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Don Stevenson 01-08-2006 01:03 AM

Today (BW 83kg)

100kg Clean - no jerk attempt because it was at my regular gym and i can't dump.

Then within 10 minutes I had completed a 7:19.4 /2000m row on the C2

Not bad after 5 hours sleep and as the last workout of 12 in the week!

Kenneth Urakawa 01-08-2006 09:18 PM

Nice work!

Michael J. Joyce 01-09-2006 12:58 AM

Nice job!!

Stephen Reeks 01-09-2006 03:04 AM

nice work Don

Jim Butts 01-12-2006 07:00 AM

Great job, Don!

Fiona Muxlow 01-12-2006 07:12 AM

Great work Don.
Honoured to have got the SMS before you posted :-)

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