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Bryan Wilson 03-29-2014 05:33 AM

"I guess this is Hello World"
Hey everyone (hand wave)- I'm Bryan and I finally decided to register for an account and introduce myself. So, a little about me: I am 31 years old, husband for four years to a smoking hot wife and mother of two youngin's (Ace & Taylor), dog lover (chocolate lab named Zoey and a Jack Russell named Starlito), I have been in the Navy for 12 years now, and I've been doing Crossfit (steadily) now for about 8-9 months.

I got serious about doing crossfit on this last deployment. Now, when I say 'got serious' I mean as serious as you can be while onboard an aircraft carrier and don't know many movements. Basically I did Fran and Murph daily and mixed in a lot of deadlifts... Pretty lame, i know, but at least I feel like I laid down a decent (for me) strength base to now start doing all the workouts. Since I got back in November we've moved from San Diego to Jacksonville and I've set up a garage gym and have been using it and watching demo videos every day.
As far as goals go:
- Max-out on my semi-annual fitness test
- Get my wife into Crossfit (she has done about three workouts so far and seems to like it)
- Be a good example for my kids so that being fit becomes part of their life as they grow up.
- Help my next door neighbor achieve his fitness goals. He was in the Navy about 5 years ago and since getting out has put on about 50 pounds. He saw me working out about a month ago and said "Is that Crossfit you're doing? Oh **** son i've been wanting to try Crossfit for a while, would you mind if I started working out with you?" Of course I said- " Hell no, we can start tomorrow." We've been working out everyday since then and he's now a Crossfitter also.
- Get my strength numbers up enough to be able to complete (not compete just complete) all the Open and Regional as rx'd.
- It wouldn't hurt to get longer at golf but I think thats more of a reflection of a sucky technique with my golf swing then of how strong I am... at least thats what I like to tell myself anyways.

That's all for now folks, thanks for reading.


Helen M Brennan 03-31-2014 05:12 AM

Re: "I guess this is Hello World"
:welcome: young'un.


Boris Wartenberg 03-31-2014 05:25 AM

Re: "I guess this is Hello World"
Welcome to the board of fitness ;)
have fun, as you will have as I read your intro....


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