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Larry Lindenman 08-04-2003 05:15 AM

New to crossfit but have completed the last three days. This is what I'm looking for. . .none of the all show, no go bodybuilding crap. Two questions:
1. What is the prescribed WOD warmup?
2. When I travel I don't have access to a computer, should I just pull out a previous week (possibly from last month or for that matter last year)and complete it in sequence and then continue with the WOD when I get back?

Jon Pappas 08-04-2003 07:59 AM


The prescribed CrossFit warm-up can be found in the April CrossFit Journal, but here it is:

3 rounds of or about 15 minutes of:
Sampson Stretch
Overhead Squat
Back Extension

In regards to your travel question, I think your plan is fine.


Larry Lindenman 08-04-2003 10:42 AM

I've got to ask, what's the sampson stretch? Thanks for your response.

John King 08-04-2003 03:34 PM

Your travel plan sounds good, another option, like many of us on the east coast do is to stay a couple of weeks or so behind and just progress that way. I am about three weeks behind and just keep writing the WODs down in my notebook as they come. That way Im never waiting for the WOD and I can make adjustments to them as I need to.

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