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Alex Burden 08-05-2015 12:23 PM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Last week of our vacation..

Good old fashion active rest - digging and moving ton upon ton of earth and stones for the past 3 days...

Warm down = 2 beers in the sun:D

Alex Burden 08-10-2015 01:02 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
At last we are back.... I have missed working out at the gym even though we have done allot of other manual labour.

So we are back to getting up at 05.20, that was killer today... it did not feel good, but after a crap on the toilet I felt great :yikes: , [B]the wife[/B] was not pleased this morning, grumpy as hell for getting up early but she cheered up after a while.

[B]Main goal for today is to stay out of trouble and not get injured or pull anything.[/B]

So for today [B][COLOR="Blue"]warm up[/COLOR][/B]
Row 2 min
6 lengths of gym
Row 1½ min
8 lengths of gym
Row 1 min
10 lengths of gym

Then onto to some wall balls to get the hips and knees going.
Taking turns on the reps.
3, 3, 5, 5, 7, 7, 9 ,9

Light stretch and some light mobility work.

[B][COLOR="Blue"]Then on to today[/COLOR][/B]
Keeping to the basics today, no stress, no heavy weights just get the body going after the vacation.

[B]Squat, front squat, deadlift, bench press[/B]
6 sets of 5 reps of each in the above order.

[B]K2C and sit ups[/B]
5 sets of 10 reps of each

[B][COLOR="Blue"]Warm down[/COLOR][/B]
Stretch and mobility

And that was that for today short and sweet :D

Funny thing is that we have both lost 2kgs/4lbs over the past month without working out, just manual labour! I think we need a little more of that in the future

Alex Burden 08-11-2015 12:09 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
05.20 and the alarm went... it was tough getting up today and we were both a little stiff from yesterday. Even though it would be easy to sleep another hour there is not a chance in hell I am going to miss a workout this week.

So today is the same as yesterday - survive, do not get hurt or pull anything.

[B][COLOR="Blue"]Warm up[/COLOR][/B] 4 rounds
Row 1½min (goal is to increase number of Calories by at least 3 after each round)
6 lengths of gym
15 wall balls

Light stretch and mobility.

[B][COLOR="Blue"]Then on to[/COLOR][/B]
10 sets 8 reps of strict shoulder press behind the neck
5 sets of good old fashion shoulder flyes

15 sets of 3 reps strict pulls ups
Sets of 6,6,8,8,10,10,12,12 hip extensions

No rocket science, nice and simple.

[B][COLOR="Blue"]Warm down[/COLOR][/B]
Stretch and mobility for 15min

Alex Burden 08-13-2015 12:20 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
For some reason or another as the week goes on its harder to get up in the morning... you would think after those 4 weeks that it would be easy.

But no messing, still have to get up and [B]the wife[/B] was somewhat happy but not grumpy :D.... things can only get better.... I hope :yikes:

So on to today.. [B][COLOR="Blue"]Warm up[/COLOR][/B] for 10 rounds
(set up WB at one end of gym and KB at the other, light weights as this is only the warm up)

1 min row (minimum of 15 cal/min)
1 length of gym
5 wall balls
1 length of gym
5 KB swings

This got the body going and felt good.. then some stretch and mobility.

[B][COLOR="Blue"]Todays plan[/COLOR][/B] - something different

[B]Strait after each other[/B]
½ Grace (½= half the weight)
½ Fran (½= half the weight but normal pull ups)

And the times are in
½ Grace 1:55 for me, 2min for the wife
½ Fran 7min for me, 6:45 for the wife

I have no idea how she does it but she just keeps moving and moving.. the pull ups killed me today.

[B]Something different:[/B]
6 rounds of 6 reps on both, just keep moving

Dumbell rows on an elevated bench, choose our own weights
Bicep curls with a barbell, choose our own weights

[B][COLOR="Blue"]Warm down[/COLOR][/B]
Stretch and mobility for 20min

and that was that

Alex Burden 08-14-2015 12:06 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Friday morning and its a wonderful morning outside :D. Now the wife was in a management meeting all day yesterday and she was really ****ed off because she knew that she would not be able to work out today because she had to catch up on things..... ****ed off, and I mean really ****ed off :yikes:

So I never told her what I was going to do today, that would only **** her off more because I know she was up for it.

[B][COLOR="Blue"]Warm up[/COLOR][/B] 4 rounds
Row 500m (times for each round must be quicker than 2.00/1.55/1.50/1.45)
10 WB @ 4kg
10 KB swings light weight 12kgs
10 WB @ 6kg

Stretch, mobility for the coming WOD.

