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Ben Nance 04-11-2007 05:55 PM

I just added up exactly what I have been eating regularly and it surprised me how few calories I am actually consuming. I need a little help here....

Here's my diet when I'm working (paramedic so it has to be quick, oh yeah 24 y/o, 185lbs, ~8-10%):

4 fresh eggs scrambled with 3 egg whites
3 slices of turkey
1 Banana

Meal #2-
Lean Cuisine Turkey and vegetables over a bed of raw spinach

Meal #3-
Lean Cuisine Steak Tips Portobella over a bed of raw spinach
1 Sweet Potato

Meal #4-
Some beef jerky or tuna
1 Banana

Meal #5-
1 'Jocalat' Larabar (soooooo good)

At the end of the day my figures came out as follows:
1446 Calories/51.5g Fat(17%)/155g Carbs(51%)/93.5g Protein(32%)

I drink around 2 gallons of water per day and supplement with: a multivitamin, fish oil(720mg EPA/480mg DHA), and probiotics.

I don't really feel like I can eat MORE food as I eat when I'm hungry and feel satisfied when I'm done. I need some advice on how to pack the meals I have with foods to get me closer to the 40/30/30 split I would like and get around 2000 calories. So far all I can think of is adding some tuna to meals 2 and 3, replacing the turkey with bacon at breakfast, and putting some olive oil on the sweet potato. Any help here?

Gayle Melnick 04-11-2007 06:06 PM

Snack on nuts throughout the day. Also, try making your breakfast eggs into a sort of mexican omelet. Put some olive oil in the pan, saute onions and peppers, then put the eggs in the pan. Season the eggs with some sort of mexican or fajita spice (most grocery stores carry these pre-blended spices). To add more fat, top the omelet with guacamole and salsa. If you're not strictly paleo then you can add a slice of cheese if you want.

Ryan Sears 04-11-2007 06:53 PM

I think adding some tuna, deli meats, or protein powder for the protein. Snackin on some nuts would up your fat and add a little protein. Maybe taking a swig of olive oil from the bottle might work? :g:

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