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Alex Burden 05-12-2015 12:01 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Clock rang the usual 05.20 and it was raining outside :(

[B]The wife [/B]had to go into work early today so I was all by myself (not a bad thing sometimes)

So - [B][COLOR="Blue"]the warm up[/COLOR][/B] - for 5 rounds
250 meter row
jog 2 lengths of gym
5 wall balls
pick up wall ball and jog over to other side of gym 5 wall balls
pick up wall ball again jog back dump wall ball on floor in the starting position.

This was a good warm up and got some body heat going.
Light stretch and mobility

[B][COLOR="Blue"]Then onto:[/COLOR][/B]
Technique 45 minutes - snatch it all its forms, breaking it down into small parts building up to full snatches.
Only light weight - 35kgs

In between OHS for balance and the feeling of landing the bar correctly in the snatch.

[B][COLOR="Blue"]Finally-[/COLOR][/B] for 5 rounds
15 double unders
10 T2B
5 pull ups

Warm down - stretch, mobility and flossing

A good day today.

Alex Burden 05-13-2015 01:28 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
New day new challenges :) [B]wife is back[/B] which is also good :D

So something new for today: [B][COLOR="Blue"]Challenge you day[/COLOR][/B]

[B]Warm up[/B]
This was up to ourselves today because of the unknowns but we warmed up for about 20min.
So the challenge[/COLOR][/B]
The idea was to challenge each other in anything but you also have to do it. The challenge could be can you do it, can you beat me, can you go unbroken or are you going to give up. You also get to pick your own weight.
[B]Trying to remember what we did-[/B][/B]
[B]40 KB swings[/B] go unbroken
[B]20 box jump overs [/B]and [B]20 box jumps[/B], just do them
[B]300 single unders [/B]for time
[B]40 T2B/K2C [/B]just do them
[B]Ring pulls [/B]- how many can you go unbroken
[B]25 thrusters [/B]just do them @ 35kgs/15kgs
[B]10 lengths of gym [/B]within 1 min
[B]OHS[/B] can you go 20 reps unbroken @ 50% 1 rep max
[B]50 sit ups [/B] unbroken for time

I think that was about it and it was allot of fun, who won..... no idea.

Alex Burden 05-18-2015 12:48 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Had a 4 day break from working out... needed it :)

Back to business today.

[COLOR="Blue"][B]Warm up[/B][/COLOR]
Wall balls
lengths of gym
jumping jacks

All different ways distances, reps for 20min

[COLOR="Blue"][B]Then on to:[/B][/COLOR]
Front Squat

Normal squat first then front squat strait afterwards for the same rep count. A 5 represents 5 reps on the squat and also 5 reps on the front squat.

Increase weight as we went on working on form.
I ended up on 90kgs and the wife on 40kgs for the final set.

[COLOR="Blue"][B]Finish off[/B][/COLOR]
OHS 1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1

1 rep only increasing the weight as we wanted or not. I finished off on sets of 60kgs and the wife 20kgs.

[B][COLOR="Blue"]Warm down[/COLOR][/B]
DU's for a few sets and then stretch and mobility for 20min

All in all a good day

Alex Burden 05-19-2015 12:40 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Alarm range the usual 05.20 and the sun is out, a little chilly but nice outside.

[B]Wife [/B]is happy today so that helps :D

[COLOR="Blue"][B]Warm up[/B][/COLOR] for 5 rounds
Wife started on rower while I did the other part. Switch after 1˝ minutes

C2 Row for 1˝minutes
Below to be completed within 1˝ minutes[/B]
2 lengths of gym
4 Wall balls run with WB to other side 4 walls balls run back with it drop in start position.
2 lengths of gym
5 jumping jacks

[COLOR="Blue"][B]Then onto:[/B][/COLOR]
We programmed today by both of us choosing the movements in turn and placing them in their positions. All 3 wods were decided before starting.

