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Diane Dennis 10-12-2009 04:54 AM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
Today - 10/12/09
6AM group workout on the North Shore

Today is my birthday - I am now 51!

Jumping jacks, front-to-backs, bench step-ups

100 burpees - 11:41

B-day WOD:
51 jump squats (43/8)
51 bench dips (35/16)
51 lunge walks
51 push-ups (tough after the burpees - 11/8/6/6/5/5/5/5 :censored:)
51 sit-ups

Group singing "Happy Birthday"
Fun morning!!

John Warkala 10-12-2009 09:30 AM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
Happy birthday, Diane !!:pepper::pepper::pepper:

Diane Mahoney 10-12-2009 09:48 AM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
Happy birthday, Diane! :D

Re: CrossFit at the Globo, the little gym in my office building just released an advertisement and among the other kinds of classes it offers is "CrossFit". I can't imagine it's more than once or twice a week. It's a very small gym with lunchtime group classes.

Nancy Cohen 10-12-2009 11:23 AM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
[QUOTE=Diane Dennis;678433]Today - 10/12/09
6AM group workout on the North Shore

Today is my birthday - I am now 51!

Jumping jacks, front-to-backs, bench step-ups

100 burpees - 11:41

B-day WOD:
51 jump squats (43/8)
51 bench dips (35/16)
51 lunge walks
51 push-ups (tough after the burpees - 11/8/6/6/5/5/5/5 :censored:)
51 sit-ups

Group singing "Happy Birthday"
Fun morning!![/QUOTE]

Happy Birthday!

I've been thinking about fun workout or active things to do when I turn 50 (besides officially posting in this thread :D). I like your workout idea, so I might steal that. I could also do things like, swim 50x50, cycle 50 miles. I guess the possibilities are endless. :)

Pat Quigley 10-12-2009 03:45 PM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
Diane, happy birthday. There is a workout called "Filthy Fifty" around here somewhere. I like the idea of a special workout for your birth year. remember Jack LaLanne pulled some 72 boats on his 72nd B'day.

It is with fear and trepidation that I ask this group to design a "Dirty 65" for me. :o

Did a scaled "Elizabeth" today: 3 RFT: 21-15-9 of Cleans and Ring dips. I scaled the cleans to 65 lb to get improvement in form and depth etc. Finished in 11: 58.

The physical therapist has got me practicing getting my body down quickly. I imagine that I am pulling my knees to my chest---without having my feet leave the ground. It's helping. With 65 lbs, I can do the initial pull and let the bar sail on its own while I get under it. Grazed my chin and chest a few times.

Peter Nathan 10-12-2009 04:49 PM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
First weight workout in a week after twoinking my back;

Back squat 5 x 5 X 220
Press 5 X 5 X 112
Deadlift 5 X 5 X 264

Bill Houghton 10-12-2009 05:13 PM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In

W/U ROM stuff, hips, shoulders. Air squats to 20, 16 and 12" Plyobox.

21, 15, 9
65 lb thrusters to 14" Dynamax ball
Jumping pullups but lowered down as slow as I could (not very, but slower than just dropping).


Cool: Jump rope. Able to jump on the right leg again, FINALLY! Able to get a couple double unders. Without CF, I doubt I would have ever discovered the "cure" for this right leg/knee (and thanks Kelly Starrett). Ran 1.2 miles yesterday (blush) 19 minutes, 40 degrees. Slow and a little pain, but able to run again. Now it will just get better.

Happy Birthday to Dianne. :pepper:

John Burch 10-12-2009 05:47 PM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In

WU back extensions GHD situps air squats

3@ 65#
3@ 85#
3@ 105@
3X 2 @ 110#

7 rounds of
10 pushups
10 ring dips
as RX

post WOD 5X 15
V situps

m/55/183# crossfit Chesterton

Mark Ervi 10-12-2009 07:45 PM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
Happy Birthday Diane!!!

Today I Warmed up w/2 rounds of 15 squats, 15 sit-ups, 5 push-ups, 2 pull-ups
Then ran 400m

Then did modified “FRAN” w/70lbs. thrusters
My time: 12:06

Rested 5 minutes
Then ran 1 mile in 8:24

Terry Dickman 10-12-2009 10:36 PM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
Happy Birthday Diane!
Thats a great time on 100 burpees.

