest easy, Amanda. You'll kick my a** again when my days are up.

Robert Olajos 04-26-2010 06:42 AM

Re: Write this name on your hand
Sorry to hear about Amanda. She sounds amazing.

Hunter Lea 05-10-2010 07:25 PM

Re: Write this name on your hand
The Kaan family. Daryl Kaan died Saturday in a freak scuba diving accident. His partners think he may have had a heart attack during their ascent from 150 ft. We'll be doing a WOD for his family tomorrow morning. He is survived by his wife Tina, and sons Nathaniel and Christian.

Happy Training, and thanks

Travis Loest 05-23-2010 02:00 PM

Re: Write this name on your hand
My friend Johanna.
She lost her mother several months ago and now she's checked herself into the hospital for observation. She's battled with mental/behavioral disorders her entire life.
Be strong Jo.

Daryll Krivanos 05-24-2010 04:54 PM

Re: Write this name on your hand
I read this today:


This thread is indeed inspiring. Thank you very much.

Please also do a WOD with Melissa's name on your hands as well.

Courtney Powell 06-08-2010 06:17 PM

Re: Write this name on your hand
My friend's cousin, Dave recently got in a motorcycle accident and broke three vertebrae in his neck. They're moving him to a rehab center to get back use of his limbs, which will probably happen since he has some feeling in them. My friend Victor and Dave don't do crossfit, but they do do parkour and they're both very active individuals. Please write Dave's name on your hand. I have Fight Gone Bad in two days as a weight training final, and i'll write his name on my hand during that.


Melody Glasgow 06-26-2010 05:46 PM

Re: Write this name on your hand
Lindsay Babb, a fellow Crossfitter, and one of my teammates, was murdered last Tuesday. Linday, our forwards captain, was an incredibly rugby player, she was witty, had a beautiful singing voice, and was always there for her friends. Everyone that ever met Babb instantly liked her. She was a pleasure to be around and never failed to make you laugh. We will all miss her terribly. Please send some strength and good energy to the Babb family.

Jesse Newman-Barnhart 09-12-2010 07:37 PM

Re: Write this name on your hand
This is a great idea, I'm going to start doing this.

Brandi Eberly 10-18-2010 12:30 PM

Re: Write this name on your hand
Just wanted to add a name to the list. My friend's brother-in-law, Eric, was just diagnosed with a brain tumor this week. I don't know all the details, but he's going on my hand for tonight's WOD. If anyone else wants to add him, I would be grateful.


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