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Michael A. Jones 04-07-2016 07:52 PM

Re: Mike's Mad Log

[B]Endurance[/B] :run:

4 miles in 34:32

Michael A. Jones 04-09-2016 04:18 PM

Re: Mike's Mad Log

[B]Weightlifting[/B] :weight_l:

[B][I]5x135# Front Squat[/I][/B]

Front Squat

3x3 275#

Did all lifts ATG and concentrated on the eccentric and achieving depth each rep; hurt like hell but worth it!!:evilsmile

[B]Auxiliary Work[/B]
Calf Raises
4x10 225#

Goblet/Box Squat Jump
3x10 25#


[B]Active Rest Day[/B] :kicking0:
Stretching, and taking the wife dancing to celebrate her birthday.:pepper::pepper:

Michael A. Jones 04-10-2016 12:43 PM

Re: Mike's Mad Log

[B][I]Burgener WU, and 5x135# power cleans[/I][/B]

4x2 195#

Hang Power Cleans
2x10 135#

Touch and Go

Michael A. Jones 04-11-2016 08:04 PM

Re: Mike's Mad Log

[B]REST DAY[/B]:snore:

Michael A. Jones 04-12-2016 08:16 PM

Re: Mike's Mad Log

[B][I]Dynamic stretching, 20 KBS 30# and 20 RDL 135#[/I][/B]

[B]Weightlifting[/B] :weight_l:

CFFB 4.12.16
Complete 1 round every 2 minutes:
4 315# Deadlift
8 20# Lateral Ball Slam
16 Double Unders
*Complete 6 rounds or 12 minutes of work.

I only got in one round and called it due to lower back tightening up, and a bit of pain....:(

I did 2 three minute rounds on the heavy bag, and 35 minutes of interval training with my clas this evening.

I went to the chiropractor and my feels much better!!:kicking0:

Michael A. Jones 04-14-2016 07:24 PM

Re: Mike's Mad Log

[B]Conditioning[/B] I did 35 minutes of interval training with my group.

Wall Ball Volleyball
Partner WOD
12 Minute AMRAP
20 Partner Wall Balls
2 Burpees each
We completed 14+18 WB


12 Unison Squat Jump Blocks
20 Digs (Supermans)
Partner and I finished in about 9:00.


[B]Active Rest Day[/B]
Stretching and cleaning up my truck after the hail storm...:(

Michael A. Jones 04-16-2016 03:10 PM

Re: Mike's Mad Log

[B]Weightlifting[/B] :weight_l:
Bench Press



20 Minute AMRAP
5 Reps Bear Complex 30# Sandbag
[I]Complex=Clean~Front Squat~Overhead Press~Back Squat~Overhead Press= 1 rep[/I]
200m Run


[B]Weightlifting[/B] :weight_l:
[B][I]Dynamic stretching and 5x205# squat[/I][/B]

Box Squat
5x10 305#

Front Squat
3x5 205#

Michael A. Jones 04-17-2016 01:34 PM

Re: Mike's Mad Log

[B]Endurance[/B] :run:

I need a longer run and decided that today was the day. I put in 5 miles this morning. No PRs but ran it in 47:33....

Michael A. Jones 04-19-2016 08:12 PM

Re: Mike's Mad Log

[B]REST DAY[/B] :snore:


[B][I]Dynamic stretching, Burgener WU, and 5x135 Power cleans[/I][/B]

[B]Weightlifting[/B] :weight_l:

[B]Auxiliary Work[/B]
Bent Over Rows
2x5 155#

Resistance Band Rows
4x10 100# Band

Clubbell Gamma Cast
4x20 25#

Michael A. Jones 04-21-2016 07:20 PM

Re: Mike's Mad Log

[B]CFFB WOD 4.16.16[/B]
Complete 5 Rounds:

Sledgehammer Strikes 30 seconds Max Reps (18,20,22,22,22)
Rest 30 Seconds
Lateral Skier 30 seconds Max Reps (27, 25, 26, 26, 24)
Rest 30 Seconds
Toe to Bar (subbed KTE) 30 seconds Max Reps (20, 20,17, 16, 14)
Rest 30 Seconds

319 reps


[B]Active Rest Day[/B]

I did some stretching and light yoga.

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