I took the week off last week and rested since our box was closed. Started back up today.

[B]Monday 091012[/B]
21-18-15-12-9-6 and 3 rep rounds of:
Power clean 95 pounds
Back extensions

12:33 rx'd

John Warkala 10-12-2009 11:13 PM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
Row 2500m - 9:57.4

KB drills

Modified Helen
30 box step ups
21 KB swings (1.5 pood)
3 rope climbs


Work on dips, HSPU.

Diane Dennis 10-13-2009 09:18 AM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes! My husband is taking me out tonight for a swanky dinner so I'm sure my 6AM workout tomorrow will involve a serious wine hangover.

Today - 10/13/09
11AM workout in the gym with Bill

WU: Stretching, run to the gym, row 500m, dumbbell swings

Did DLs today (my favorite) and I totally sucked! Couldn't get past 140! Perhaps I was still suffering form yesterday's 100 burpees.

8 x 95#
8 x 95#
6 x 115#
3 x 135#
3 x 140# (F on rep 2)
1 x 140# (F)

12 SDLHPs - 55#

Skipped the post WOD row and ran home.

Diane Mahoney 10-13-2009 09:22 AM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
Mmmmmmmm wine. I haven't had a drink in, um, 16 days. :yikes: Enjoy your birthday dinner!


5 Rounds for time
Run 400 meters
30 box jumps, 24″ box
30 Wall ball shots (20#/14#)

I did stepups on a 20" box and I used a 10# ball for wallballs and mostly hit between 8' and 10'. Still working on getting the 10# ball to the 10' mark. My time was 33:30.

We are having "a week with the girls." :evilsmile

Charles Pyke 10-13-2009 10:37 AM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
[B]Diane, Happy Birthday[/B]. Nice job on the birthday burpees.

Spent a couple of days this weekend working on cars. getting too cold to do that outside anymore this year.

12 min on elliptical / 12 min run

3x10 knees to waist
3x20 sit ups. Last set was not easy at all.

3 sets 95x5 press
3 sets 135x5 back squat

Romanian Deadlifts

Seems like everything is coming back quickly. Could have lifted heavier, but patience, patience. Still ate running, but the AF says I have to do it.

[B]Diane Birthday Broccoli[/B]

John Burch 10-13-2009 06:22 PM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
Sampson stretch
10 Cherry Pickers
10 Pushup
10 Situp
10 Pullup
10 Dislocates
10 O/H Squat @ 45#
10 Situp
10 Lunge
10 CJ @ 65#
Double Under Work

WOD 100 Mega Burpees

Post Wod 4 rounds 300 M Row 1: Rest between sets, row times between 1:10 1:18

m/55/183/ 5'11" Crossfit Chesterton

Deb Weber 10-14-2009 03:36 AM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
Happy belated birthday Diane...many more! Cool that you get to make up your birthday WOD - our affiliate surprises us with one.

[I]Not a good day, not feeling well. Had to keep stopping on the rower (stomachache). Last week w/no rest Sunday (5k), plus the birthday wod wrecked me. Don't know how some of you do 5 on all the time - with the tough wods you do. Just didn't seem like I recovered well all week[/I]!:p

Warmup (row 500, GHD situps, weighted back ext, squats, pullups)

[B]Strict Press: 5,4,3,2,1[/B]
10x45# Warmup
For time:
1000 meter row
21 knees to elbows
21 back extensions
750 meter row
15 k2e
15 back extensions
500 meter row
9 k2e
9 back extensions
250 meter row

Warmup (row 500, GHD situps, weighted back ext, squats, pullups)
WOD - "Helen"[/B]
3 rounds for time of:
400 meter run
21 kettlebell swings - 24kg (16kg)
12 pull-ups

[B]10.11.2009 - REST DAY, hooray![/B]

Warmup (row 500, GHD situps, weighted back ext, squats, pullups)

[B]Max effort pullups[/B] (every Monday)
Used the dipping belt w/10# - 5 negatives
Kipping pullups (working on full ROM, slow & head over the bar)

10 rounds for time of:
15 deadlifts - 135# (95#)
15 push-ups

Warmup: 10 burpees, weighted back ext, GHD situps, squats, pushups

5 rounds for time of:
15 push press - 95# (65#)
30 double unders

Progress! able to string together up to 10 doubleunders at a time. First time ever. I had to wait and watch the group before me train, was taking a while; I like that b/c, I always pick up a tip or two just watching & listening...yesterday's tip: "its all in the wrists".

