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JT Kalnay 03-28-2011 12:40 PM

Re: The Shed 'O Pain
Monday March 28, 2011

3:25 pm


Tim Babcock 03-28-2011 03:08 PM

Re: The Shed 'O Pain
For time:
75 Squats
50 Pull-ups
20 Ring dips
50 Squats
35 Pull-ups
15 Ring dips
25 Squats
20 Pull-ups
10 Ring dips

I made "meatza" yesterday. Paleo pizza. There is a good video on how to make it on the main site. It's very good. I'm having leftovers tonight.

JT Kalnay 03-28-2011 07:03 PM

Re: The Shed 'O Pain
Monday March 28, 2011

Squats up to 380
Failed epically at 400, :ranting2:twice.

100 x 45# bench press for time, 1:45.

The Paleo Headache is substantial...:bash0000:

Ate about 3 pounds of steak, some of it nearly raw, for dinner.

Please just make the :censored:headache go away

Norm Swann 03-28-2011 08:52 PM

Re: The Shed 'O Pain
Tim; Great time on todays workout. I was just happy to complete it w/o scaling.

JT; thats some serious weight for the squats!

Tim Babcock 03-29-2011 03:26 PM

Re: The Shed 'O Pain
3 TGU's each arm 15-20-35-45-53
5 Burpees
Boulder Problem
5 Rounds

10 Additional Problems

10 laps on Moderate Problem on steep wall on the minute. Missed 3 attempts.

Elbow RX

Jeffrey Fortuna 03-29-2011 05:59 PM

Re: The Shed 'O Pain
Tuesday 3-29-2011
Second night of the CRG boulder comp series. Flashed six of the first seven problems (my foot blew on the 500; sent it second go), got shut down by the 800 and never even got on the 900.

JT Kalnay 03-29-2011 06:59 PM

Re: The Shed 'O Pain
Tuesday March 29, 2011

Paleo headache manageable today.

Rode 1 hour on the bike. Felt listless. Also, riding the Paleo bike was more difficult b/c of the stone wheels.

Am going to try the 11.2 WOD (AMRAP 15 minutes, 9x155#DL, 12 pushups, 15x24" box jumps). The push ups will be the limiter for me, what with my chronically sore shoulder and all...

JT Kalnay 03-30-2011 05:55 AM

Re: The Shed 'O Pain
Wednesday March 30, 2011 (before breakfast)

AMRAP in 15 minutes
9 x 155# deadlift
12 x pushups
15 x 18" box jump (with step down)

7 rounds plus 9 deadlifts plus 1 pushup

(I am sure that some of my pushups would be "no reps" for peeling up)

JT Kalnay 03-30-2011 01:18 PM

Re: The Shed 'O Pain
Hey Norm!

Nice to see you on the CrossFit Games Leaderboard!!!


Tim Babcock 03-30-2011 03:13 PM

Re: The Shed 'O Pain
Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 15 minutes of:
155 pound Deadlift, 9 reps
12 Push-ups
15 Box jumps, 24" box
8 Rounds

Pretty cool seeing Norm on the leaderboard.

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