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Kevin Perry 07-03-2006 09:24 PM

Im about to leave on a several month long trek accross the country and want to keep in the best shape I can through nutrition and CF. Since I won't have access to a gym, im relying on the outdoors and my handy set of paralelletes. As far as nutrition, Im ocncerned about keeping on steady healthy foods. I don't want to stray into the fast food section. Are there any pointers anyone can give towards eating healthy and keeping fit on the go?

Im gonna keep as many paleo and zone friendly snacks as possible in the cooler. But im also wondering if there are any good recommendations for recipes on the go, I do plan on cooking some meals at camp sites as well.

Larry Lindenman 07-04-2006 05:24 AM

Grecery stores are your friend. Go the the meat counter for turkey, chicken, etc. Raw vegatables or a salad bar, slivered almounds, and fruit will round out your selections. You've got scales and everything! Also cheaper then going to a fast food place. McDonald's Asian Chicken salad is about a 4 block meal (comes with a bag of slivered almounds). Bring protein powder (vanilla goes with everything) and macadamia nuts (1 nut = 1 block of fat). If your orgnized, put the protein powder into empty water bottles (enough for a two block snack). Now all you have to do is eat an apple, add water to the pre-filled bottle, and eat 2 macas for a 2 block snack. Beef jerkey ain't ideal, but will do in a dire emergency (tons of nitrates though) could find beef jerkey and seeds/nuts at any gas station. You could go into any resturant and order a meat selection with steamed vegatables on the side and a salad. Prior to walking into the resturant, eat your block amount to macadamias and your GTG. Keep some fish oil pills in the cooler.

Keith Wittenstein 07-04-2006 05:40 AM

Hit the good grocery stores like whole foods, wild oats and trader joes. They sell nitrate-free jerky, dried fruits and nuts, in addition to great organic produce and snacks. I like jerky with an almond butter and jelly/raw honey sandwich on the side.

If you stock up on the basics like jerky, tuna, deli meats, apples, oranges and nuts, you'll be fine.

Have a great trip.

Kevin Perry 07-05-2006 05:49 PM

Thanks for the replies. Since i'll be on the constant move, i've been researching and I would like to try IF while im traveling. It's more reasonable for me since im never able to eat more than 2 meals a day anyways except for very small snacks. My workouts will be by way of hiking around paths at camp grounds and getting bodyweight excercises and parallelete training in motel rooms. Im actually hoping my BF% will drop during the trip since it's been stuck between 11-12 percent.

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