Diane Dennis 10-14-2009 08:25 AM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
Today - 10/14/09
6AM group workout on the North Shore

Freezing cold this morning!!:brrr:

15 Bench dips, 30 squats

AMRAP 20 minutes
5 burpees
10 push-ups
15 lunge walks

10 rounds + 5 burpees, 10 push-ups, 10 lunge walks
The push-ups slowed me down - had to do 5/5 after round 5

Post WOD:
15 Bulgarians each leg
15 Hungarians each leg

Diane Mahoney 10-14-2009 08:59 AM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In

Circuit warmup

Row 150m (this is the timer)
Overhead squats
Ring Dips

1000m row
50 thrusters (35# for me)
30 pullups (3 bands for me)

Time 14:33

I figured out (duh) on the rower that I can concentrate on my back and that'll probably help with the other movements. The legs know what to do. Pullups for sure felt stronger today.

Deb Weber 10-14-2009 03:28 PM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
Tired today.

Warmup: burpees, situps, squats.

[B]Strength:[/B] Hang Power Clean 3/3/3/3/3.
65/75/85/95/105 (105 was ugly but I got them)[B]

AMRAP 15 min:[/B]
10 GHD situps, 20 burpees
6 Rounds plus 5.

John Scott Rezendes 10-14-2009 03:44 PM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
It's been nearly two weeks. Sheesh! I was caught in a perfect storm of kid sickness and wife prepping for deployment leave...oh, and wine in a box. Anyway, I had an MRI w/ resolution on the knee and was told that I need to be more patient and stop squatting below parallel and with any weight higher than BW. Still not runnning at 21 weeks post op.

C2 2000m 9:35.7
#115x4 (F on the fifth)

C2 1000m 4:30.1
10-10-15 pullups
5-7-10 dips
#45 plate each hand 50m shuttle
10-10-15 GHD
10-12-15 walking lunge w/ #25 ball OH
10-12-15 walking burpees
60second SUx3


Birthday wishes to [B]all[/B] that have had them.

Deb Weber 10-14-2009 03:45 PM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
Ok [B]Mr Burch[/B], I have to ask? What is a Mega Burpee??
And [B]Diane[/B] a bulgarian - its a one legged split squat? Hungarian is up on the toe?

Pat Quigley 10-14-2009 05:52 PM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
John, good luck with the knee.

Today I was scheduled to do a Crossfit Total. However, keeping my promise to the P/T, I decided against an all out effort until all the body parts are in the right allignment. So I changed the work out to: 3 X 3 x lifts for BS, OHP, and DL.

BS 3X 3X 275
OHP 3 X 3 X 155
DL 3 X 3 X 335.

My practice prior to the main set was to do standing back curves. After a few dozen of these, then hang on a bar and do the movement. This is the first part of the kip swing which the P/T is teaching me. For some reason, I have always tried to initiate a kip by swinging back, not forward in the hang. A few months ago I was doing this swing thing and got a power rack to start tilting.:yikes:

John Warkala 10-14-2009 10:02 PM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
10/13/09 - Rest Day


Row 30 min- 7428m

10 Rds for time
15 DL @ 135#
15 Push ups

26:44 (Should have been better, my back took control of my mind !)

