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Vickie Ellickson 02-10-2011 12:25 PM

V's Log
Unfortunately, the crossfit workouts will be sparse for awhile, but will try to incorporate them as much as I can with other activities.

"100 in Disguise"
20 rounds of
5 air squats
5 sit-ups
5 pushups
Completed in 20:59. Tried to work in a pull-up at the end of each round but that was quickly squashed when I finally did the math and realized I'd be doing 100 pushups. :yikes:

Tuesday (still recovering from cold and weekend tennis tournament):
1.5hrs jiu-jitsu

1 hr ultimate frisbee
1.5 tennis clinic

~30min run (25 burpees midway through) OR 1hr ultimate frisbee
1.5hrs jiu-jitsu

Vickie Ellickson 02-10-2011 02:46 PM

Re: V's Log
Regarding the 30min run and 25 burpees for time was 40mins on the nose. Had an unexpected running companion, but was pleasantly surprised! Thanks Jeff!

Ran down the Cent. Trail to the mile marker past the H. Bridge by GU. Did the burpees at the mile marker, came back.

Vickie Ellickson 02-14-2011 09:49 AM

Re: V's Log
Saturday: BJJ 1.5hrs

Sunday: Tennis 1.5hrs

Was going to do a metcon on Sunday but my body was telling me that it needed a day off. The BJJ instructor used me as a drilling partner for hip throws on Saturday so I wasn't feeling that hot. Plus it was Valentine's weekend and the focus was NOT on working out.

Vickie Ellickson 02-21-2011 09:37 PM

Re: V's Log
Calling this "Sandbag Lady"... Completed 21:21


Sandbag thrusters
Box jumps
Sandbag around the body

Form was not great for the thrusters...too much weight and sandbag not balanced.

Vickie Ellickson 02-28-2011 09:47 AM

Re: V's Log
Did some work at the globo yesterday. Mostly messing around, seeing what I could do with the equipment that I don't have at home. Didn't keep track of counts, just kept doing the exercise until I couldn't anymore. Approximate time was 20mins. Was really happy with the pullups...did a couple of sets of 3x dead-hang pullups. Couldn't get many on the dips though, maybe 5. I guess I don't do much in my exercises that help with dips. Need to make some sort of dip station at home. Or...go to the gym more. :rolleyes:

box jumps
box jumps
box jumps
kb swings
box jumps
kb swings
box jumps
kb swings
knees to elbows

Vickie Ellickson 02-28-2011 03:02 PM

Re: V's Log
Today, ran for 42:30.

Ran to mile marker past GU, did 25 burpees, ran back. Did 3 sortof pullups on tree branch near the finish. I say "sortof" because the branch wasn't parallel to the ground, had more of a 30 degree angle. Grabbed it so that I was facing the bottom of the branch and pulled myself up til my shoulder hit the branch, alternating sides.

About 2" of slush (yuck) on some parts of the run. Did the burpees in the dirt/icy slush mud (double yuck).

Have an hour and a half of doubles tennis tonight. Perhaps I should have not run today considering all the box jumping I did yesterday, plus tennis last night and tennis tonight. I'm going to try to push it this week and de-load (sortof) next week in preparation for the BJJ tournament on the 12th.

Vickie Ellickson 02-28-2011 03:29 PM

Re: V's Log
One more item for today...

If I can dunk a bball by the end of summer, G is going to buy me a new gi!

Box jump and squats FTW! :pepper:

Vickie Ellickson 03-02-2011 01:51 PM

Re: V's Log
Bench Challenge
Time: 42:00

Run usual route (Riverfront Park to mile marker 21). Along the way, do 5x dips at each set of benches. Do only benches that are right along the trail.

If someone is sitting on the bench, proceed to the next free bench along the way and make it up there.

Also threw in 3 pullups near the start (wide beam, so didn't have a great grip) and 4 pullups near the end (angled tree branch, so I faced the branch and did shoulder pullups.

I haven't done runs where I did any sortof station work along the way in a really long time. I don't think the burpees in the middle of a run quite count. This was fun and challenging. The end was especially tough because there were five benches in a row with a set of pullups in the middle. :yikes: I hit about 15-20 benches. Was interesting how it affected my normal breathing pattern, even after I had "recovered" from the last set.

I did this instead of burpees because the ground is still slushy/muddy and I got pretty dirty (and wet) and Monday. I tried doing some burpees on the wooden beams of the bridge, which were about the only area that was dry outside, but my feet were slipping as I was kicking back and I decided that wasn't a great idea.

This workout could be made more challenging by the following:

-increase the # of dips at each bench
-do *every* bench, not just sets of benches
-go off the trail and do those benches too

Tennis tonight, probably singles, might be double.

Vickie Ellickson 03-07-2011 03:23 PM

Re: V's Log
3/3 BJJ 1.5hrs

3/4 Frisbee (played like crap)

3/5 BJJ 1.5hrs & Tennis Singles 1.5hrs

3/6 Tennis 2.25hrs (USTA 3.5 Match)

The match yesterday was grueling. The three hours of activity I did on Saturday surely did not contribute to an overall feeling of rest yesterday. I didn't think it was going to be that bad, but I played another defensive baseliner who didn't make that many unforced errors. One of our games in the 2nd set must have had at least 10 deuce points. :yikes: I was exhausted. But I did win. :pepper:

This is a rest week. Will do BJJ on Thursday night and that's it. No espresso, soda, alcohol nor baked goods leading up to the tournament on Saturday. The cookies will be the hardest to resist.

Vickie Ellickson 03-11-2011 03:07 PM

Re: V's Log
3/10 BJJ 1.5hrs

Class was good. Relatively light...did a lot of positional techniques and some submissions. Did positional sparring but no free rolling. Will get plenty of that tomorrow. :evilsmile

BJJ tournament tomorrow. I stuck with the no alcohol, no espresso, no cookies diet for the week. The temptation was strong and my will was weak, but I still prevailed. I don't think it has made me feel much different, but NOT working out for 2hrs/day this week does leave me feeling well-rested. I should have plenty of energy for tomorrow (which is good considering there will be 10hrs of driving on top of the actual competing). I've missed working out and it felt weird taking the week off, but the fact that I'm antsy to get back to it after Saturday is probably a good sign.

Drinking lots of water today and tonight, eating plenty of (relatively) good food and looking forward to getting on the mat!

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