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Tim Babcock 02-09-2014 10:30 AM

Re: The Shed 'O Pain
Thanks Eric.

1 problem
10 GHD Sit-ups
10 pronators each arm
5 rounds

1 problem
20 push ups
10 reverse wrist curls
5 rounds

JT was doing "Death by burpees and kettlebell snatches" so I join him by doing HSPU. I got to the 10 reps rounds. 55 total.

Finished up by doing 100 band pull aparts.

JT Kalnay 02-09-2014 10:42 AM

Re: The Shed 'O Pain
Sunday February 9, 2014

Presses up to 170# (a 5# Shed record for me)

Death By Burpees
finished the round of 9

Followed immediately by Death By Kettlebell Snatch
Did rounds 1-10 with 35# kb
Did rounds 11-20 with 15# kb

There was a puddle of sweat when I was done...

JT Kalnay 02-09-2014 01:13 PM

Re: The Shed 'O Pain
Sunday Feb 9, 2014

PM Session


Constantly Varied = (half hour shoveling snow, half hour scraping ice, ten trips to the house and back to bring a 5 gallon pail of water) + skating with the kids. Each kid reminded me to be careful because "you have a steel hip!"

Life is very very very good sometimes.

JT Kalnay 02-10-2014 03:30 PM

Re: The Shed 'O Pain
Monday February 10, 2014

Goblet squat, front plank, l side plank, r side plank, to failure on each.

Bergener warmup with 45# bar

Snatch and C&J practice (with metal weights at a globo)
5x45 snatch
5x45 squat clean and jerk
5x65 sn
5x65 sqj
3x95 sn
3x95 sqj
(at this point, apparently people were pretty comfortable with what I was doing b/c chad and buffy closed in a little bit while doing isolation curls and other exercises that I wasn't quite able to identify)
3x115 sn
3x115sqj (dropped the last one on purpose, which worked, people backed off quite a bit)
3x135 sn
3x135 sqj (now with plenty of room on all sides and some shocked onlookers)
3x155 squat c&j (with gratuitous grunting)
3x175 squat c&j (with extremely loud gratuitous grunting)

Didn't want to go any heavier with the metal weights on the nice globo floor. And, I suspected someone had gone to "report" the madman.

Finished with lat pull downs on the lat pull down machine (10x80, 10x150, 10x the stack (just b/c buffy was waiting for the machine)

Then did some dips, pullups, and toes to bar, b/c chad had been struggling to get a pullup...

Somedays people just rub me the wrong way and I do stupid stuff like show them up in the gym. I'm lucky chad or buffy weren't packing and waiting for me in the parking lot.

Tim Babcock 02-10-2014 04:14 PM

Re: The Shed 'O Pain
Mobility Work
10 wallballs
pull-ups 4-7-10C2B
5 burpees
3 rounds

10 45#
8 65#
6 95#
4 115#
2 135#

15 thrusters @100#
15 C2B pull-ups
4 minute AMRAP
45 reps
A little disappointed in this performance. I did 55 last year in the Open. I will work on thrusters for the next couple weeks. Hopefully I can put together a 60 before this year's Open.

Exit Ticket
EMOM for 5 minutes
5 burpees
15 dubs
1 rope ascent
Saw this wod on the Crossfit Tiffin site. Looked like a good one. It was for 15 minutes. Wasn't happening after 13.5.

JT-You look very competent on the ice.

Tim Babcock 02-11-2014 04:15 PM

Re: The Shed 'O Pain
2 problems
3 tgu's each arm 35, 45, 53, 61, 72#
10 pronators each arm
5 rounds

1 campus board lap
10 burpees
10 reverse wrist curls
6 rounds

JT Kalnay 02-12-2014 07:34 AM

Re: The Shed 'O Pain
Tuesday February 11, 2014

2.5 miles on the treadmill at 2.1 mph, max incline 12.5%, 900 feet climbed.

JT Kalnay 02-12-2014 02:33 PM

Re: The Shed 'O Pain
Wednesday February 12, 2014

Goblet squat warmup, toes almost straight forward, back getting flatter.

(that's all the weight there was available. And, the bar was really slippery. The bar Tim bought for the So'P is FAR superior to the generic globo bar I used today)

Back Squats

Finished up with escalating Dumbell presses and WBS
20x15# db press
10x6# wbs
15x20# db press
10x8# wbs
10x30# db press
10x10# wbs
10x40# db press
10x12# wbs
10x50# db press
10x14# wbs

WBS are a different creature these days, much more like they were "back in the day". Might have to try a Karen one of these days...

I have really missed going to "The Box" and doing "CrossFit" while my back was hurt. Got the bug BAD while at CF San Fran.

Tim Babcock 02-12-2014 04:51 PM

Re: The Shed 'O Pain
Mobility Work
10 wallballs
pull-ups 4-7-10C2B
5 candlestick rolls
3 rounds

Overhead Squat
5 45#
5 65#
5 95#
5 115#
5 135#
5 155#
3 175#

Metcon: 13.2
Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 10 minutes of:
115 pound Shoulder to overhead, 5 reps
115 pound Deadlift, 10 reps
15 Box jumps, 24" box
7 rounds even/210 reps-This is the same score I got last year during the Open.

5 minute rest then...
100 Double unders for time

JT-Good to see you getting after it.

JT Kalnay 02-13-2014 02:50 PM

Re: The Shed 'O Pain
Thursday February 13, 2014

2.6 miles on the treadmill at inclines of up to 12.5%.

"bump the Oly bar off your belly button" drills.

Nice job redoing the WODs from last year.
I think last year you had a rest day or very easy day before the Open WODs didn't you? So getting the same score or very close score this year on no rest is a big win in my opinion.

And getting 241 in the wall ball, jump rope, muscle up one is HUGE.
Only 275 people got 241 or more on 13.3 last year...

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