Linda Kardos 10-14-2009 10:27 PM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In

Ab Planks - Day 12: 1:30,1:30, 1:00, 1:00,1:00 then later 2:00, 1:00, 1:00, 1:00, 1:00 = [B]12 minutes[/B]


Ab Planks - Day 13: (throughout the day) 2:00x2 and 1:00x10 = [B]13 minutes[/B]


[B][U]Warmup[/U][/B][LIST][*]2 min. wall ball[*]12x neck mobility movements (3 directions)[*]12x shoulder dislocates[*]12x 10# windmills (L&R)[*]12x 12 PLU[*]12x PU[*]12x lunge (alternating L&R)[*]12x SN balance (PVC)[*]12x Russian leg thrusts (L&R)[/LIST][B]SP[/B] 45#x5

[B]SQ[/B] 85#x5,

7 RNDS for time[LIST][*]7 WB 20# (subbed 12#)[*]7 PLU [*]7 split jerk (PVC) alternate fr. leg each rnd[/LIST]Time: 15:25

Ab Planks - Day 14: (throughout the day) 2:00x1 and 1:00x12 = [B]14 minutes[/B]
[B]Diane[/B] - happy belated BD! (my old box did AMRAP in 10 of 45# thrusters for the birthday WOD)

[B]Everyone[/B] dealing with knees, back, and healing.... -hang in there and good work with what you've done.

[B]Deb[/B] - your going strong...good work!

John Scott Rezendes 10-15-2009 01:13 PM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In

Biked to gym. Had a bit of a BoW (Box-o-Wine) headache which was exacerbated by the heat and car exhaust. When I got to the gym the manager grabbed me and told me they (Ft Stewart MWR) just purchased a bunch of Crossfit equipment and were putting it in a raquetball court at another location...rings, bumper plates, k-bells, C2's, etc. Excellent news. They will open next week once they get the mats down. MTF re: same.
C2 @ 5.5 damper 500m 2:18. My goal is to break a 2:00 500m. I just can't seem to pull it off...I think my PR is somewhere around 2:07. What's the trick, [B]Diane[/B]? Besides, row faster, I mean.
5-5-7 DH pullups
5-5-10 dips
5-10-15 BW squats
5-5-5 each leg Bulgarian lunges

WOD: 5 rounds for time
#135 Hang Squat Clean 15 reps (scaled to #75 after first round)
30 pushups

22:33.8 The wheels came off after round three and I lost some time changing weights out after round one. Pretty smoked by the end. Biked home.

Jeff Kilinski 10-15-2009 03:33 PM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
Since last post,

Tue, Oct 13
Freddy's Revenge 135# 9 mins 36 secs

Overhead Squat 3-3-3-3-3
65 lbs, 65 lbs, 75 lbs, 75 lbs, and 85 lbs

Mon, Rest

Sun, 40 min elliptical

Sat, Oct 10
Pull-ups 3 Rounds AMRAP 55

Max reps 3 rounds, 5 min each round,
Runs 400, Max Effort Box Jumps, Push-up, Sumo Deadlift High

We (TriCities CF) start a new 8 week challenge this weekend. Format similiar to games.

Event 1:

Max effort load: "floor to overhead two hands anyhow"....(15 minute time cap)

-Load must reach full lockout, and lifter must be in control of the load during the lockout!

Event 2:

Complete 10 rounds of "Cindy" as quickly as possible....(15 minute time cap)

-1 Round of "Cindy" is:

-5 Pullups
-10 Pushups
-15 Squats

-This event will be time based.

Event 3: TBA....

Daryll Krivanos 10-15-2009 04:37 PM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
Greetings everyone, my name is Daryll and I've been "lurking" here for about a week or so. I'm 56 years old and have been crossfitting for about 6 weeks. Since I lost over 90lbs in 2005 I've pretty much been a cardio junkie. That is, until I started crossfitting. I've never been very active and I still consider myself a newbie when it comes to anything athletic.

It's been hard to reconcile my love for longer periods of cardio and crossfit. I'm still working on that. No doubt, at my age, crossfit DEMANDS recovery and rest.

From what I've read on this message board, I do share quite a bit with most everyone here (except for the awesome times & lack of major scaling) and I look forward to sharing encouragement and resolutions to the various aches and pains we "old folk" experience. i.e. I've been taking mega doses of fish oil per the last Dr. Sears lecture on battling inflammation. As a result I believe my truly screwed up right knee already is doing much better. I also need to know; Diane M., Exactly what kind of procedure did Kelly Starrett do to help?