15 DUs or 30 SUs
10 Bicep curls with dumbbells
5 lengths of gym

15 KB swings 20/12 kgs
10 Sit ups
5 Burpees

15 C&J 60/25kgs
10 Box jumps 24/20"
5 KB Sumo deadlifts 28/16kgs

[COLOR="Blue"][B]Now to top it off[/B][/COLOR]
We picked 1 movement from each of the wods and put them into 1 final wod.

[COLOR="Blue"][B]Final WOD[/B][/COLOR]
15 Burpees
10 lengths of gym
5 C&J 60/25kgs

[B][COLOR="Blue"]Warm down[/COLOR][/B]
stretch, mobility after bringing the heart rate back down to normal. total 20min.

All in all a good day and fun.... result was 2-2 today...

Alex Burden 05-21-2015 12:01 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Woke up before the alarm rang today.... at the gym 06.00 and [B]the wife[/B] was happy today :D

[COLOR="Blue"][B]Warm up[/B][/COLOR] 5 rounds
1˝ min row
5 WB
2 lengths of gym
4 WB
2 lengths of gym
3 WB
2 lengths of gym
2 WB
2 lengths of gym
1 WB
2 lengths of gym

Some stretch and mobility to get the body going.

[B]The plan of attack today[/B]
3 WODs with 3 Rs (Row, Run, Rope) 1 R must be in each of the WODs we put together and all three WODs were put together before we started.
No time limit on any of the Wods today, just get them done.

[B][COLOR="Blue"]Wod 1[/COLOR][/B]
50/100 [B]R[/B]ope DUs/SUs
15 deadlift 80kgs/30kgs
15 front squat from the ground. 80kgs/30kgs

The weight must be same for both deadlift and Front squat and no less than 65% of 1 rep max

[B][COLOR="Blue"]Wod 2[/COLOR][/B]
6 lengths of gym [B]R[/B]un
21 pull ups
21 Barbell row 45/20kg

[B][COLOR="Blue"]Wod 1[/COLOR][/B]
30/20 calorie [B]R[/B]ow
30 T2B/K2C
30 KB swings 20/12kgs

[COLOR="Blue"][B]Warm down[/B][/COLOR]
Stretch mobility, SU's in small sets and some light jogging for 25min

A good day and the heart rate hit its max today.

Alex Burden 05-22-2015 12:01 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
It's Friday and the last work out for the week so we decided to make it a little more fun.. not easier but fun. Wife is in a good mood too :D

Share today's work out, do as much or as little as you want. Just get it done between us, switched whenever we wanted. We chose our own weights.

[B][COLOR="Blue"]Warm up[/COLOR][/B]
While one of us is on the rower the other is running. the person on the rower decides when to change over.
[B]10 min on the rower[/B] - total number of meters - 2090 meters
[B]Lengths of gym[/B] - total number of lengths. - 68 lengths of the gym

[COLOR="Blue"][B]Then onto[/B][/COLOR]

100 Wall balls 12ft/8ft

For 80 reps,
1 rep - C&J
1 rep - Clean

100 reps - T2B/K2C/sit-ups at least 50 of the reps in total must consists of T2B/K2C

60 strict pull-ups (this must be done in sets of 3reps)

And that was that... no rocket science today but still tough because would push each other.

[COLOR="Blue"][B]Warm down[/B][/COLOR]
a few minutes on the rower, slow jog and then stretch and mobility :)

Alex Burden 05-25-2015 12:47 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
And here we go again - its Monday... We had a couple of days off from training but have been working all weekend painting and building.

Wife was tired yesterday and decided not to work out today... I was somewhat tired but I need to work our otherwise I will go nuts.

So - [B][COLOR="Blue"]warm up[/COLOR][/B] no stress, just take it easy and get the body temp up.
15 calorie row
6 lengths of gym

20 calorie row
8 lengths of gym

25 calorie row
10 lengths of gym

30 calories row
12 lengths of gym

Wall balls 10 sets of 5 reps

[B][COLOR="Blue"]Then onto[/COLOR][/B] technique day - C&J and snatch.
The idea was to have quality lifts where the technique was at least 80% good within the lift.

