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dave ojeda 01-27-2004 01:45 PM

I wanted to know which Olympic lifts are recommended to learn for the WOD. From looking at previous WOD's it looks like: clean, power clean, snatch and clean/jerk.

Is this it? Not knowing OLY lifting it seems like a lot of lifts to learn with the bar. Can DB be substituted short term.

Lincoln Brigham 01-27-2004 03:09 PM

Really, there are only 3 Olympic lifts TOTAL. The squat snatch, the squat clean, and the jerk. Those are the only lifts performed in the Olympics.

If you know those, you can do all the variations.

dave ojeda 01-27-2004 05:48 PM

I don't know any of the OLY lifts, yet. So given that are those the three I should try to learn? Also what about the substitution of DB?

Thanks in advance!

Lincoln Brigham 01-27-2004 06:45 PM

The bar is easier, IMO. Why do you want to do them with DBs?

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