While I'm very strong in the cardio end of fitness (I raced Sears Tower in 20:37 and place 114 of almost 2,000), I've got a long way to go to work on my physical strength. My first crossfit total was 395. I'm pretty sure I'll manage 500 on the next and be into 600 before the end of the year. A lot of my problem was lack of form & just plain fear on the BS & DL.

I'm lucky to be going to an affiliate with a great coach.

In any event, to get to the business at hand;

10/15/09 – “Crossfit” Rest Day
W.U. 30 Push ups, 20 Squats, 5 Pull Ups
Daily Cardio:
20 minutes of speed bag,
10 minutes jump rope.
1 mile on treadmill (7:30)

Lunch. (I’m very fortunate to have a fitness center where I work)
Inspired by John W’s 7428 30 minute row yesterday:
30-minute row – 7245m (P.R. by 28m)
AWESOME row John!:notworth:

Charles Pyke 10-15-2009 05:23 PM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
Daryll...Welcome. If you love cardio, you'll love metcon workouts.

Scott...Getting better times on the C2 is not necessarily a matter of going faster. I use method I learned from one of the CF C2 videos. It's a 3 count motion. 1 and 2 are consist of the pulling portion. My "1" is a long powerful push. At this stage I like to think in terms of doing a power clean. The idea is very similar. That is, you're pushing hard against the foot rests with the balls of your feet, just like the initial part of a power clean. Your arms are and hands are just for hanging on. The "2" is shorter with a smooth transition beginning with the arm pull (or there about). I try to continue, as much as possible, the momentum of the initial pull. If you watch the power graph on the display you can tell when your legs start running out of extension and the arms take over. Ideally, this curve should be smooth as possible. The "3" count is the same length as the "1" count and is the recovery back to the beginning of the stroke. If you rush this too much you will definitely run out of gas quicker. Contrary to most CF moves, let your back curve (as opposed to locked rigidly upright) until the finish of the stroke or you'll waste usable stroke length. Recurve your back again on the recovery. My max stroke rate on all out efforts, especially on short sprints is only about 25 - 27 strokes per minute. Higher stroke rate does not equate to better times. It's like spinning a bicycle tire with your hand. Can you spin it faster by lots of quick little jabs or steady measured pulls? Try it with your bike. Lastly, set the damper to 3.5 to 4 (C2 recommended). I keep mine on 4. Hope that wasn't to much a rehash. I started writing and got carried away.

10 min elliptical/13 min running.

Tried some pull ups. Thinking that doing kipping PU's probably aren't a good idea yet, I did three regular. It's amazing how much work your abs do even on these. That kind of hurt a bit, so I stopped.

3 x 5 x 225
1 x 315

Push ups 3 x 10

Diane Mahoney 10-15-2009 06:00 PM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
[QUOTE=Daryll Krivanos;680742]Diane M., Exactly what kind of procedure did Kelly Starrett do to help? [/QUOTE]

Oh, I just asked who she is. :) Apparently she is anti-ibuprophen, but I haven't really read anything she's written. And what the heck kind of rest day is that?! ;)

Daryll Krivanos 10-15-2009 06:24 PM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
[QUOTE=Diane Mahoney;680784]Oh, I just asked who she is. :) Apparently she is anti-ibuprophen, but I haven't really read anything she's written. And what the heck kind of rest day is that?! ;)[/QUOTE]

Oops... Sorry Diane, I misread post #2156... My question should have been directed to Bill H.

B.T.W. - I did say I was still working on my cardio habit :whistlin:

Terry Dickman 10-15-2009 08:02 PM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
Welcome Daryll, I think you will find your running times improve if you stick with CF, if you like that type of workout you should check out [url][/url] (WFS). Your strength will definately improve.

Hey Diane, Actually Kelley is a guy. You should check out his videos on the CF Journal, he is the founder of Crossfit San Francisco (WFS) [url][/url]

[B]Wednesday 091014[/B]
125, 145, 165, 185(f), 175(f), 165, 170

Plank Hold - 6:06

Linda Kardos 10-15-2009 10:26 PM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
Glad you could join in [B]Daryll[/B]!