[B][COLOR="Blue"]Today's challenge[/COLOR][/B] 5 rounds - just get it done :)
Round 1 = 2 reps on each movement
Then increase by 2 reps on each movement after each round. (Total 180 reps)

[B]OHS[/B] (40% of 1rm)
[B]Rope climb[/B] 15ft
[B]Snatch[/B] (use same barbell weight as OHS)
[B]Strict ring dips[/B]
[B]Box jump overs[/B] 20"

This was a killer WOD and beat the crap out of me but there was no way I was giving up... took a little more rest between rounds 4 and 5. I have no idea how long this took to complete but I know it took more than 30min...

All in all a really good day.

Alex Burden 08-15-2015 11:16 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Rest and recovery the whole weekend.

Alex Burden 08-17-2015 12:08 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
A new start to the week and a week of unknowns :D

[B]The wife[/B] is back and ready to rumble :)

So today [B][COLOR="Blue"]Warm up[/COLOR][/B]
Some light stretch and mobility to get the body going a little and warm and then onto the rest of the warm up.

[B]3 rounds[/B]
1½ min Row for calories (increase 5 calories after each round. Rnd 1 = 20cal)
4 lengths of gym
5 Wall balls
4 lengths of gym
5 Wall balls

[B][COLOR="Blue"]Todays WOD[/COLOR][/B] EMOM for 30min

1-5min - 15 dumbbell bench press
6-10min - 10 KB swing strait into a sumo deadlift high. (1 rep= KB swing + sumo)
11-15min - 10 ring pulls
16-20min - 6 cleans (50% 1RM)
21-25min - 10 T2B/K2C
26-30min - 6 OHS (40% 1RM)

Now both of us thought this would be no problem today but sh#t towards the end it was close and we had to plan the rest better and when we finally got to the OHS the heart was going and we had to just push through it.

Hard WOD today but we were both pleased...

[B][COLOR="Blue"]Warm down[/COLOR][/B]
Stretch and mobility and drinking a lot of fluids for 20min.

Alex Burden 08-18-2015 12:45 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Really tired today and [B]the wife[/B] had the hump:( but she still got up and cheered up as time went. Nobody can be at the top of their game all the time.

So with that in mind we took it easy today with emphasis on technique and not the weight.

[B][COLOR="Blue"]Warm up[/COLOR][/B] for 5 rounds
200m row
run lengths of gym

One rows while the other runs. The funny thing was that rounds 3,4 and 5 we both pushed the rower a little harder which in turn pushed the other to run faster because we wanted to run the same amount of lengths all of the time.

Some stretch and mobility

[B][COLOR="Blue"]So for today then[/COLOR][/B]
[B]For 10 rounds[/B]
2 back squats
2 front squats

You must use the same weight during each round but increasing the weight as we moved through the rounds. Go strait from back squat to front squat.
Wife ended up at 44kgs and I took it to 90kgs. no heavy weight just technique.

[B][COLOR="Blue"]Finally[/COLOR][/B] - In sets of 2 reps.
Split jerk from the rack position.

Even though the wife has be C&J for a while her split jerk at the end is not that good so we took the time to get her feeling more comfortable getting under the bar. We worked on being explosive and she felt the difference at the end. She went up to 32kgs and the weight was just flying up which means she should be able to improve her PR soon and I took it to 74kgs with no problems.

[B][COLOR="Blue"]Warm down[/COLOR][/B]
DU/SU's in small sets for 10min, to get the heart going a little at the end.

Some stretching and mobility at the end for 15min.

All in all a good day and the wife was quite happy with herself by the end :D

Alex Burden 08-19-2015 12:28 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
After a couple of hard days and a few muscle aches it was time to hit the lungs and heart. [B]The wife[/B] was all for it too.

[B][COLOR="Blue"]Warm up[/COLOR][/B]
some light stretch and mobility just to get the body going and moved onto todays work out.

So we shared the workload on this where one of us was on the rower and rowed as much or as little as they wanted at what ever speed they wanted, at the same time the other had to run 10 lengths of the gym. The only criteria was that you must row for at least the time it took the other to run 10 lengths. So every time we switched the other had to row or run.

[B]6km Row
10 lengths of gym run[/B] (total=250meter)

When we were done we had rowed the 6km and ran 2km (80 lengths, we had 8 changes on the rower) and this took 30min. Next time we will beat this by at least 2min. It was allot of fun because you never knew how long you had to rest.

[B]Hip extensions [/B]sets of 8, 8, 8, 10, 10, 12, 12
[B]Sit ups with WB[/B] 5 sets of 10 reps
[B]Knees to chest[/B] 5 sets of 10 reps

[B][COLOR="Blue"]Warm down[/COLOR][/B]
Stretch and mobility for 15min

A good day and plenty of sweat.

Alex Burden 08-20-2015 03:35 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Active rest today

A round of golf :)

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