[B]So first[/B] - [B]Front squat[/B] - total 20 reps.
40kgs - 5 reps
50kgs - 4 reps
60kgs - 3 reps
70kgs - 3 reps
80kgs - 3 reps
90kgs - 1 rep
90kgs - 1 rep

100% of lifts were good

[B]Hang squat clean[/B] - Total 20 reps
50kgs - 4 reps
60kgs - 3 reps
60kgs - 2 reps
65kgs - 2 reps
70kgs - 2 reps
75kgs - 2 reps
80kgs - 2 reps
85kgs - 2 reps
90kgs - 1 rep

50% of the lifts were good. The reason for the bad technique was getting under the bar quickly. I was using way too much upper body strength to get the bar up making me stiff in the lift thus not loose enough to explosively get under the bar. Something to work on next time.

Squat Cleans - total 20 reps.
50kgs - 4 reps
60kgs - 3 reps
65kgs - 2 reps
70kgs - 2 reps
75kgs - 2 reps
75kgs - 2 reps
75kgs - 1 x failure
80kgs - 2 reps
85kgs - 2 reps
90kgs - 1 rep

55% of the lifts were good, still way to much upper body and stiff. The difference was that the best lifts were towards the end when the weight increased.

[B]Snatch[/B] - total 10 lifts
40kgs - 2 reps
30kgs - 2 reps
30kgs - 2 reps
30kgs - 2 reps
30kgs - 1 rep
30kgs - 1 rep

I was quite tired towards the end of todays work out so I took it a little easier in the snatch. Of the 10 reps 60% of the lifts were good.

Next time I intend on increasing the %'s to make the lifts really count. Definitely room for improvement and this will come over time.

[B][COLOR="Blue"]Warm down[/COLOR][/B]
stretch and mobility

Not a bad day at all considering how much I have lifted over the weekend.

Alex Burden 05-25-2015 11:57 PM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Hello Tuesday... woke up about 04.00 this morning with cramp in my right calf.... damn that hurt... typical fashion [B]the wife[/B] said keep the noise down and let her sleep, not bothering to ask if I was ok or anything :( not the best thing to wake up too. Went back to sleep and then got up at 05.20.

We got to the gym at 06.00 today. We decided in the car, or should I say I decided that we should [B]share the load[/B] today, taking turns on the movements reps but the load we chose ourselves. Only once the first movement is completed can the other chose the next movement. Prepare for the unknown we can say :)[B]

[COLOR="Blue"]Warm up[/COLOR][/B] for 10 minutes - whoever is on the rower decides on when to change. Both of us were on the move for 10min.
Row - total 1900m
Lengths of gym - 44 lengths
wall balls - total 60

Some light stretching and mobility.

50 - T2B/K2C - wife's choice
50 - Box jumps - my choice

1500kgs - Bench press - wife's choice
2000kgs - Shoulder press strict, front and behind neck - my choice

3000kgs - Dead lift - wife's choice
50 - Ring pulls/rope climbs 15ft - my choice

100 - KB swings - wife's choice
50 - Thrusters - my choice

Really got up a sweat today and some of the movements burned like hell. The work out was really good

[B][COLOR="Blue"]Warm down[/COLOR][/B]
Stretch, mobility and bring the heart rate down until the after sweating has almost stopped.

Alex Burden 05-29-2015 01:54 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
[B]Wednesday[/B] - worked on moving chopped wood all day for 10hrs... worked my #rse off.

[B]Thursday[/B] - rest day - well deserved
[B]Friday[/B] - rest day - this was for my brain to get over everything else..

[B]Saturday and Sunday[/B] are always rest days....

So back Monday fresh and ready to beat it again.

Alex Burden 05-31-2015 11:37 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Saterday was to be planned rest but that got changed :confused: by the wife.

So we went to our summer house we are rebuilding to clean up the mess we have made.

So we rented a 30 cubic meter container and filled it to the rim. In total it took 7hrs for 4 of us to fill it, I guess between 5-6 tons.

So that was our work out for this weekend.

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