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Chris Aitken 01-27-2015 11:01 AM

CrossFit Catonsville - Hiring L1+ or Intern Coaches! (Baltimore, MD)
Howdy all!

CrossFit Catonsville (located just south-west of Baltimore, Maryland) is expanding, and we are looking for a few new coaches to fill out our ranks!

Read the below, and send me a private message if you're interested and qualified! When you apply, please include your Fitness Resume, three (preferably fitness-related) references, and a short letter about why you're interested in working with us. I can also answer any questions you may have.

We have openings for both CF-L1+ and Intern (un-certified) coaches. All positions are Part-time, for now, with potential to expand as time goes on.

[B]General Requirements for All Applicants:[/B]
[LIST][*]You should be outgoing, with a positive attitude[*]You should be ready and willing to lead classes, either on your own or while supervised by a more senior coach[*]You should have a passion for fitness and improving the lives of others[*]The #1 rule of our box is "Don't be a jerk", and that goes for coaches too[*]You should be ready and willing to perform non-coaching duties as needed, including paper work, member management, and helping keep the facility clean[/LIST]

[B]Credentialed CrossFit Coach (CCC)[/B]

The CCC will primarily be responsible for teaching one or more CrossFit classes per week, on a schedule that works for both the gym needs and the coach. You will assist as needed with on-boarding new members, teaching movements, scaling workouts, and providing feedback to members on movements/weights.

Required: [LIST][*]Meet the General Requirements set out above[*]Hold an active CrossFit Level 1 Trainer certification (or higher)[*]Have completed 30+ hours of in-class training experience (approx. 3 months)[*]Show the ability to perform and teach all CrossFit movements covered in the CF-L1 course.[*]Be able to lead, motivate, and keep on track a class of up to 12 athletes with various fitness/experience levels by yourself[*]Be open to developmental training and critique (i.e. leave your ego at the door)[/LIST]
Bonus: [LIST][*]Have completed 120+ hours of in-class training experience (approx. 12 months)[*]Hold one or more CrossFit SME certifications (gymnastics, oly lifting, etc)[*]Have one or more additional fitness specialties (martial arts, yoga, etc) that may segue into additional class offerings for CFC[/LIST]

[B]CFC Padawan Coach Program[/B]

The CFC Padawan Coach Program is a 6 month paid internship program providing 50+ hours of in-class hands-on coaching experience.

The ideal applicant will have prior experience in a coaching environment, 6+ months of experience with the CrossFit methodology as an athlete, and knowledge of how to perform many of the CrossFit movements at a basically proficient level.

Applicants with little CrossFit experience, but who have experience as fitness trainers (personal, group, sport-specific, etc.) and who want to work towards becoming a CrossFit Level 1 trainer should also apply.

At the end of the 6-month program, interns may (probably will) be offered a position as a Credentialed CrossFit Coach, provided they can pass the CF-L1 certification.

[B]If you're interested, get in touch![/B]

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