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Jason McCain 02-28-2007 08:12 AM

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Thanks to my wife Eileen for putting this together.

We have this printed out and posted in our gym (we also have a list of the ladies). Anyone who comes to workout can go to the wall and pick something out for themselves and see the meaning behind the workout. It can be a great tool for remembering a fallen comrade and inspiring max intensity.

Daniel Fannin 02-28-2007 11:16 AM

Jason, I'm working on putting these up in the gyms on base. Do you have any problem with that? Do we need to order through you or just reproduce it locally?

Jason McCain 02-28-2007 11:24 AM


Have at it. Good idea...I will follow suit. Please let me know the reponse at your base.

Jason Steele 02-28-2007 12:10 PM

That's good work Jason.

Nicholas Burgett 02-28-2007 05:29 PM

That's very well done Jason. Thank you to you and your wife for the effort.

Daniel Fannin 02-28-2007 05:55 PM


Thanks! So far the response is positive...I just haven't said anything about who's going to pay for them....*sigh.*

Jerry Hill 02-28-2007 06:57 PM

This is excellent work
Can I order one, or several of these from you?
or How do I produce it?

Strength and honor,

Jason McCain 02-28-2007 08:12 PM

All you have to do is print to a color printer or save the file, take to Walmart and print the size you want. My wife just put the slides together and printed at home to hang up in our gym.

Frank DiMeo 03-01-2007 06:35 AM

Awesome, Jason!

Ryan Norman 03-01-2007 07:17 AM

Great work. It always gets me more motivated for the workouts when I think of the sacrifices these guys made.

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