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Sean Dunston 10-01-2011 06:58 PM

UFC Live 6 - on versus
So far, I agree Wiman 2 rounds to 1 over Danzig.
PS: why is Danzig still in the UFC?

Vickie Ellickson 10-02-2011 03:40 PM

Re: UFC Live 6 - on versus
Finally watched it this morning. I agree that Wiman pulled out the win. Danzig is still employed b/c he brings it every fight and he KO'd Stevenson in his last match. He has a solid game but doesn't seem to excel in any one area. I don't think he evers breaks into the top 10.

That Struve v. Barry match was hard to watch. Ugh. What on earth where they thinking when they dreamed this up? I started fast-forwarded through the match until it hit the ground.

Early stoppage on Brennerman, but to be honest, I think it was inevitable and Yamasaki probably saved him from an unnecessary further beatdown. He was completely out-classed. Yamasaki would have had grounds to stop it earlier when Johnson was clubbing him from the ground with shots to the head and knees to the mid-section. Brennerman seemed paralyzed with ":censored: did i just get myself into????"

Chu Kim 10-02-2011 09:35 PM

Re: UFC Live 6 - on versus
It may have something to do with his PETA involvement. Danzig is a well-mannered, intelligent guy who is also an amateur photographer and committed vegan. The UFC organization is constantly on the lookout for positive, non-criminal role model types for promotion purposes. This is possibly the reason why certain guys who have lost fights can still remain in the organization. Guys like Brian Stann (decorated vet, naval academy football player, former Marine captain) will have a huge leg up from being eliminated by loss over guys like Rob Emerson (criminal record) who will get kicked out much sooner. It is about promotability, and altering the public image of MMA fighting as a sport only for violent thugs, towards a positive, kids-friendly all-inclusive type of sports image.

Sean Dunston 10-03-2011 08:04 AM

Re: UFC Live 6 - on versus
Perhaps you're right with the image thing (animal rights, and no criminal issues), but I would not compare his image to Brian Stann's image - there is really no contest there.

I thought he'd be cut by the UFC after he lost his 2nd in a row, then he lost a 3rd straight. He's gone 5 losses and 2 wins in his last 7 UFC fights, but I guess winning TUF must have other benefits.

PS: Danzig's victory over Stevenson loses some of its shine when you see that Stevenson has lost 4 straight fights, and the loss to Danzig was #2 in that string.

Vickie Ellickson 10-03-2011 08:16 AM

Re: UFC Live 6 - on versus
I was a big fan of Stevenson on TUF and after, but he has dropped completely off the radar. It's surprising both of those guys are/were still with the promotion after posting those losses. You're probably right about the benefits of being a TUF winner. Wonder how many fights they are typically contracted for after winning the show.

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