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John C. Brown 03-02-2008 10:12 PM

Squat rack system that attaches to pull up frame
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Hello all,
We have just moved into a new facility and it has given us cause to hire a welder to redo our pullup frame. As it turns, Montrose has a wealth of brilliant people when it comes to making things with their hands. This is one of those things. I am a whore for multi functional devices, this makes our pull up fram a squat rack as well, and in a pretty efficient way. I told the welder that I would put this up to see if any one would like a set. Basically, it attaches to a 2x2 square tube frame, all you have to do is have some one drill the holes in the back.

You can PM me for specs or whatever, I don't think they take very long to make.

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