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Igor Torfs 02-28-2003 07:26 AM

I'm interested in doing Olympic lift type of exercises in my conditioning routine. My goals are increasing my athletic abilities for volleyball and i.e. increased vertical.

But I don't have regular access to barbells, only dumbells and kettlebells. Would it be beneficial for me to do power cleans with submaximal weights (20 to 30, maximum 50 kg) and still get good results? I mean, would using two kettlebells at once give me enough [b] neuroendocrine results[/b]?}

I assume they do because I read Thrusters were advised with 50% BW. My BW is 90 kg.

I'm inspired by the exciting results olympic lifters seem to get like very good verticals and starting speed in sprints.

Kind regards

Matt Toupalik 02-28-2003 08:25 AM

I don't know much about kettlebells, but if you have access to dumbells, the dumbell power clean and the dumbell power clean and press are great exercises to use.They are pretty rugged and require your muscles to work just as hard as when using the barbell version.

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