[B][U]Warmup[/U][/B] - same as 10-14-09

45x4 HSN
SN: 1-2-1-1-1-1

1 SN then 2 OHS
65#x 5

No WOD today

Ab Planks - Day 15: (throughout the day) 2:30, 2:00, 1:30 and 1:00x9 = [B]15 minutes[/B]

John Warkala 10-15-2009 11:10 PM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In

Row 5555m - 22:56.4 (Broke 100,000m for the Concept 2 Fall Challenge 9/15-10/15)

Crossfit Total
BS- 355
Press- 170
DL- 385

CFT = 910 (20lbs less than PR)

Jeff Kilinski 10-16-2009 04:29 AM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
Welcome aboard Daryll. I'm relatively new here also. Been crossfitting for almost a year.

Yesterday's WOD a little unusual since it wasn't timed. Felt a little strange until we got to the last couple of cycles. Then it was just plain HARD.

Without letting go of the bar, or resting it on the ground complete 7 sets of the sequence for 1 round. Do 5 rounds increasing the load per round:

-Power Clean
-Front Squat
-Push Press
-Back Squat
-Push Press

65#, 95#, 105, 105, 105

Charles Pyke 10-16-2009 08:06 AM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
Eased up a bit today.

Walked about a mile. Then 6 min on the elliptical with a load increase every minute.

Jump rope - 100 regular - 2 min walk - 100 alternating foot - 2 min walk and so on. Think I did 1000 jumps. Wasn't really paying attention.

Bench Press- barx5, 65x5, 95x3, 115x3, 135x3, 145x, 155x3, 165x3, 175x3

Then lots of stretching, especially my hamstrings.

John Scott Rezendes 10-16-2009 11:53 AM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
Hurting today. Probably just need a 60 minute deep tissue massage and some tub therapy. Anyway...

500m C2 @ 3.5 damper 2:22.0 and then again
500m C2 @ 3.5 damper 2:12.3
[B]Charlie[/B], thanks for the explanation. Still trying to figure out the power meter.
10-10-10 Shoulder pass throughs
5-10-15 pullups
5-10-15 dips
5-10-15 BW squats
5-5-5 #45 OHS

Supposed to have been 21-18-15-12-9-6-3 Hip Back Extensions with each set preceded by a 400m run. I however did:

20 Burpees in place of the run
GHD in place of the HBE
24:40.3....Not bad considering the 140 burpees nearly killed me.

Pat Quigley 10-16-2009 04:00 PM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
worked on the 091016 WOD. This is 21 Hip-Back Ext, 400m run
18 Hip-Back Ext, 400m run
15 .............................
3 Hip-Back Ext, 400m run

I did these jogging on a treadmill. Finished in 32:15. The jogging went will. The therapy is working! No pain in toes nor pain or swelling in knee.:kicking0:

Bill Houghton 10-16-2009 06:29 PM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
Yesterday worked on front squat and the pull phase of the clean with coach Andy Tysz at the USOEC. Today ran 3+ mile loop by my house and cut off a little over 3 minutes. It feels so very good to run again. Next weekend it's Omaha to see Coach Rippatoe for Basic Barbell Cert. I should have CrossFit Marquette functional by the end of the month. Had rubber flooring put down today.

Linda Kardos 10-16-2009 08:48 PM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In

[B][U]Warmup[/U][/B] - same as 10-14-09

[B][U]WOD [/U][/B]- 5 rounds for time
15 x HCL (with SQ) - 60#
30 PU

[B]Time[/B]: 34:09

Still chipping away at ab planks for today. Will post them tomorrow.

Mark Ervi 10-16-2009 09:54 PM

Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In
Tuesday flew to Las Vegas for mini vacation w/my wife.

Wednesday worked out in the hotel room. 100 push-ups, 150 squats, 150 sit-ups. Probably walked over 5 miles today just crusing casinos.

Thursday did 100 push-ups and 200 squats for time doing 10/20 reps of each.
My time: 13:14

Today flew home from Las Vegas

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