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Marc Neumann 08-05-2007 01:41 AM

Hey all,
I´ve been using the WOD for a few weeks to get the most success out of my workout.
But first, let me tell you something about me: I´m from Germany, 29 years old and I´m a highschool teacher for physical education, politics and history. In my younger years I was a triathlete. But now I haven´t got enough time to get this kind of training done. So I was looking for something new, which could give me motivation for new goals (reduce back pain, gain lean mass,...), and very important, saving time.
For now I´m trying to follow the WOD, but I sometimes have to modify it a bit . (I have no kettleballs, no Olympic lifting coach. But I was working as a fitness coach for 10 years, so I know the other "most common" exercises quite well.)
At the moment I´m weighing in at about 142 pounds (height: 5`11``), which is quite skinny. My goals for the next months are to gain 10-15 pounds. For this I also changed my diet to 40% proteins, 40% fats and 20% carbs.
So that´s it for now.
Would be nice to hear from someone. Sorry for my bad English.
See you Marc

Simon Bowley 08-05-2007 02:26 AM

Hi Marc,

I only recently started ( and had to take a little break recently) and am also a teacher, in England. I weigh in at about 154 lbs and 6' so very similar build. I also did triathlons!

Good luck and we'll keep in touch with our progress? Nice to have a German here - your English is better than you think! You put us Brits (and mayber Americans?) to shame with your country's language skils!

Kevin McMillan 08-05-2007 06:25 AM

welcom mate! dont worry about not having a coach by your side, there are alot of instructional videos on the CF main site undea 'excercise demos' and if you have a video camera im sure theres many people who are willin to help coach on the message boards 'digital coaching' thread!

best of luck with you goals!

James Bailey 08-06-2007 03:44 AM

Hi Marc,

Good to hear from some Europeans here. I am English but living in Basel, Switzerland. There is a shortage of Crossfitting here. I have been dong the shedule for a couple of months now, though with many subs as I have no Equipment yet and have not foudn a good gym here. Where are you in Germany?

And yes your English is fine, far better than my German, but then I've only been learning for a couple of months.


Derek Maffett 08-06-2007 04:37 PM

You actually speak very good English. Your post looks about the same as any American member's here except for the line spacing. :happy:

Christina Von Rassler 08-08-2007 08:04 AM

Where are you in Germany? My husband is from Bremerhaven and is a history teacher here in California. We get a German exchange boy in 2 weeks to live with us. He is near Hamburg. They haven't heard of Crossfit where he lives. You can use dumb bells for your kettlebell swings and I know the website has information about making your own wall balls. You will love Crossfit and find results like nothing else. From what I've read on the sites, most men don't gain bulk (like the bodybuilders) but lean out and gain muscle. Much more attractive to us women anyway, believe me, we just like a fit athletic type. I saw tremendous changes in about 4 months, I'm sure you'll see it quicker being a young male. Like Kevin said, the exercise demos will help a lot.


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