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Andrew Swartz 01-04-2007 12:59 AM

Does anyone know of a greens product that doesn't contain nightshades (they all seem to have tomato), legumes, rice or soy? I'm looking for something to throw into my protein shake to make it a little more alkaline.

Garrett Smith 01-04-2007 06:07 AM

Good luck in finding that "perfect" green drink.

I personally use and recommend the NewMark Organic Fruits 'n Greens (aka NewChapter BerryGreen).

Yes, there is some cultured oats and rice in it. That being said, they are included, IMO, as a carbohydrate food base for the culture. As they are cultured, I don't worry too much about them. None of my patients have had any reactions to this supplement as far as I know.

This formula avoids the grain grasses and the nightshades, is cultured, and is all organic. That's why I chose it even with the rice and the oats.

Andrew Swartz 01-04-2007 10:35 PM

Thanks Garret, I'll give BerryGreen a try.

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